33.I am a mentor

Question: Brother, how many monsters are better in the last age? How to choose the right path and identify? The books of those masters can recommend

Answer: Things are grouped together and people are grouped. If there is no desire, where is the demon? Three seals are used as a guide, and nothing is gained. The Buddhist scriptures are manuals and the practice is experiments. Self is the mentor, discipline is the yardstick. The four thoughts are for cultivation. Rely on knowledge but not knowledge, and not on people according to law.

(Editor’s Note: Since the heart is the real teacher. The conversion of the righteousness is the conversion of the self-dharma monk. Of course, we can not ignore the extraordinary role of good knowledge in the guidance of reality in reality! )

 Question: Brother, one of my classmates told me to become a Buddha with one heart and one life and death. I don’t think this is a big attachment. But he also said it was progress. The Diamond Sutra says that everything is false. Is this life and death a phantom, or is it a delusion, if it is a delusion, then how can life and death matter? I was very confused, and I hoped that my brother would advise.

Answer: Life and death are impermanence. Thinking about life and death is positive, without phase, you must leave the phase. If you are not inseparable, you can’t talk about it, it’s just deceiving yourself. The Diamond Sutra speaks of Prajna Wisdom, Prajna is proof, not ordinary people’s laissez-faire. Please read “Four Noble Truths”, the basic knowledge of Buddhism.

 Question: Brother, please ask about practice:

  1. When I am meditating, my eyes are closed and half-closed. Frequent delusions are common, and when I open my eyes, it is much better and can be controlled. At present, sometimes the breathing is unconscious, but it is not long, and sometimes it seems that the breathing is not enough. Tone; when you break your breath, delusion breaks, the heart is calm, the things in front are not focused, and you focus on the feeling of emptiness; when you breathe, this state can last for a while, but with breathing, delusion will slowly rise again; until the next breath break ; How to go next?
  2. When I started to meditate, I used the concept of breathing, the feeling of breathing on the upper lip, but my mind is easy to drift away, and delusions arise; Is it fixed? Please answer it.
  3. When looking at the scriptures in the upper part of the scripture, I often mention the “Zen phase”, saying that Zen phase must appear in the Zen phase. What is it? In my meditation, the things in front of me will appear bright illusions, but I know the illusions and are not attached. Is this a Zen phenomenon? Please answer it.
  4. According to the scriptures, you can practice the supernatural powers after obtaining the four meditations. Although the Buddha does not advocate supernatural powers, are the above verses correct? Can a master cultivate magical powers, or can he, but just do not want to do it?

Please give pointers. . .

Answer: I have basically answered these questions in the previous posts. Please refer to the previous post, I will not repeat the answer.




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