32.Prajna Paramita

Q: May I ask your brother. . How about the correct view of the air? If you still have physical consciousness, can’t you watch the air? Please give pointers

Answer: The so-called null is the theory of Mahayana. Means emptiness. The understanding of emptiness, according to some statements, cannot be explained. It is said that it cannot be established in the mind of ordinary people. The so-called incredible. . . .

Well, in Mahayana teachings, there are various theories that help build confidence in “emptiness.” Such as “Zhonglun” and so on. It is by breaking down all opinions and making people believe that there is time.

Therefore, to view the air correctly, you can’t first set a “empty” concept and then look for it. This is very wrong.

The correct view of the air is to know that all the realms (including psychological realms) are artificial and illusions. Should stay away.

Then stay away from Mingse, Six Roots, Eighteen Realms, Wu Yun and so on. In short, all consciousness is abandoned or away.

Then the mind ceases to create any realm. At this time, the original appearance of the heart, which is the so-called emptiness, will appear (in fact, there is no emptiness, but the illusion disappears).

That is to say, “The imaginary body dies, the imaginary heart also dies, the imaginary heart dies, the imaginary dust dies, the imaginary dust dies, the imaginary extinguishes, and the imaginary extinguishes. The dirt is clear. ”

This is the correct method of proof.

Only after you prove the emptiness can you really understand what “emptiness” is. Returning to this world and looking at the world again, can color be different, empty, and empty, and color is empty, and empty is color (further, the essence of emptyness is actually the five aggregates, etc.). This is the correct method of observing the air.

(Editor’s note: this “empty” can be equated Prajnaparamita, such as heart by saying: Prajnaparamita long rows deep, as see five aggregates are “empty”, all of the latter even Kue different color is not empty, like sex is zero )




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