9.Extinction and evidence

Question: Extinction must be proved by the saints who have more than three fruits. The saints who have three fruits have broken the knot. Will the saints be angry? Answer: There will always be advances and retreats in spiritual practice. Sanguo has not been completely relieved, and his troubles are temporary. When he encounters an adverse cause, he may retire (otherwise, Arahant may retreat. So there is a retreat from Arahant), if he retreats, his worries will recur. rising.  Question…

8.Meditation and magic

Question: I would like to ask the landlord that you have completed the four meditations, the eight meditations, and the extinction meditations, and you have great powers. Hope to teach, what is Buddhism? A: Xiu Xiu supernatural powers and meditation are two going on. The magical power is fixed. If you just practice meditation, you do n’t need magical power, you do n’t necessarily have magical power. Freedom refers specifically to liberation in Buddhism. Buddhism is to teach everyone to…

7.Meditation light

Question: Is there light in your meditation? (Question is missing, make up the meaning) A: First of all, there is not necessarily a bright aspect to the meditation of the color world. Now only the Pao Zen system makes this request in particular. The so-called meditation of the light meditation is required to enter the meditation. The reason is that the so-called “must be bounded by the color boundary, is the color boundary Zen.” It seems very reasonable, but the…

6.Breath rate and break rate

Question: I can’t do it at all. I feel suffocated, and I feel uncomfortable. Is it right to enter the birth rate? Is it to enter the Four Zen Settlements slowly or directly? Also I feel that the fetal nose and mouth are also in and out of air, but it is very slow. Breathing is initiated by the lower abdomen, not by the chest, right? Answer: If you have the attachment to breathing , the breathing will never break…

5.Difference between Buddhism and Taoism

Question: Do you want to practice the Dharma in Taoism? A: Taoism is not the same as Dharma at the beginning. Taoism emphasizes the cultivation of immortality, solidifies the spirit of vitality, the so-called Xiu Dan, in order to find out the shell of the god, soar the shell and fly, so-called immortality. The Buddhism emphasizes that if you do n’t cultivate, you will suffer and have no self. You will stay away from the illusions of the Three Realms,…

4.Qi pulse theory

Question: Hi fellow initiates, may I complete the completion of the four Zens, eight dynasties, and dyings. Can the midline and the seventh round get through? At what stage is Tianyan appearing? Answer: The Hindus do not talk about Qi Mai and the Seven Rounds. Only Tibetan secrets said. Qi pulse and the seven rounds are completely wisdom and dedication in Tibet. Once you get through, you will be wise and stable, and you can make good use of it…

3.First heart

Q: Well, how can I coach me to get started? I now recite the Heart Sutra and copy the Sangha Sutra every day. I started to learn because I had a psychological desire and I always believed in Buddha. Now slowly I feel that everything is natural and I want to study it carefully. But I don’t know where to start to avoid detours. Thank you ~ A: Start with your heart. First, the heart of practice. In this world,…


Q: ye repair , ah, you coach yet Answer: Now I am a teacher. But I didn’t visit the teacher before repairing these. All self-study.  Question: Does n’t it mean that you have to call on the master to practice meditation, would it be wrong to practice alone, would you be unsure when you practice? Answer: As long as you are willing to practice the Dharma by centrifugation, you will not go astray without seeking supernatural powers and weirdness. When…


When I first posted this post, I saw someone in this group posting “I’m enlightened, and everyone can ask questions.” Immediately posted this post to imitate it, creating a new one, although fearing that everyone would not believe it and denigrating it, but in order to establish a culture of substantiation, it hit the general atmosphere of inexperience on the Internet, and sent this post under impulse. Over the past few years, although there have been troublemakers, arguers, and skeptics, there have also been practitioners of real cultivation who have posted questions and feedback on progress. Some people also gave me feedback on the progress and gains of the practice. Thanks to these fellows, it makes me feel that my posting is still a little bit worth.

Since sequence\Self-order

By calling a number of brothers , since they experience after the meditation amending the law , I think of great benefit to physical and mental health , altruistic spirit , hope that more people have access meditation , and practice to get pleasure , to invite my will before Sort out books for online meditation . So I put together this collection 2 013 Nian – 2017 posts in meditation Q & watercress network , re-edited , makeup part…

November Changsha Meditation Sense (reprinted)

I am learning Buddha Xiaobai one, in May this year the first contact with Zen seven, meditation, know that there is a D.D. exists, can take off life and death (although do not know what is out of life and death). The first time I saw the road to Dinghui, in a practice of WeChat group, at that time left a heart, but did not want to learn immediately the urgency. The second time I noticed the road to Dinghui, it was recommended by Zhu Shi brother in Hangzhou that Anhui had Zen seven in mid-October. I was in the fog of practice at the time, eager to seize the straw of salvation, looking for a way out. I couldn't attend Anhui Zen Seven because I was going to be under caution in mid-October. But sometimes want to urgently free into the road of Dinghui (although at that time also did not know much about this law, just a want to free as soon as possible heart, a willing to put down everything to learn to repair the heart). After learning that Changsha had Zen seven in November, the first time to buy tickets, gu must not have important items in hand, holding the heart of resignation without approval to go to Changsha.

From here (Ding Hui Road Meditation Experience)[转载]

After very lucky to meet a certain FS (here is not convenient to disclose the name) guidance of the Dinghui road, I asked my own view of the problem. FS pointed out that: insufficient and over-determined will be impaired, and I have been in a state of mindless, no view, but also broke my doubts: I see is not the same as my persistence, put down the opinion can be instantaneous, put down tired of my stubborn trouble is to slowly watch until not born. Cleared the ideological barrier, I gave birth to a great deal of confidence, honest work, began to see the law on the road. Subsequently appeared the self-esteem of the heart is another barrier, FS to gravity as a metaphor to break my many years of misjudgery, the current experience of the D.D. is indeed true, can be empirical. Very grateful for FS guidance! In return, only this life hard work and hard work!

A brief description of the method of meditation on ding Hui's road.

Dinghui Road From shallow into the deep, its practice guidance is: the second: first Zen, two Zen, three Zen, four Zen. First meditation, to obtain a stable fixed force, fixed mind, to four Zen as the most clean fixed force; Second practice. To look at cause and effect to break my see, to see the heart to break the trouble of confusion. Look at the emptiness of the 18-sector evidence. 
Dinghui Road second clear, stop the double luck, its evidence can be verified, for Buddhist practical enthusiasts, explorers to provide a validated by the previous high-efficiency practice route.

About the dangers of practice and seeking God's help.

And it's not worth it to be attached to God. Why is that? God is no match for industry. It can be said that God's pass does not play much role in world affairs. What to report and what to report. This is not something that God can change. The industry is always greater than God's power. Even Buddha can not resist the carnivore, but also to show that suffering from horsemeat, back pain and other fruit reports, so cause and effect can not be disorderly. 
Once attached, the appendix causes, it is generally difficult to unbly. All kinds of torture, control the mental consciousness and body of the appendix person, the appendix person is not oiled out of light, the appendix generally will not leave. You say, be a good person and make a cow horse for the ghosts of the three evils.