42.Color is empty

Question: Color is empty, and empty is color. Why?

Answer: Because color is an illusion, when one day we die, everything like color is gone. So it was empty. In case it really dies, will it really die? Although there is nothing left, we will wake up like sleeping and suddenly wake up in nothing, and suddenly we will have a consciousness out of nothing, and then we will reincarnate into reincarnation as soon as we think of ego. Therefore, emptiness is only a temporary phenomenon. Together with ignorance, various colors will appear in the air, so emptiness is color. Although there are magic colors, the essence of color is empty. Therefore, chromaticity is empty and emptiness is color. The color space is just the difference between people and me, and there is no difference in its nature. The color space is the same legal reason. Want to know that line, same is the case. So five aggregates are not available. Therefore, seeing and hearing is not available and unavoidable.

 Question: Hello, good knowledge. When I want to define my breath, I feel that there is another body in the body that I am watching. I am breathing. How can I understand this phenomenon?

Answer: This is a phenomenon of separation of mind. That bystander awareness is called mindfulness. This is a preliminary phenomenon that the mind is absent from the phase (coarse phase, non-fine phase). The practice of local destiny wisdom depends on this spectator rather than the soberness of the participants. Should stay awake while sitting, sitting and lying without making a difference between good and bad (so not half a month, you can cut off the big troubles). If this onlooker disappears, you should know that mindfulness is lost.

Question: Brother Wulun, how do you do? I ’ve recently meditated. Whether I lie down, sit on a stool, or a single plate, after a period of watching the breath, I will have a strong sense of qi. Yes, I often stand in the eyebrows, chin and other places, try to focus on the breath and ignore the sense of breath, but the sense of breath is very strong, and the whole body seems unable to completely relax. Am I too concerned about the sense of qi, or do I have to wait for the meridians to open?

A: The realm is real. This matter shows that there is a sense of Qi and Qi Mai in your consciousness. Or have karma for practicing the pulse of the past life. According to the Dharma, all these things are illusions, and they should be sent out of centrifugation. These illusions can’t be ignored and ignored. If the heart is really sentimental, the pulse image will never reappear.




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