44.Light wants to sleep with light

Questions: 1. How do you practice breathing while lying in bed at night, can you breathe intuitively? This will feel too heavy mind is not conducive to sleep.

  1. In Geyinka’s Vipassana practice, one must shift awareness from breathing to comprehensively perceive the entire body. My understanding is that at least four Zens must be taken to watch the breath before we can move awareness to the whole body, right?
  2. I find that when the breathing becomes finer, the pain in the legs is reduced a lot. With the increase of concentration, will the physical and pain sensations gradually disappear?
  3. I practiced Taoist kung fu before. After practicing the breathing, I think that in the “stop” phase, I don’t need to pay attention to the sense of qi; Right?

Thank you.

Answer: 1. Sleep practice should be thought of brightly.

  1. Watching breathing to the whole body of awareness is an extension of awareness. Let the state of ignorance that is not consciously move into a state of consciousness that gradually develops consciously. This thing does not require meditation, and ordinary people can. With meditation, the stability and fineness of awareness are much better.
  2. When the concentration is improved, it is normal for the body part to disappear. And it should be so. Any feelings indicate that our minds are scattered where we are aware. At the time of repair, awareness is taken from a scattered state in one place, so it will gradually break away from the Three Realms. Therefore, some body sensations disappear by the beginning of 2 zen, and all body sensations disappear by 4 zen. To the colorless definition, the realm of consciousness should also gradually disappear. At the top of the colorless realm, you have to think about it. You only have the subtle persistence of ego, and the spirit has no state at all. So I don’t think so. Because of my ego, I had to think. To the end of extinction, all spiritual realms disappear, so it is called extinction. So practicing the Three Realms is like this. This is the most fundamental revision of the way of liberation from the Three Realms.

In Qixian Buddhism, the sense of qi does not need to be taken care of, just like physical feeling, when it is illusory (it is just a more subtle illusory).

 Question: Bright thought of sleeping practice, can I trouble the teacher to talk about the specific practice.The bright thought of sleeping practice, can you trouble the teacher to talk about the specific practice.

Answer: The light wants to see the light in the heart, and then sleep in it. (This is only auxiliary)

The real bright dream that is to be achieved is the consciousness that misses the five roots. The consciousness returns to the roots of the mind and rises to sleep. Although it is asleep, it is clear. It can even freely control whether there are dreams or not. Wait. There is no obscurity in sleep, wake up like dreams.

(Editor’s note: Generally thinking about falling asleep with light is to prevent sleeping from falling into darkness and becoming sleepless. This way the practice is interrupted. If sleep can fall asleep with light, consciousness can still have a certain degree of self-control in sleep. And keep the ring in dreams. This is the process that deep spiritual practice must go through. If you really sleep well, it means that your mind is very clean, and you can get the light in your sleep. )

 Q: The first results will not retreat. I still have this myth that the three fruits and four fruits will retreat, and I seriously doubt whether you are truly dead.

According to the extinction, only three fruits and four fruits can enter the extinction, and the person who has three fruits and four fruits can clearly understand his current fruit position, his current state, and he can understand without error whether he will Retreat.

Answer: The Supreme Master Qu Gaojia lost Arahan fruit six times. When he obtained Arahan the seventh time, he wanted to commit suicide with a knife. But go to Baidu.

If you do n’t study Buddhism, just reading a book does n’t make much sense. In some cases, it is even harmful (such as taking misunderstandings, misunderstandings, and knocking down people everywhere). This post has been summarized in the first post.

 Question: Brother, I would like to ask the practice of Vipassana taught by Teacher Ge Yinka, and the practice of the Four Zens and Eight Dings, and then to the colorless world, which is the road to Dinghui. Is there any difference between the two? Would it be better to fix that?

Answer: I personally suggest that it is better to follow the road of Dinghui. (Of course, Goyenka’s teaching method is also very good, depending on which method is more suitable for the individual.)

 Question: Hello, through the five-round Bodhisattva, according to the “Leng Yan Jing”, if you can break the Yin, you must be able to look at the past and the future, but to clearly see the past and the future, it is necessary to break the Yin. After breaking through the 5 Yins, it was considered to be clear-sighted and became the first saint.

If the Bodhisattva has been able to make and break, then it must be a sage with more than three fruits. Then the Wuyin should be completely broken. Looking at the past and the future clearly, the stock daily limit should be clear at a glance.

A: That’s your understanding. It may not be the case.

 Question: Brother, what changes have you made to yourself after you have done this? Is there a good change in life and work?Brother, then, after you have completed these, what changes have you made to yourself? Is there a good change in life and work?

A: From a phenomenological perspective, repairing these things is not enough to change anything. It’s just a reduction of anxiety. From Seungyi’s point of view, it is a secret that changes a lot, but cannot be said casually. Please practice by yourself.




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