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Question: After repairing for a while, I found that I can sense the emotional fluctuations of others, and I can affect them when I concentrate my attention. What is going on? (Question is missing, make up the meaning)

A: If you can sense the emotional fluctuations of others, you will see that almost everyone is driven by distress to act personally. Some people have compassion (or compassion) in this situation. Some people see that those people start from bad minds and want to take advantage of themselves, so they also worry about themselves. This ability does not hurt you in itself. Unless you move with others, it’s not good to worry about yourself. So let yourself fall down first.

Attention does not affect others. Unless you focus on consciously influencing others, such as intentionally wishing someone something. Even direct manipulation of other people’s behavior, but this is intentional.

This is the power of the mind itself. A practitioner must always be aware of his or her own heart, emotions, thoughts, and context, and must treat the problem, practice the four thoughts, and remove the troubles. If there are no worries, these are not interference. If you are obsessed with these functions and are entangled in it without knowing how to deal with your troubles, you will go the wrong way.

 Question: Is there a case for good knowledge? After entering the setting, the eyes naturally open, and you can see and hear, but still in a setting that does not correspond to the surroundings. Is this strange, is there any harm?

Answer: Can you watch and listen, but it doesn’t correspond to the surroundings? What is seen and heard is not the surroundings. If it is not a magical power, it is an illusion.

Supernatural powers don’t say it. The hallucinations are about to leave.

Whether it is a supernatural power or an illusion, it must be able to control itself. To put it simply, if I want to enter this state, I will enter, if I want to come out, I can come out. If you can’t control it yourself, you should abandon it.

 Q: What should we do if others don’t understand our study of Buddhism at work? (Question is missing, make up the meaning)

Answer: So don’t worry. From the perspective of practice, there should be no need. Practice with no gain.

Buddhism in working middle school encountered obstacles and should learn Buddhism in secret. Don’t change your mind.

In short, it is to deal with everything purely. No dwelling or perseverance. No self, no difference.

 Question: The predecessors of good knowledge may be that I made a mistake and did not make it clear, but in fact it is not so mysterious. Because of relaxation in the setting, sometimes the eyes will open naturally and can see and hear, that is, normal things and sounds around, but the whole person is like being covered in a glass bottle. Despite these functions, it does not seem to touch the mind So it does not correspond to the surroundings. This situation can come out at any time, but if it is still settled, it is a pity to go out (beginners are easy to settle and difficult to find, and sesame seeds are also treasures)

I’m not interested in any form of magical power, I just care about the quality of the setting. I’m not sure if this is the case, if it has already been settled, if it is not a good phenomenon, next time similar situations try to keep my eyes open. Ask for directions ~

Answer: This is not settled. This is probably called distraction or daze. Not a treasure, in Dharma terms, it is called “missing thoughts”!

Question: But I’m very awake, I’m not drowsy at all, I have a clear awareness of the surroundings, but I don’t respond. What is this ghost?

 Question: I have not seen the Buddha, Bodhisattva, and the Arhat in the scriptures saying “how am I, how can I do”, and I have not heard of any monk Dade who said during a Fa-dharma session, “how am I, how can I how is it”.

In the Diamond Sutra, Shizun said, “If anyone says what is coming, if you go, if you go, if you sit, if you lie, it’s because people don’t understand what I mean”, and “I don’t mean to say something like that: I should say something.” Nothing is to read. Why? If people say something like that, they are defamation of the Buddha and cannot explain what I said “,” The person who says it cannot say it is a name. ”

It ’s all practitioners or the general public who ask for their own confusion. Buddha, Bodhisattva, and the great monk Dade will be targeted and explain the confusion. Although it can be likened to treating a disease and saving people, it can’t really be like opening a hospital: anyway, my hospital is open, and you can’t come.

People who go to the hospital to see a doctor clearly feel sick and hurt before going to the doctor; most of the people who practice Buddhism practice themselves in a relatively stable and peaceful environment, but just want to pursue a better state or ideological state. What you have promoted is not clear about the deep and subtle troubles in your heart, and you ca n’t accurately grasp even the superficial troubles of yourself. How do you treat it?

Here are three inferences:

  1. Really reached the four Zen and eight definitive extinction realms: and these are not exactly where to learn Buddhism, and can not really relieve the different worries of all beings. On the contrary, it will cause many beginners to adhere to these Dharma and Phases. It will even produce all kinds of delusional guesses and illusions that can reach this so-called wonderful state, and even get into the magic. This is also one of the reasons why many Tantra masters do not easily spread the Fa. Only those who have a good foundation and have a certain practice foundation are suitable to practice a certain Fa. Even if they do n’t teach the Fa well, they will harm him.

And these realms are already in a state of transcendence of consciousness, which is beyond words. Even those who can cultivate will have different conditions due to their respective karma. When they reach these realms, they will feel different things. How it feels can only lead people astray.

  1. In the process of practicing these realms, I have a sense of this, and even can only say a few kinds of appearances, and I cannot fully grasp it accurately:

This kind of situation should not be rashly talked about. In addition to being misleading, over time, it is more likely to trigger delusions and delusions. Hurt self and others.

  1. I am doing so-called spiritual practice. These realms are really just talking: then there is nothing to analyze, it is very simple, it is just arrogant.

Answer: First, I am not a Buddha. The Buddha is blessed with happiness and has done what he has done. If no one please transfer to Falun, it is indeed Nirvana after becoming Buddha. In fact, the Buddha who does n’t save sentient beings can only be called a solitary buddha, not a full-blown Buddha in the true sense.

Secondly, after the Buddha accepted the request of Zhuan Falun from the Great Brahma, it was indeed the world to find people to preach.

Thirdly, Mahayana people practice the Tao of the Bodhisattva. If they do not live, then Fuhui cannot be fulfilled.

Fourth, all Buddhas became Buddhas by practicing the Tao of Buddha.

Fifth, Mahayana said that asking the Buddha to say is a good act, and asking the Buddha to say otherwise is a demon.

Sixth, I do n’t say how I did it, I ca n’t say my Dharma views by my own experience. That is not the experience I want to share.

Seventh, the law is not a problem of not passing on lightly, but the law has flooded, and all kinds of amendments can be easily obtained through the Internet. This also makes many people not know where to start and what is better.

Eighth, I said at the beginning that I was here to show it, and tempted practitioners to practice it with confidence. Said for reference only.

Ninth, monks can’t show their magical powers and practice repairs because there are precepts. Its precepts are to protect all monks for equal support, so as not to support monks with higher education when their families provide support.

Ninth, the cause is not as simple as it seems. Bodhicitta should, the mind and the Buddha are one. To live through suffering is to live by ourselves. The Theravada Nirvana breaks the cycle as the goal, not taking it for granted. Mahayana pedestrians, the goal is to become a Buddha. When doing Rao Yi affectionate things, if not, then return to Theravada.

Tenth, everyone who comes out to speak how to practice in their own language will say what I am (otherwise he can only endorse, and he has n’t practiced, how dare he speak the practice in his own language?) It ’s just a little more implicit By suggestion, saying enlightenment, etc. For example, Nan Huaijin (said three years of retreat experience), Master Yunyun (say tea cup broken experience), vowel elderly (telling his own heart-centered experience and Dayu master repair-like Zhouzamma experience), A Jiangcha (explaining the process of liberation) , Longbottom (saying the experience of suffering), Master Taixu (saying the experience of religion). There are countless people who have stated themselves in the classics as evidence and liberation. There are as many people in modern mage who say they are liberated and enlightened (of course, they need to be identified, a lot of fake and bragging).

  Question: The first meditation, the second meditation, the third meditation, and the fourth meditation are all gone. Are you sure that the proof has arrived? If not, it’s better not to publicize it. (Question is missing, make up the meaning)

Answer: 1. If you haven’t revised it, it’s better not to guess and publicize it at will. There will indeed be trouble for him.

  1. The first Zen meditation, the second Zen dwell, the three Zen dwell, and the four zens are exhausted. I have not found these words in the scriptures. I don’t know where such standards come from.

 Question: Master Guang Tou, can you tell me if not eating at noon is really helpful for meditation practice, such as improving my concentration? I do n’t feel like eating at noon some time ago. (I have eaten these days.) I do n’t know if it ’s a psychological effect. One more thing, Master Trouble gave me a suggestion. I will go to the Fa-Zhu-Lin Forest in Xishuangbanna next month. Want to be a monk there. There, he majored in Pao, Myanmar. However, there are rumors on the Internet that Pao Zhiguan ’s meditation is based on the cultivation of light. Not true meditation. . Do you have any opinion on this?

Answer: Not eating at noon can help overcome the drowsiness. Of course, it is conducive to revision.

The Pao system’s revision method is a method of practicing breathing. But I have no experience in seeing the internal organs, seeing past lives, and so on. Personally think it’s a bit mysterious. I personally think that it is also very unreliable to observe the meditation branch in the Paau system and then to meditate in such a way. You can see a story recorded in the Buddhist scriptures. Youbo Lisha shaved the head of the Buddha, but just adjusted the thickness of his breath, and stood in the four Zens. It can be seen that meditation is just observing the breath and then adjusting the fineness of the mind. There is no need to look at the Zen branch and then to retreat.

Judging from the Zen 7 I was afraid of the Austrian Zen system, almost 95% of the people did not gain anything after a Zen 7 came down . Most do not see the so-called “likeness”. Therefore, it is even more impossible to enter the standard meditation of the Pao system.

I don’t disagree if you want to learn Pao. But I also don’t recommend it.

 Q: How can I get into the four Luding?

A: The previous post has described many times how to meditate and enter the four meditations. Please refer to the previous post.

 Question: Is the Four Meditations visible?

Answer: There are several types of sexuality, nakedness and intersex.

To be naked is to break through the three realms and then witness the vacuum of the legal realm. In the emptiness, with the difference of food, realize the size of the multiplicity (no life) or the consciousness of the circle (the consciousness of the circle).

Encounterness means not breaking the Three Realms, and realizing that color is empty and that empty is color, and there is no difference between the facts of the Dharma.

The first, in short, is to follow the path of the four Zens and the Eighth Death. Earlier, I talked about the method of ear roots, and I have clearly described the whole process;

The second type is epiphany. Nothing to say. Many Zen chants have such words, cripples, and even motion guidance. This depends on personal roots and food.

There is no necessary connection between the four Zens and sexuality. But the four meditations are the basis of practicing Rulai meditation. Only after you have successfully completed the four meditations can you be able to control your mind and leave the Three Realms.




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