53.Release and size multiplication

Question: Teacher, I saw a saying that it is not easy to see clearly because the four consciousnesses and consciousnesses may be destroyed. This is the difference between the Mahayana and the Mahayana. Do you think it makes sense? You said you changed to Mahayana. How did you do it?

Answer: Four zens and eight destiny cannot annihilate consciousness and awareness.

However, the four Zens have a different path, and the four meditations are also the four Zens. But it cannot be called annihilation of consciousness. Because he is still conscious, not unconscious. It’s just that consciousness can’t restrain the imagination and enters a state of ignorance.

The only thing that is truly unconscious and unconscious is extinction. (Extinction is not unawareness. Otherwise, how do you know that extinction is nothing? So only the illusion is extinct, and the instinct is immortal. The instinct is not born.)

Seeing one’s mind clearly is a Mahayana statement, which indicates that the ideals of the mind are the ideals of the mind, and the mind is the mind. The heart is all things.

Seeing clearly is the nature of consciousness. Witness the heart. It is the arrival of evidence. Especially insightful reach.

The so-called nature of the mind is the consciousness of renunciation.

Liu Zuyun: “Don’t think of good, don’t think of evil. When you are right, what is the true face of the upper seat.”

If you don’t think about good, you don’t think about evil. That is, no dwelling, no phase, no perseverance, no touch, no self, no self, no power, nowhere.

What time is it? Unintended, but originally understood.

That is the true color of Mingshang seat. This is the original mind. There is no need to look for it.

At this time, realize this nature. Then, when the mind is born, the mind emerges from the nature, and the mind and method are all integrated into the nature. At the origin of the ten thousand laws, the nature is no longer lost, and everything does not act out of the nature.

Such consciousness has nothing to do with meditation. The basic point is to keep the mind away from the mind, to make the mind clear and clear. Then, based on the smell of Mahayana Dharma, one can recognize perception. Finally, let the mind act in harmony with sexuality.

And meditation should be practiced regardless of consciousness or not. Before awakening, meditation practice can purify one’s mind, soothe troubles, and make it easier to see clearly. After awakening, meditation can strengthen the solid wisdom, develop the Mahayana Samadhi that excels, clear the karma quickly, and manifest the magical power of nature.

Therefore, it is not easy to see meditation clearly. It can only be said that we cannot be attached to the realm of meditation. You should practice to a meditation, then leave as soon as possible, and then practice higher meditation. Until there is nothing to leave, nothing to leave.

Mahayana and Mahayana. . . In my opinion, the difference is really minimal. Or it doesn’t make much difference. The Hinayana said that the Mahayana. Practicing Mahayana may also refuse to let the mind reappear and become Mahayana.

The difference between size and multiplication is only a difference in the guiding statement. Theravada emphasized suffering, leaving and suffering. Mahayana said that everything is mind, empty, unavailable, and inaccessible, originally pure.

Actually, what else is available for relief when practicing theravada? Relief is turned extinct, non-magic does not destroy the state.

And liberation is the same regardless of the Mahayana and the Mahayana. Are common. Regardless of Luohan or Bodhisattva, various methods of practice must prove this liberation.

When you live to realize liberation, return to this world. If you cannot witness that the physical and mental world has been transformed from the original consciousness, and you still want to escape from the inanimate realm, and you ca n’t live without the mind, you will become the result of real liberation.

If you return to this world of mind and body from the state of liberation from inanimate life, you will discover by wisdom that you will be able to live with your mind, and then let your mind and nature be in harmony with nature. It naturally turns to Mahayana.

So whether it is the Mahayana, the Mahayana or the Secret, in my opinion, there is not much difference. It’s just that the guidance is different. The result of the practice is liberation, and then some people stop here (that is, theravada), and some people can transcend liberation, and they have reincarnation and Nirvana’s great freedom (that is, the mahayana becomes a Buddha).

 Question: Seniors, I always dream of going to some places, or getting out of my body. Now I’m not well.

Answer: read the Buddha

 Question: Why can I stop being out of body when I am Buddha?

A: I can’t pack tickets for you. It can only be said that chanting the Buddha is a way to integrate self-reliance and Buddha power. It is a relatively safe practice for you to be mentally involuntary. You can try.






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