47.Bone View

Question: Thank you, senior. I can meet people during the practice to explain. I ’m so lucky.

I would also like to ask you a few questions:

  1. Based on my current situation (instant Zen, unstable, sometimes advancing, sometimes inconclusive), seeing Mr. Nan Huaijin’s view of the bones, I can start the observation without asking for it. I have tried it several times, but I can’t understand it. Is it because the strength is not enough? Master Guangchao once recommended more than four meditations to practice the meditation. Is it the same with the white bone meditation? Any suggestions for seniors?
  2. Do you have to reach the level of the soles of your feet when you meditate? Although my flexibility can be achieved with some effort, it is quite a bit strenuous, and I will be distracted over time. I wonder if it should be reluctant?
  3. Sometimes when you meditate, you may have nose wings, sometimes both ears, and sometimes the neck and other parts will itch separately, like countless bugs crawling. I guess it may be qi, usually not paying attention to it, but in some cases it is so irritating that it makes me sit still. I want to ask if I can scratch

Answer: 1. Xiu bone view, if you can’t see it, it means that karma is too heavy. If the bones can be clearly displayed, it means that karma is light. The so-called karma is to worry about karma and impure body. People who practice the white bone concept, those who have great karma, look at the white bone at first, and the color is so dark that it is impossible to see the white bone at all. If you can’t see them at all, you should first practice some precepts and set things forward. Hold on to indecent assault, supplemented by cultivation (if you ca n’t enter the setting, you can repair the interest). After consciously calming your mind and body, try to repair the Bone View. This view should start from the bones of the toes. Start from a small part of the white bone (starting from the first quarter of the big toe), until the whole white bone is completely displayed in the view, and then you can enter this view. After completing the conception, in the ordinary time, you should keep the concept of the bones in the mood, and stay in the sitting, sitting, and lying, until the state of the bones is integrated with your own body (that is, your concept of the body) That is white bone, white bone is body. If you practice in this way, you will soon (maybe a few days) get rid of the greed. (In this process, the bones will become more and more white, and even the bones will glow.) Then, after you are proficient, you should expand to see that everyone is white bones. After being conscious that there are no more physical attachments, the concept of men and women, and the distinction between beauty and ugliness (addition, in the process, if there is a rise in world-weariness, you should supplement other bones to salute to yourself, and you should also salute them) . Repair the bones. That is, imagine that your bones have turned into light, and the form of the bone has become pure light. Then the light disappeared in the void without a trace.

This practice does not necessarily require the concentration of the Four Zens, as long as the bones can be visualized in a stable manner. But with the power of meditation, the efficiency of this practice will be greatly improved.

2, should not be barely doubled. When you meditate, you should focus on comfortable posture. Don’t press your legs and ligaments while you meditate. Should pay attention to the ligament to press the leg in peacetime, so that you can easily double-disk while meditating.

  1. Itchy skin is common when meditating. This matter indicates that the body is not clean. In addition, the explanation does not mind scattered energy meditation. If your heart is strong enough, your leg pain, itching, and numbness should not be felt. My opinion is that we should focus our efforts on making decisions and don’t scratch them. Even the concept of scratching should not arise. (A metaphor, if a guilty person is ordered by the emperor to stand still, not allowed to fall, not allowed to be scratched, 1 day and 1 night, if not committed, then beheaded. No, so it ’s the same with meditation, I ca n’t help but just be indecisive)

( Editor’s note: The most important thing about the White Bone View is that after the White Bone View is completed, you must stay in the living, sitting, and lying down, and keep the view of yourself as a white bone. If you do this for a long time, you can say that it is immediate to overcome sexual desire. One of the nectar methods, it is a disease.)

 Question: Senior, these two days have been carefully thinking about the precepts that you said, and I feel that there are still some confusions in grasping the degree. I hereby continue to ask:

  1. It is not difficult for me to hold a ring of prostitution and hold a ring (or food ring), the real test is not beautiful. Frankly speaking, I have loved beautiful girls since I was young, and I must pay more to cut off in this regard. I’m not sure. If you don’t apply makeup, does it mean that you can’t even have basic daily moisturization or sun protection? Grooming can be done without buying clothes or wearing gold and silver, but should you give up at least the neatness? After all, family members must go to work every day. Can the basic etiquette in the secular sense be inconsistent with precepts?
  2. Do you want to rule out egg milk? If a dish is well-prepared, such as fried meat with celery, can’t it be eaten at all or at least the celery in it? Furthermore, if you want to stew chicken soup, you can’t even drink soup? Or as long as it is sanjing meat, as long as it does not eat meat directly, other side dishes can be widened?
  3. You have n’t mentioned that you do n’t kill, but you also want to know how to master it. For example, if you have mosquitoes / cockroaches / moths in your home, you ca n’t shoot them easily, right?

I’m sorry for all the chicks. Just because you think more seriously and decide more seriously, it means that you should be more cautious about quitting. Therefore, you have to entangle some implementation details. Thank you very much!

Answer: 1. Precepts are not beautiful, mainly for the opposite sex. Not to say that you don’t trim yourselves. Mainly in life, do not raise the concept of beauty and ugliness to others. This concept of beauty and ugliness is imposed on the concept of consciousness. People do not have the so-called beauty and ugliness. After being consciously imposed on the concept of beauty and ugliness, they will naturally have greed (or like) for beautiful people and hate those who are ugly. Therefore, in order to prevent the usual greedy reactions, the wrong “beautiful and ugly” distinction should be fundamentally eliminated. Men and women should not even be distinguished. Such a precept, over time, because there is no difference, the habit of greed is thin.

  1. Quit ridiculous. Five spicy garlic, shallots, Xingqu, Chinese chives, coriander, should be abstained because of their role in prostitution. Carnivores should also be abstained because of impediments to body cleanness (obstacles impair meditation). I think milk can be drunk. There were no adverse reactions when the eggs were eaten. (I personally say that this is based on practical experience and has nothing to do with religion). Others, chicken soup and sanjing meat, I think it is equal to meat. It’s better not to eat. Meat side dishes can be eaten as a last resort, but it is best not to eat them.

3, not killing is trying not to kill. But the premise of not killing does not hinder yourself. There are mosquitoes and cockroaches in the house.

 Question: Ask the landlord. Chinese Zen has adopted various methods to achieve the double death of the mind, and the root cause of inexperience. The South Legend also has the wisdom to release Arahant and not to revise it. In addition, many ancestors claim that the evidence is Nirvana, without vain She is not delirious, she is clear, she is clear; she is completely clear, she is unaware, she knows nothing, can you prove that Nirvana? Or is that the next stage of extinction is Nirvana? Zen denounces meditation. Do I think meditation is more conducive to training mindfulness into nirvana? Thanks for reply, thank you

A: Zen has always been meditation. However, after the Sixth Ancestor, especially after the five factions were separated in the later period (pseudo-Yang, Linji, Caodong, Fayan, and Cloud Gate), the so-called ancestor Zen (integrity of wisdom) was emphasized. Therefore, we do not highly admire the liberation of meditation.

In my opinion, Zen ancestor Zen has his characteristics. Of course, it is good to break into all the relatives without breaking away from the Three Realms. However, it cannot be said that this line of practice must be higher than breaking through the Three Realms gradually and entering Wuer.

In most cases, the two are complementary. There is almost no one who can attain wisdom without meditation. But if you ca n’t get into one’s mind for a while, and you do n’t practice meditation, how will your practice go? So this is where the contradiction between Shenxiu and Huineng’s practice line should be unified. If you don’t know that there is nothing, you should cultivate yourself as a linden tree! The so-called Prajna Paramita and meditation paramita are also (such as Lai Zen). Every Zen lover should be cautious and take it seriously.

Second, extermination is complete, and all hearts and mental states are destroyed. So I do n’t know everything, I do n’t know anything. But there is still one who knows nothing (otherwise, how do I know when the extinction time is unknown?). What is it, the “instinct” of immortality. In other words, the so-called “know” and “don’t know” are all illusions that occur under the consciousness of the instinct. Extinction must be the “not knowing” of disillusionment (illusion is extinct, and nothing is known). The Three Realms is the “knowledge” of transfiguration. Therefore, the Three Realms and Extinction are all illusory. Not Nirvana. However, some people have not risen in the Three Realms, and the eunuchs have not been born. After the Three Realms have not yet manifested, the two sides of the Three Realms’ secession and separation have been broken. The Three Realms, Perseverance in the Three Realms and Obsession and Departure from the Three Realms, are both attachments), when you have witnessed one of the spiritual realms of the consciousness, the so-called Nirvana. That is legality.

 Question: Brother Guangrui is to exchange experience with all of you here. Thank you for your instructions. In the past few days, you have made progress in meditating. Sometimes I have two conversations in the middle of the decision, whether I have inspiration and I am in conversation with each other, and I also think about some questions in the middle of the decision, and some questions have answers. Keep improving and wish Happy Dragon Boat Festival

Answer: “Sometimes there are two people who talk to me in the course of the appointment. Whether I have inspiration and I am in conversation with the real world.” When this happens, we need to consider whether the magic barrier has come. Even I ca n’t get it, let alone an inspiration for me?

During the practice, there will be a phenomenon in which a clear bystander looks at himself. But that’s just outside of living, sitting and lying. Don’t have a state of mind in the clear and bright light. It is a phenomenon that results from the separation of consciousness from the six realms. It is originally a consciousness. It is not the so-called higher self (or inspired self) that can talk to each other.

If there are unsolicited so-called voices, dialogues, visualizations, inspirations, etc., there are two possibilities, one is to do it on your own, and the other is to bless you from outside magic.

  1. Being self-conscious and author means that you have your own thoughts. When you practice meditation, you manifest yourself as you desire (subconscious). This is an illusion. When illusion is taken seriously, catching the wind and catching the shadows is the demon. At this point, think of the centrifugation, and get out of the illusion. If you are really upset, the illusion should disappear immediately.
  2. External blessings. In the uninvited realm, if it comes from blessings, almost 99% are blessed by outsiders. This is also a mindless mind, with a desire in the subconscious, and an external magic induction (especially the induction of visualization, dialogue, inspiration, etc.). The other 1% does not rule out the blessing of Buddha. But this kind of blessing generally only occurs in the early days of practice. In order to give you some confidence, the blessing (such as suddenly filled with Faxi, suddenly a sandalwood, even the rapid healing of diseases, wonderful dreams, etc.). For those with a strong heart, none of these inductions. Buddha and Bodhisattva will not be nothing to bless you and so on. These little blessings are not very useful for spiritual practice. Practice is still on your own. If these things are always fascinating, and the practice deviates from the centrifugation, then it is necessary to consider that it is not a good thing, and in all likelihood it is still a magic obstacle. Beware of leaving, ignore everything.

 Q: Hello, landlord! May I ask one thing, can you recite Buddhist scriptures and enlighten the Buddha (attracting one’s mind to mind)?

Answer: The meditation spell can be set in near-term but not in basic. But when delusional thoughts fall off, you can also be settled. Please see my previous post about how to enter the Buddha.




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