48.Ear root round

Q: Thanks for explaining doubt , would like tact from repair from the ears , give me good advice ?

Answer: Ear roots are all about tracing the source from hearing, watching where hearing originates, and finding the source.

“Leng Yan Jing” in the ear-roots round chapter said, “Beginning in the smell. Entering the exile. What you enter is still. The two phases of movement and silence, you will not be born. If it is increasing. You can hear everything. You can’t smell it. Feel The sense of emptiness. The emptiness of consciousness is extremely round. The emptiness of emptiness is extinguished. Both death and death are extinct. Silence is now before. Suddenly surpassed, the world was born, the ten sides were bright and won two special victories. Enlightenment is the same kindness as Buddha ’s coming. The two are in one place, and the six sentient beings have the same sadness as all sentient beings. ”

In this paragraph, the ear-roots method and practice are explained in great detail.

Let me explain briefly:

Early in the smell. Into exile. ——- That is, starting from the ear’s hearing, the focus is on the “sense” of hearing. The consciousness is like flowing water (like flowing water, continuous), and the “sound” is perceived. That is, hearing and sound must be separated first. Do not focus on the sound, but on the “sense” of hearing. Be careful of oneness, that is, not be disturbed by sound, and gradually see the “sense” of hearing (actually, this state is fixed, but with the wisdom of observation in it, it is Dinghui Shuangxi). Is into exile.

What you enter is still. There are two phases of movement and silence, but no one is born. ——- That is, after the “consciousness” has been further stabilized, the external sound is no longer displayed in the realm (that is, no sound can be heard). Without the sound, there is only quiet hearing in the realm.

If it is increasing. Smell everything. Can’t smell it. — Even after a while like this, there was no sound, and there was the persistence of the auditory sense. Then, only hearing, this hearing “returns” to hear itself (that is, hearing returns to hearing and hearing itself) and is silent, silent is no focus, “consciousness” has no object (sound) to catch, and slowly catches a sound Persistent habits will loosen, although listening (sense) will not stop (hearing no longer grasps an object to identify).

Feeling empty. The emptiness is extremely round. ——- Continue to the previous realm, awareness no longer grasps an object to “awareness”, the realm becomes the only “awareness”, “awareness” itself is only an action, in silence, motionlessness, In the realm of phases, what is perceived is “empty”. In this way, the only state of emptiness is stabilized, so it is called extreme consciousness. (The realm of each step in the previous step increases, from the thick realm to the thin realm. From the thick color realm to the fine color realm, the fine color realm moves towards the colorless realm, and the colorless realm goes to the non-thinking and non-thinking. In fact, it is the process of climbing the ladder of liberation, “Four Zens and Eight Finals”.

The airspace was gone. Life and death are both extinct. Before silence disappeared. ——- Continue to the previous realm. After the empty consciousness is extremely round, “empty” is still a realm, and “consciousness” is still a kind of fabrication (ie, separate mind). The empty realm is just a concept at this time. At this time, if you can clearly understand this theory, you are disgusted with “empty perception” (judgment is the pretense, that is, the self-destruction of empty mind), and the creation of empty space and “consciousness” disappears for a while, then “consciousness” also disappears. Pretense, the disappearance of consciousness is just to stop pretending). Unconsciously, knowing nothing. The former realm of consciousness and consciousness is all birth and death. This annihilation, everything is extinct, that is, before extinction. (Actually, it is the end of the realm)

Suddenly surpassed, the world was born, ten squares are bright, ——- continue to follow the front, suddenly surpassed. How could you suddenly surpass it. In fact, the constant force of extinction disappears, and it suddenly comes out (this process of extinction and extinction, some fast, some slow. Fast may be a few minutes, slow may be hours or more). Because at the time of extinction, there was no ego, so at the time of emancipation, the mind was raised (non-conscious mind), but it did not rise up. So at this time it is liberation (ie Nirvana). At this time, due to the extra effort to fix the “Out of the Three Realms” fixation, although there was a rise in consciousness, it would not immediately return to the ordinary realm of the Three Realms. It is the “consciousness itself” (that is, the legality) before the three realms of law have emerged. At this moment, the mind, consciousness, lightness, seeing, and emptiness are all integrated, and the whole becomes the “absolute” of conscious void. So it’s Shifangyuanming. This is not worldly or born. The world came out of it, and the end of the world is the end station, that is, there is no world to come out (the so-called Changji Guangtu, a true law world, etc.).

Won two awards. One is close to the ten Buddhas, and this wonderful consciousness is the same as the Buddha. The two are combined in ten ways, and the six sentient beings share the same sorrow with all sentient beings. ——- Then go ahead, at this time the heart is void, and the void is heart. The Shifang Buddhas and the Ten Living Beings all appeared at once (Break the barriers of knowledge, the Quan Yin Bodhisattva has a lot of merit, and this manifestation, but not everyone is like this. Many people do n’t prove that they have two victories, nor do they break the barriers of knowledge. A lot of the previous step stopped) The mind is in harmony with the ten-party Buddha and the ten-party beings. The happiness and compassion of the Buddha and the sentient beings’ self-expectation are naturally presented. With this Bodhicitta, the heart that saves all sentient beings in the world will never be relieved. So the bodhisattva path really started from this heart.

Basically, the ears are round, and that’s how it works. Even the roots of the roots are the source of the “awareness of the roots”. When the consciousness leaves the realm of consciousness, the consciousness itself is followed.

The method of rounding the upper ears must be completed at one time. Otherwise it is invalid. If you don’t finish it once, the next time you start it again.

Therefore, we must be motivated to repair this, and one must prove liberation, and we cannot sit without liberation. Have that determination. Otherwise, most of them will be abandoned halfway. (Therefore, there must be a foundation for quickly entering the Four Zens. For example, you can enter the Four Zens within a few minutes, so that you have the ability to complete one.)

The main point of repairing this is that in the process of repairing and returning to the smell, every time a more subtle realm comes, you need to stop in this realm for a few minutes, wait for the realm to stabilize, and then leave to repair. If the realm is unstable, leave in a hurry and find that you are not mentally strong enough to continue climbing up.

To complete the climbing of such a liberation ladder, for those who can practice the meditation and stabilize the four meditations within a few minutes, it takes about 2-3 hours to prepare one.

After the repair, the body and mind will change greatly, and the body and the body will be warmed by the wind, which is extremely comfortable. I won’t go into details here (Master Nan Huaijin said that entering Dading once is equivalent to taking three years of tonic, and honestly speaking too).

I wish all fellow initiates in the world share this joy!

 Question: Brother, after reading your ears to explain it, it’s too good, brilliant! But when I ’m actually practicing, I do n’t know how to get started. The first step should be to focus on hearing, not on sound. In the beginning, you should still listen to the sound. For example, Guanyin started by listening to the sound of the tide. So the question is, how do you transition to the “death” when you pay attention to “the”? How to start paying attention to the consciousness. What is the process in between?

Answer: The original post should have been clearly written. When listening to sound, listening is a feeling. Called hearing. Listening to this is sleep. At the moment of listening to the sound, the hearing returns to the light, and the source of the hearing goes back, that is, the hearing does not hear the sound, but the hearing itself. The so-called smell of nature. It is the perceptualness of the auditory hearing. If you have practiced meditation, try more. It’s not that difficult.

 Q: Hello, Master. How did you feel when you entered the Four Zens? Is settled. There is still something magical in Dingli .

A: There is a reply in the previous post, please read it.

 Q: Is it the same thing as meditating? What if I just want to calm down?

Answer: Meditating is just posture. Entering is a state of mind. If you just want to meditate, you just know that you are sitting up and going, without making a choice.




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