40.The role of compassion

Question: After practicing meditation, I became calm, including expressing my willingness to commit suicide to my wife and two Hong Kong auxiliary police officers tonight. Because I am stubborn with my wife, I would like to make my case public. How can I deal with it? Ding Huizhi has seen it ten times, and there are hundreds of other online positive, Buddhist, suicide, and depression materials. There are more than 2 years. I am 61, my wife is 59, my two daughters are 93,94,1

A: The easiest way is to go to Baidu and search for the recordings of Master Guangchao ’s view of compassion. Follow the recording guide to repair three views of compassion every morning, night and evening. It will slowly get better.

( Editor’s note: There are many benefits to practicing the concept of compassion, which can improve interpersonal relationships, increase the power of good destiny, and even change karma, so that bad karma is understated and good karma is re-reported.

The “Zhong Tao Theory” of the South Legend states that practitioners who practice compassion can gain eleven benefits:

  1. Sleep-In addition to not losing sleep, it will also have good sleep quality.
  2. An 寤-When you wake up, you feel energetic.
  3. No nightmares-not disturbed by nightmares; even dreaming is auspicious dreams.
  4. Love and respect—Because love is constantly emanating from the heart, the nature exposed in his body and mouth is also loved by others. In other words, those who practice compassion will gain good relationships.
  5. Respect for non-humans-Similarly, non-humans (such as the god of heaven, the god of guarding the law, and the ghost spirit) will respect and love those who practice compassion.
  6. Guardians of the heavens—Practitioners of compassionate observers will be surrounded by many good gods who are often guarded by their side.
  7. Stay away from disasters—Pedestrians who practice compassion can avoid burns, knife injuries, and poisoning.
  8. Concentration of Mind-You can get meditation quickly.
  9. Glorious Colors—Because of a kind heart, the walker has a fair complexion.
  10. No coma at the end of life-A practitioner who practiced compassion will not fear death, because at the moment of his death, he will not feel guilty and remorse, and he can maintain righteous thoughts.
  11. Brahma to be born—If this person does not have liberation, he will die to Brahma in the next life. )


Question: I am a mantra, I have heard and heard it. I practice with the method of the Buddha to the Bodhisattva. About 7 months ago, I encountered a problem during meditation. I hope to guide you: from the beginning of meditation, I decided to cut off adultery. But on the average one month, the sperm will be spermatozoon, which is born in a dreamless situation. Is there any good way to prevent this? (Is it related to my previous hand Yin?)

Answer: Quit eating meat and Wuxin. Think bright when you sleep. Assisted by meditation.

 Question: Good knowledge. I think Xuanlong ’s meditation practice is right. Before seeing this practice, I slowly practiced for a while. I watched the beginning of the 007 ghost party and the kiss show of the hero and protagonist yesterday. The body reacts, although it is very slight. It can be seen that decades of habits are nothing more than fierce practice. It is not enough to persevere. There is only a problem. Please ask for good knowledge. If the object of meditation is based on the feeling of pain , Then you ca n’t feel any pain after entering the setting. If you use this method, do you have to feel pain all the time, or try to enter the setting? Please ask for good knowledge. If you are not busy looking at this meditation method, give a guide.

A: If settled, the pain will become a painless touch (I said in a previous post). This is something that some people can try after sitting with leg pain. Don’t always pursue it because of this.

 Q: Sigh with joy!

Ask questions as follows:

1: How to determine if your fix is ​​positive?

2: What is your fate? That kind of thought?

3: Four Zens can see inhuman beings, have you? Does the four zen out of income stop?

4: Can you reveal the methods and steps of meditation practice?

5: Can you share your practice information? Can be shared by network disk.


The virtues of Suixi Lou’s practice and Fabus

Answer: 1. The so-called positive definite is determined by the current amount. And don’t set on specific and non-quantitative. That is, do not use consciousness to contemplate, etc., or fall into the dream of conscious thinking, but to settle purely on the realm of eyes, ears, nose and body.

  1. There are many reasons. Arbitrary. Everything that is aware of is a fateful place. Such as breathing, light, sound, hot and cold, and so on.
  2. Can’t see. There is no magic power to practice meditation. I don’t have anyway. When you enter the four Zen breaths, you must break.
  3. It has been briefly described in “Structured Practice”. In fact, that’s all superfluous. What are the method steps for setting? Isn’t it just concentrating on a situation. You don’t need to talk so much, you can enter immediately.
  4. I didn’t collect any information. The information is all on Baidu. Don’t rely too much on information. It is the root of the mind that all practice should come from the mind and return to it. Careless, collecting information will get lost! !! !!

 Question: Excuse me, brothers, can you meditate?

Answer: You can meditate. It’s just better not to eat meat.

( Editor’s note: According to personal experience, the smell of Wu Xin can break the aggregation of Zen Ding Qi, let the Zen Ding Qi dissipate and fall out of Zen Ding, so it is best not to eat Wu Xin.)

 Question: Good knowledge. If you are not busy, can you look at Xuanlong ’s meditation? I understand that it seems to be watching pain, or focusing on pain. I persisted for a while, and felt like my legs were gone. If I continued, I felt as if I ca n’t understand my mind, and I stopped in the past few days. I did n’t persist, and I did n’t have good knowledge. I always could n’t make it. There was a choice. Should I get into the meditation first, or continue to focus on the feeling of pain? Good knowledge, your institutionalized practice and the way of deciding wisdom are all very good, but my heart is too scattered. If I do n’t use strong practice, I will not strengthen my heart. So, should I just watch the pain? In order to strengthen the mental strength, I can get into the set, and then re-cultivate the concept, beginners to practice, there are always questions, I hope you give guidance

Answer: You should do it this way. Look at the leg pain, if you see that the leg is gone, you can see if there is breathing, if it is, please feel the breath. If the breath is gone and the body is gone, you should know that “I” is still there. Then watch this “I”.

 Question: Ask the five rounds of virtues: 1. Can I enter the endless space after my breath is broken (fetal breath, ear roots, and sound dust)? 2. If it is possible to enter the endless space from the road where the French law lived after the birth rate, which one is more convenient?

Answer: 1. No. The birth rate is not the basis of the four Zens. All breathing should be discontinued. To enter the fifth stage, the quality requirements of the four Zens are silentness (no body feelings and concepts), no moving phase (no breathing phase, no thoughts coming and going). Some people cannot do this in the Four Zens, so they cannot enter the fifth set. 2. Nowadays, the music can be lived by those who see it. Also known as Guoding. Entering the present Fa Yue can produce Fa Xi and strong pleasure, but the current Fa Yue is not a practice and does not help Ding Li. It is also impossible to enter the fifth decision with the current method. The key to getting into the boundless place is to be able to realize that the realm of the Four Zens is illusive and unrealistic, and then give up the realm by doing so. If she succeeds, the emptiness is revealed first. (It’s like taking the phone in front of you, and Void was there.)

 Question: Thank you for five rounds of virtue. 1. After the fetal breath is holographic (holographic, if it drops down, it will return to the fetal breath), then the sound of the ears will be eliminated honestly, and then a heart that hates the four Zens will be born. 2. Ask Dade, if the fruit land has been settled for a long time, will it have an impact on the practice of meditation?

Answer: If Dingjiu has no effect on Zen Dingfu. The quality of decisiveness is supported by the power of meditation. Therefore, the better you practice meditation, the better the quality of your dedication, and the stronger your enjoyment. But Guoding itself is not meditation practice. Therefore, you should often practice meditation practice and maintain good concentration to maintain the quality of the practiced meditation.

The Theravada’s breaking news, I can say that it has nothing to do with being transparent. It is totally two sets of reasons.

It’s a convenient method to break my opinion. Called that hypothesis. I did n’t have it, where is it?

The Xiaochen broke my mind, only to guide the mind away from attachment, and to return to uncreated (ie, Nirvana).

Wisdom realized from Nirvana is to see clearly. That is to understand that everything is the mind, and the emptiness of the mind and the magical ability.

Therefore, after seeing me, how many steps away from seeing one’s mind is equivalent to how many steps to break away after seeing me .

Just to prove Nirvana, you don’t necessarily have to be transparent. Some people live in Nirvana as the ultimate belonging (the world resentful of remaking), and that is Arahant. It does not fully see the magical origin of the heart.

Only some people, in Nirvana, experience the consciousness of the heart (empty) and experience the magical effect of the origin of the mind (five aggregates). On the road to consciousness (seeing through the heart) (this is only the starting point of the Mahayana Path, the karma needs to be cleaned up later, and the achievements of the three bodies are not considered complete). (This is based on evidence, that is, to enter)

Zen’s insightfulness is the same in the end. Just where you started, Zen has a lot of conveniences to guide people into it. In the process, there is a gradual revision of epiphany, and a process of faith. In the previous stage of guidance, due to the convenience of Zen Buddhism, it is possible to guide people to see the ground for the same reason, confidence is the same, it seems to be the same, but the actual evidence has not been reached (this is based on the insight, that is, reasoning). Therefore, seeing one’s mind clearly is a long-term process that runs from the place of faith to the land of fruit to the land of Buddha.

 Q: Thank you for your virtue. After passing the cause-effect level and then passing the five-pass level, how can we go down?

Answer: Testify to Nirvana. That is to give up all realms of the three realms. The medium practice of meditation, that is, the four meditations and the eight meditations are exhausted, and the eight backs are cultivated.

There are too many ways to cultivate the view and start the observation in the stable four Zens. Watching the mind, watching, watching the Eighteen Realms, and watching and doing all things. No matter what you look at, you must reach Nirvana, and all the realms are exhausted, and the mind has no fabrications (all realities are manifested by the fabrications of the mind).

And the practice is the same as the practice of repairing Babeishe. But it is to observe and abandon the realm from different perspectives (five aggregates, eighteen realms, mind consciousness, three self). There is a phenomenon in the cultivation of the mind. After continuously and repeatedly observing from an angle, the mind will deviate from the content being viewed, and the natural state of consciousness (so-called consciousness); the other case is the active consciousness. That is, those with strong mental strength and strong mental strength have the ability to lay down their realm directly under the support of constant force (similar to the meditation of the lion samaya and jump the realm directly).

When the realm is exhausted, and nothing is left, it is meaninglessness. That is Nirvana. That is no birth. (The end of Theravada)

Further down is Mahayana. Initiate the Shengyi Bodhicitta (it is a matter of the whole body of the mind, the Buddha and all beings, not just a wish), and then begin the initial practice of the Mahayana Path.




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