41.Hong Fa Li Sheng

Question: Thank you for your great virtue. I understand it this way, after the four meditations have been completed, Yu Dingzhong enters 5678 to the end of the dying, which is a straight path; if you practice the meditation, you will start to observe in the four meditations. One question: I do n’t understand the teachings at all, but I have become a monk under the instruction of Dade, not long, half a year old, in order to increase my own insights and to promote the benefit of life in the future, like me, Which classics should I start with?

Answer: There are too many teachings and so many Buddhist scriptures.

Therefore, Hongfalisheng is very difficult for ordinary people.

Personally, I don’t think I need to consider Hongfa Lisheng before I have repaired it (at least the evidence of Nirvana). Because, if you do n’t practice well, you often misunderstand the meaning of the Buddhist scriptures. Usually, you just need to make more wishes and return your spiritual merits to all beings.

Graduating yourself to graduate is a big thing right now. When the cultivation of wisdom is complete and liberation is achieved, Hongfa becomes a matter of nature (degrees of cultivation are part of one’s own practice).

( Editor’s note: As a person who wants to promote Fa, you need to have your own way. To put it simply, it is better to prove liberation or nirvana, because Hong Fa is for the purpose of saving others. If you do n’t know how to release, How to relieve people. So without this amount of evidence, I personally feel that it is better to do the cause of protecting the law, that is, to send Bodhicitta to promote or influence more people to contact the Dharma practice, and to help the qualified mage to promote the law. The two things are: Hongfa is the first to help the fate, as if the Buddha showed the ready-made Buddhism for sentient beings, there are many great bodhisattvas driving Cihang upside down to show the help of Hongfa. The angles of the people are different, but they all have merit.)

 Question: Brother, what’s the difference between cultivation and meditation? I have loved having this feeling since I was a child, that is, letting my mind empty, ignoring self-existence, with an absolutely selfless, no thinking, no name. . . Observe the surroundings, observe friends and relatives, observe everything, everything has no name, and there is no use for movement and stillness. This is how they work, observe their present and past, anyway. . . I feel like an alien, I ca n’t tell the feeling. I used to talk to my classmates and they said that I was contemplative, but I know it ’s definitely not. There is no joy, sorrow or joy in this feeling, there is nothing. Only foreign things are changing. Except for sleeping, this feeling can be entered at any time. I don’t need to meditate with eyes closed, brush my teeth, wash my face, run, or drive. . . Both can enter, it’s just unintelligible. I ’ve been there since I was young, but it ’s getting harder and harder to get in, but I still can, but I dare to stay no longer than half a minute since I was young. The longer I stay, the more powerful I am. I ’m afraid I wo n’t be able to come back. I do n’t know what will happen Anything, as soon as I have any thoughts, even if it is very slight, I feel immediately cut off. Does this feeling belong to Buddhism? I only started studying Dharma last year, but I am not very proficient. I bought all the books recommended by my brother. I have been studying hard. Please ask my brother for my confusion. O (∩_∩) O Thank you!

Answer: From the description, it is similar to the state of knowledge. Afraid of not being able to come back is clinging to my existence. When clinging and having thoughts, you will lose your righteous thoughts. That is, knowledge is a kind of mindfulness. It is a pure understanding of the realm of the present, without thinking about analyzing and judging additional concepts. This state is a process that the practitioner must achieve. We should continue to know continuously, that is, to be conscious of the situation.

 Question: One day at night when the consciousness comes out, the soul flies in the night sky and looks up to see the god and Buddha. He has a golden ring on his body. I asked the Buddha: Buddha, can I transcend the undead? The Buddha replied: All life has good roots, and we must surpass them with a compassion. Because at that time I felt a ghost in the room, and I read Amitabha every day during that time

A: Have a dream, why take it seriously. . . .

 Question: Please consult Brother Wulun. Last night I watched my breathing, and I felt that my whole body hardened, and the stiffness felt slowly spreading all over my body. All of them were hard. When I stopped, my breathing was very light, but the air and upper lip The sound of friction is as clear as a torn paper, and it feels stiff, and then slowly withdraws, and then withdraws from the bottom up, and then it is pain, please teacher brother, even if the whole body is stiff, I still watch the breathing, do n’t stop, then the body will understand To what extent is stiffness, is it right? If the feeling of stiffness is strong enough, I can stop watching and switch to watching, is that true? In fact, I really want to continue to watch the breathing, I want to know what happens when my body is stiffened. So, teacher, please continue to practice tonight. Brother, please give us guidance if you see it.

Answer: One intuitive breath. The body feels ignored. Don’t worry about your body being stiff and painless, you should forget the concept of body.

 Question: Brother Five Rounds, I reached the feeling of stiffness all over again last night, but I paid too much attention to stiffness, my heart was not as concentrated as the last time, and the breathing sound I heard was not as big as last time, but my heart strength is strong, I feel I can This rigid feeling continues, as long as I pay attention to it, after a while I want to relax, the rigid feeling gradually subsides. Good knowledge, I can control this mental strength. Into meditation,

Answer: Mind power is the autonomy of the mind. Reflected in concentration, that is, to enter meditation at will as desired, is to have sufficient energy. Mental strength can also be said to be the combined embodiment of constant strength + wisdom strength. If you have enough energy, you can enter the four Zens and eight finals and even the final exhaustion.

In meditation practice, you should focus only on breathing (or the conditions you should focus on) from beginning to end. Don’t control the feelings on your body (gas, eight touches, etc.). If you fix it, you don’t fix it if you care about these feelings. If you fix it for a special feeling, it is a serious deviation. According to the Dharma, practice should be done without gain, and practice without gain. If you deviate from the purpose of no gain (existing from the heart of centrifugation), this practice will be prone to problems. Because of your desire, various strange phenomena will emerge endlessly.

Therefore, there is no need to control any feelings outside of the meditation practice (observe breathing). You should just watch and breathe. Others should ignore or even make themselves forget about the other (the so-called forgetting, the reason why I always want to pay attention to other feelings, is purely affection, and also trouble).

If you want to be able to get into the meditation at will, you need to practice more upper and lower meditation, so that the upper and lower meditation is familiar. Then you can enter any meditation at will if you have enough energy.




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