49.Discipline and Karma

Q: Hello, Master. I read your previous post. I personally feel that you have empirical experience. I have seen Buddhist scriptures (Heart Sutra, Lenyan Sutra, Lenga Sutra, Zongjinglu) for a while before and meditated. I have had experience in the past with unspeakable joy in meditation. I have also had a bright experience in meditation. Later, for me, it was difficult and difficult to seduce. No matter how the consciousness guides, the mind is totally uncontrollable. So then there was no realm. Over the years, I have gradually let go of meditation and read the Buddhist scriptures. Maybe the karma is too heavy. Now it is all about one’s thoughts and thoughts. In my daily life, I reflect on my thinking and emotions, and have many good thoughts. Hope to eliminate the bad karma first. I think that as long as I can hold a vigilant ring, or I can practice to the realm of the Four Zens. Here I want to discuss with the landlord a confusion I have been thinking deep in my heart. Do you think liberation is for yourself or beings? Mahayana Dharma is said to be for all beings. But from the beginning of the Buddha, there are many masters who have realized. Is there any major change in this world to this being? Various religions in the world, and even the Dharma, have historically not changed the fate of human warfare and cannibalism. You said that even if you become enlightened, what can you do? You are now zenith. But did you realize it? Even if you realize, is there any time for confusion? Is there any emotion that is controlling you?

A: Many people say that they ca n’t stop holding on to prostitution. In fact, you should ask yourself, at the beginning, is your own determination deep and whether you have the determination to stay in your heart? If it is only the superficial consciousness of wanting to keep the ring, without really swearing inward, then the power of this ring is definitely not enough (not even to say that it is true to hold the ring). Once the outer edge or physiological habits trigger, this ring It was broken casually. Then he made excuses for himself, and it was difficult to hold on. This is why most people cannot take the first step in their practice.

I use personal experience to talk about. If the true heart, swears and resolves to commit adultery (note that it is adultery, not abstain from adultery), if this determination is truly established in the heart, the pulse will change immediately. . Usually, as long as I have a little restraint and don’t deliberately think about erotic beauties, and persist for 1-3 months, this lust level has basically passed (unless it is deliberately made, there is no longer a lust). Coupled with daily meditation and self-mindfulness with meditation and four mindfulness, practice is not difficult (for specializations).

The second question, it is recommended to read some basic knowledge of Buddhism.

( Editor’s note : lust, karma. Habits, habits. If the precepts are determined enough, this habit can be turned and broken. Because karma must be promoted by the mind. It is not a physical need they say. Physiology is ultimately psychological . Otherwise, when the time of entering and extinction is exhausted, why is it possible to stop the physiological function? Therefore, if the mind is in place, the physiology also changes, and the Qi pulse also turns!)

 Q: I haven’t seen you for a long time. Is it closed? (Question is missing, make up the meaning)

Answer: There is no retreat, I am there every day. It ’s just that no one asks any valuable questions, which shows that there are still few people who really practice. I thought when I was doing self-study, I had practice problems every day, but I had no one to ask.

 Question: Good knowledge, hello, I can experience the mood of the mind occasionally when I do n’t meditate, that is, tranquility, but the senses are there, and when I meditate, I watch my breath, I always shake, and it falls down as if When something touches, it shakes, I do n’t know what happened

Also, good knowledge. When I was a kid, I was in a state of mind, so every time I came, I felt fear and became an obstacle, but when I meditated in front of my mother, there was no fear at all. I tried to Fear is also kept in mind, so that it can eliminate fear.

Answer: Fear comes from attachment to self. There is not much effect on the awareness of fear, because fear has already occurred, awareness can only restrain the impact of fear, but cannot keep up with it. The correct way is not to create fear. That is to be fearless if we have a correct understanding of selflessness and break away from our selfishness.

 Question: Good knowledge. I do this in my daily life. I am aware of the strongest thoughts or emotions in my heart, and the clearest sense of touch. I will feel that there is a difference of heart, there is a difference of heart, and if there is pain, I will feel it. The pain comes, the pain comes, the pain comes, and I know how the pain changes the heart, such as whether the heart persists, such as the generation of emotions. May I ask good knowledge? You can perceive whichever is obvious. If the thought is not strong and the touch is not obvious, then slowly focus on the action in front of you, and slowly focus on the touch of breathing. This is right, right.

Answer: The awareness should be practiced according to the practice of the Four Minds. You ca n’t say that it ’s not correct, but you do n’t have a fixed object for a while. It ’s painful for a while, emotional for a while, obvious for a while, and not obvious for a while. Such cultivation is difficult to produce the effect of cultivating wisdom. A stable awareness object should be selected and repaired to the end.

 Question: Master, thank you for sharing. According to the book (Road to Dinghui) you introduced, I quickly achieved the first meditation after reading it. It is gratifying. But now I want to practice the second Zen further, because it is particularly obvious to hear outside sounds during the first Zen, and it is easy to be disturbed. I want to work hard to get more than two Zens. But I couldn’t get up. On several occasions, I felt that my breathing was getting lighter. Very light, very light. But still heard the voice outside. Then the victim exited. . . What to do? Ask the master. Thanks, thanks.

Answer: When you practice meditation, if you listen to the sound with your heart, you can tell whether you can hear the sound, even if you are in the Four Zens, you will fall down. So don’t tell if there is sound. Just focus on what you want to focus on (meditation breathing).

To know how many Zens you are in, you can distinguish them by recalling the state at the time after sitting down.

 Q: When I do n’t want to do anything, I feel comfortable. Is it a kind of meditation? But using your brain is not enough. (Question is missing, make up the meaning)

Answer: That state is not meditation, but a kind of lightness. Meditation must be at rest. Mood-consciousness.

Isolation from the outside world is conducive to the initial practice. Mental labor is difficult to keep practicing. These are described in previous posts.

 Question: Hello teacher, I like Buddha very much, like Zen, simply read the Sutra of the Diamond Sutra, Altar Sutra, and listen to the lecture of Teacher Ye Man. Next, do I have to learn to meditate?

Answer: Of course you have to meditate. The meditation practice is the center of practice. Is the core pillar. Undefined, Dharma is difficult to achieve.

 Question: Come up and report the progress:

Three months of hard work has gradually entered a stable state, there will often be settled, this week began single. One leg can persist for 30-40 minutes, but the interference of the legs can no longer have a fixed feeling. Usually it is just persistence. The two retreats alternately for a total of 1 hour. I am a little puzzled. Should I stick to the single disc to practice my legs and finally achieve double meditation, or pursue the effect of the disc to set the first position, just be comfortable with loose discs … can the seniors have pointers?

Answer: First of all, you should train your stable habits in scattered disks (seven times or seven days, continuous training, habits will be established). Then repair the disc. When it is not painful to return the single-disc status, enter the order as soon as possible. Then follow the original habit, and don’t come out of stability. If successful, stabilize. If unsuccessful, practice repeatedly. Until success. Then practice double disk. Usually press the leg to pull the ligament, which is conducive to double disc.




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