51.Beyond the illusion

Question: The predecessors of good knowledge, as soon as you sit down, you will have a deep blue state like a lake, and the shape of the indefinite edge changes frequently. Sometimes I want to hold it, but I run away with a little intention, and I only feel calm in a few moments when I hold it occasionally. I know that the various situations encountered in meditation are false and should be ignored. I just want to ask if the current direction is correct. Is it possible to go astray?

Answer: This is a by-product of meditation.

This illustrates two issues:

  1. Explain that there is a little bit of concentration;
  2. Explain that there is still a lot of fabrication in the subconscious.

This situation is caused by the practice of meditation, which is illusioned by the subconscious. If this illusion is not controlled and invested in it, it will continue to develop and become a strange world. And in this kind of illusion, people will have the ability to arbitrarily display objects. If you want an apple, you will see an apple. If you want the sea to rise, the sun will come out. In. In this state, as if you are a god, you can change what you want. Everything feels wonderful and comfortable.

But all this is just an illusion. If you take this as real, cling to it, and catch the wind in the illusion, then there will be problems. If you take the illusion as real, even some of the induction inside, and the character as real (the characters inside can still talk to you, even teach you a practice, etc.), thinking that you have magical powers, etc., then this person will completely go to the gutter Go inside, this is the enchantment (now a lot of supernatural beings, many of them are), and if it is more serious, the outer demon will feel with this person, and the possession will come.

Therefore, when this kind of illusion occurs, practitioners should keep in mind that in the meditation, only the present quantity can be seen. Any uninvited to the state, that any non quantities, do not look, do not listen, ignore, away. If you subconsciously take this as a warning, the illusion will disappear immediately. The subconscious has no such expectation, and the illusion is gone forever. There will be no more of these illusions in the future.

 Question: The predecessors of good knowledge have always had two problems. One is that even if the eyes are closed, if you do n’t look at it, it ’s barely, but your eyelids cover the line of sight, but if you look closely, you feel that the vision function is still active, focused or near. Or far, it is impossible to completely deprecate;

The second is that the heading will not consciously lower its head, and it will become more quiet and drooping. Sometimes the head will be slightly angled when it is overcorrected, and it will still gradually hang down as usual. I wonder if the seniors can share experience?

Answer: These two are not disturbing. You just watch your breath and just ignore it. Why need to be distracted to take care of things other than breathing?

Drop your head.

However, if downcasting affects the revision, you should keep your mind upright and meditate as a discipline before implementing meditation. Due to the influence of martial law (or willingness), the head is not upright in deep meditation.

 Q: How can I solve the problems of chest tightness, discouragement, and shortness of breath? This makes me uneasy.

Answer: Breathe naturally and do not control. When the breath naturally breaks and cannot be broken, when the concept of obsession is known to cause breathing, when the concept of breathing is emptied.

 Q: Good knowledge senior, good morning, I read every one of your posts, and put together each one of you (before 10 pages, I got the fate when I updated this post to 10 pages), often Look, it solved a lot of problems in my meditation, and firmed me to follow the path of studying Buddhism. I really benefited a lot and I am very grateful!

My meditation progress is slow and a little urgent, I really feel like dripping through the rocks, and I have the trouble of walking in the dark. I really hope that a guide will give you directions, so your intention is correct, and your post is very useful. meaningful. Don’t be affected by anyone’s fallacies.

There is a problem that has troubled me for a long time: 1. The mind is focused on the front view of breathing in the person, there is a feeling of friction when exhaling, and sometimes there is no friction, but often no. Instead, you can clearly feel the presence of exhalation and inhalation in people when you are not sitting. Is it okay to just watch the breath while sitting? 2. The breath can’t reach the fine level automatically when sitting for a few months. It can be slightly prolonged by slightly adjusting the breath. Is it possible to do this? I also know that I can’t control my breathing.

As long as I have the conditions, I sit 3 times a day for 40 minutes.

Answer: 1. You can just watch the breath. If you can’t feel it, don’t doubt that you can’t feel it, but you should adjust your heart into a more subtle state and watch the breathing more carefully. If you can’t see the friction in the middle of the person, you can watch the hot and cold. If you can’t see the heat and cold, just watch it in and out. Watch the breath length. Both can. Take a phase, and continue to watch.

  1. Don’t control your breathing. Controlling your breathing will be multi-tasking, which will cause you to lose your breath.

 Question: Brother Five Rounds, I am now deciding on the path to wisdom. The world of Ajancha ’s meditation practice has alternated. I would like to ask Brother Five Rounds what kind of books to read.

Answer: Look at the Lenyan Sutra, Lenga Sutra, Diamond Sutra, Nirvana Sutra, French Sutra, Huayan Sutra.

 Question: Brother Wulun, I have begun reading the scriptures you said a second time. After seeing the consciousness, I took photos. After reading these scriptures, may I ask Brother Wulun, which scriptures should I read?

Answer: Have you read all the Lenyan Sutra, Lenga Sutra, Vajrayana Sutra, Nirvana Sutra, Fahua Sutra, Huayan Sutra?

 Question: Brother Wulun, yes, I spend all my time on the Bible reading. Now I will read it a second time. Ask Brother Wulun, which scriptures should I read?

Answer: Great. Look at the wisdom theory and the yogi ground theory.

Question: Brother Five Rounds, can you explain to me the characteristics of the four Zens and eight finals, and how to verify them if they reach the last four finals. Thank you in advance!

Answer: Sikong Ding is written in the Ahan Sutra, so let’s see for yourself. What’s so good about this thing? ? ? Without a certificate, I went to judge the classics myself.

The so-called confirmation. Those who are just enlightened have unstable heels, are not confident, and are easily lost. At this time, someone came and told him that you were right, and he was sure of his own heart. Only then is it possible to carry out the following practice. Only this proof is a bit meaningful. Other than that, there is nothing to prove.

 Question: Five-Boss boss, I have come to join the organization.

I can have a relatively high purity, I can feel that it doesn’t matter, if I take the initiative to remember the past in that silence. There is no sense of bringing in, and it does not cause emotional fluctuations. Still in the early stages of fear of sound. There was a slight sound when a small thing fell to the ground, and the heart felt like a tie. There are some characteristics of the early Zen, but the Zen music is very low, and the interior is still dark and not bright. It should be a lack of energy. It cannot raise the light and cannot produce strong Zen music. This is not my first jhana, how should I improve it. Seek qualitative guidance and acceptance.

Answer: As mentioned in the previous post. Be proactive (Why practice?), Follow the precepts, and be vegetarian. Meditate more. Vest warp, more back.

 Question: Xianyou, if you are a Buddhist of faith, then our belief is based on the fact that the Buddha does not tell lies, but only tells the truth. If you agree with this, then go on to say that the classic records have only three fruits and four fruits Only the saints can be exterminated, so unless you are the saint of the three fruits and the four fruits, it is impossible to enter the extinction. Posting is to show that it is impossible for a saint who can survive and die, so Xianyou still ask a teacher to practice in practice. It is best to prove a Tao in this life.

Answer: I may not be three fruits or four fruits. Because Mahayana said that the bodhisattva can go to death forever. However, from the perspective of theravada teaching, it is called ordinary person. Extinction into the extinction cannot be called extinction. Ha ha. I can’t help it either.

What’s wrong with manifestation? Three fruits and four fruits are not unreverted. The Four Fruits are sometimes liberated, and there are records in the scriptures that the Arahant was released several times, and he repaired the Arahant seven times and then killed himself. Sanguo is more likely to retreat. And I should be a blunt root, my practice can’t be stabilized, and I have already counted back. There is a clear indication that I am backing out, and I am right to have troubles. But the practice of meditation has not been without. Sharing and sharing, so that everyone has the confidence to repair, is my original intention. Because I find that everyone views the practice too hard and too high.

Finally, thank you for your kind reminder. Of course it ’s not good to have troubles, and of course I have to practice in a real way. We must definitely work harder to get up and stop worrying. I wish you all the same diligence to ask for departure.

 Q: There will be a stop after you breathe out. When you don’t breathe, do you still feel your tactile sensation at the nose and no tactile sensation?

Answer: yes

 Q: Beginners are still in constant obstacles to practice, which is repeated, sometimes good and bad. Come up and look at your peers and the bright lights. Although you know that spiritual practice is an absolute lonely husband, it is good to have a distant encouragement.

I hope the brother is here.

Answer: Hello, brother! Wish Taoism early.

Practice seems difficult. In fact, I personally think that it is not difficult. As long as you meditate and embrace a dharma, you can devote yourself to the realm of Nirvana. This process may be completed in one sitting. (Of course, the premise is to be centrifugal and strong, willing to give up all the law, and even willing to give up the practice of life).

 Question: Brother: The insight into the Dharma is still unknown, so please beg to disclose:

The first is that when we are good to others, should we consider the issue from the perspective of the other party or from the perspective of Buddhism?

The second is that since our encounters in this life come from accumulated karma and results, does that mean that no matter what we choose and what we do now, the cause and effect of previous lives are already doomed, then whether there is still subjective initiative in this life. How is the impact of I born realized?

Answer: This is more appropriate from the perspective of Buddhism. However, when Buddhism does not recognize the other party, you cannot cling to Buddhism, and you cannot force others to restrain it.

Daily mindfulness should be taken with great thoughts (knowing the mind, body, mind and behavior at all times), but simply knowing. If it is a centrifugal person, it should not be mixed daily, and the purpose should be to keep the heart clean and unstained. Basically don’t consider others. Just keep the precepts and not make evil. There is no need to do good. This is for the purpose of reincarnation.

For those who want to become a Buddha in the Mahayana heart, they often do things like giving things (property giving, faculty giving, etc.) from the perspective of the opponent. Everything is done for the liberation of sentient beings.

Karma is the result of past causes. At the same time as receiving the karma report, the anxieties in my mind are creating a new karma, and then will be matured and reported in later generations. Cause and effect are rules, but the changes promoted by the same rules are changeable and not completely doomed by previous lives. The Dharma says there is a difference between fixed and unfinished business. This life is born as a person, this may not change, but spiritual practice may be enlightened, but this is the result of subjective initiative to choose spiritual practice. Not waiting to be enlightened. This world is enlightened, the next life may not be reincarnation, or the birth of the runner king, and so on. Therefore, there is no end to active practice in this life. There is no result in this life, there will always be results in the next life. Have confidence!

 Question: Brother hello: Would you like to ask if you want to enter the four meditations if you have to stop breathing and then deliberately relax the breath, then stop your breathing and concentrate very strongly? Only one thought ca n’t stop tons? Right? It seems that this breathing can really stop and feel very awake, and then feel that there is a lot of qi in the body that appears infinitely. Is this right? I probably stopped for a few minutes and I do n’t feel pain, but I can still hear the outside sound. I want to ask if I want to stop for a long time Can’t hear outside sounds? Because I do n’t know if this is wrong, I do n’t dare to stop breathing. It ’s really beyond science. It ’s amazing. I ’ve been stuck for a long time. Thank you ~~~

Answer: Yes. Don’t forget the concept of breathing (consciously you can’t insist on breathing, and believe that you can’t die without breathing). Then, after breathing stops, as long as it ’s clear, do n’t look for any sound (because when you look for it, it ’s not centered, so you wo n’t be able to break your breath after falling down. You can judge by memory after sitting down, do n’t Judge these at the time of meditation), so that you can stay in the four meditations in a clear and pure manner, and it is OK to not breathe for an hour or even several hours.

 Question: Brother has always been questioning, if a person with a disease has the ability to meditate, can he enter the center and avoid suffering. Because, is n’t meditation just happiness or no sense of the body?

Answer: People who are sick can go to meditation. Moreover, if it is settled, because of the mood of the situation, it will indeed not feel pain.

Ruding is caused by concentration of energy in one place. In principle, entering is only related to mental strength, and has little to do with the body. But it can’t be said that it doesn’t matter at all, because ordinary people are attached to the body, they are sick, and they will be distracted to take care of the sick place. Causes the heart to be entangled and cannot be settled, or leads to insufficient heart strength.

But if a person is intelligent and unconscious, he can settle beyond physical obstacles.

 Question: Brother Wulun, can you tell us about your experience during the period from the first Zen to the fourth Zen? For example, at the time, how long did it take to reach 2 zen, 3 zen, and 4 zen? What difficulties did you encounter? What foods were eaten every day? How much? It can ensure the nutrition of the body at the initial stage without increasing gastrointestinal burden,

Answer: Didn’t you say that before? It took me about 4 days from the first Zen to the fourth Zen. You can only sit for 20 minutes at the beginning. Later, I decided to count down to about 600 (about 45 minutes), and then sat down because my legs hurt. After sitting about 4 to 5 times like this, I stopped breathing. I personally think that the breakthrough of 20 minutes to 45 minutes lies in the true determination. 45 minutes to rest is the method and persistence.

 Q: I really admire it. When 4 to 5 sits and breaks his breath, is there any repetitive practice of getting in and out of meditation in accordance with “The Way of Dinghui”? Or just go from the first meditation to the 2 meditation, 3 meditation, 4 meditation,

A: At that time, I had not seen the Dinghui Road. It is just the will to persist in counting the interest, counting the pauses in breathing conversion, which is Nan Huaijin’s method. At that time, I didn’t know the first meditation 2 meditation 3 meditation, and I didn’t learn these knowledge. Counting to rest, you know that breathing can be broken. I was young and 23 years old. Good health and no adjustments. At that time, I did n’t have so much knowledge of Buddhism now. I just added a little meditation method that I learned occasionally based on my interest and determination.

 Question: How long did Brother lz take from the beginning of the practice to the first meditation? What was the most difficult during the period and how to solve it

A: I personally feel that there is no such thing as so-called difficulty in repairing these. As long as you focus on your specialty, don’t give up. You will find that the stagnation phase (so-called difficulty) of each practice phase will break through as long as it persists (generally no more than 7 days). Each breakthrough is stepped up by these so-called difficulties.

However, if you can’t specialize, such as going to work, working, and coexisting with others, it will be very difficult. It can be said that it is hard to do anything. Until there is no proof, progress is difficult, but regression is a mile away. Losing confidence back and forth is even more difficult.

 Question: When you meditate, you can see beautiful scenery, light, sea, bodhisattva, and gods. (Question is missing, make up the meaning)

Answer: This is a phenomenon that is easy to occur in the process of meditation practice. They are all hallucinations. Various changes are formed with the disturbance of one’s physical and subconscious minds. Practice is most forbidden to catch wind and shadows. What we call physical reality in the mind and body is still an illusion according to the Dharma, not to mention the hallucinations produced in meditation practice. Illusion in Illusion.

When you encounter this kind of thing, you should just ignore it and just keep watching. Don’t pay attention to these. When you turn your attention from these phenomena to breathing, you should know that you are no longer observing, that is, you are not practicing.

 Q: Good virtues for everyone! I am now keeping my navel in silence, and I am watching my navel as a bystander. No matter if I breathe or breathe naturally, I feel that concentration is also a way to rest my mind and body. I do n’t want to think about it. I just observe the origin and death with the attitude of an onlooker, don’t follow the realm, don’t run away with thoughts. Dade, what do I need to pay attention to in this way? Thank you!

Answer: Before the realm is now, it is right to look at it as a bystander. But if there are realms all the time, it means that they are still in the subconscious.

The normal situation is that watching the realm come and go, slowly the realm should be less and less until it disappears, and it becomes pure and empty.

If it doesn’t disappear, you need to review yourself. If there is a state of greed, ask for supernatural powers, such as subtle greed.

If there is, you should make a wish to renounce the realm. Even in the meditation, the real situation is achieved.

 Question: What ’s particularly contradictory to practicing meditation is that you need a willing heart, and at the same time you have to give up this heart. Thanks for pointing, you will pay attention to giving up the subtle stubbornness

Answer: Actually, it is the achievement of heart. Shafa, Shame Me, Sha Yishe. Nowhere to go. The second in-depth.

 Question: Looking at the Lenjing, I don’t know the color of the mountains and rivers, and the salty is what Miaoming really knows. There is a question, is the Four Zen Eight Dharma that we are practicing now also changed by Miao Ming sincerely, are the four Zen Eight Dharma experienced by different people all the same? Or is the Four Zen Eight Dharma a universal rule, as long as it is done, Will you experience this? Like climbing Everest, you will be marked when you reach a certain altitude, and you will see the corresponding scene.

Answer: Of course, the four Zens and eight destinies are all made by heart. The state of meditation of different people may not be the same depending on the method and wisdom. But despite the differences, they are generally the same. For example, the four Zen break breaths are the same. But there is light in some four zens, and there is no light, and this is the difference. The peak is empty. That is Nirvana. This is the same. Then I think the colorless definition should be the same.

 Question: I occasionally ate some hot pot fish meat last night. I started to have watery diarrhea 5 times today, and it has improved. Now it seems that I do n’t eat meat for a long time. The amount of lipase and protease secretion in the intestine is very small. Brother Wulun Can you share the specific diet structure after completing the four Zens and eight fixations 3 years ago?

A: I was vegetarian at that time, and all morning, night and night were noodles. But eat eggs and milk.

 Question: Brother Wulun, may I ask, can practitioners eat eggs? Are eggs simmered or vegetarian?

Answer: Eggs seem to be controversial in Buddhism. Because eggs may be fertile if they are fertilized. After eating this kind of egg, there is a suspicion that the chicks were born with a right of birth … so some people say that they cannot eat it. However, it is not possible to hatch chicks without fertilized eggs.

I personally think that the eggs you buy now are basically unfertilized eggs, so you should eat them anyway.

 Question: I’m not good at cooking right now, and it’s usually vegetarian + rice. I bought 5 kg of dried tofu in bulk some time ago, which is the kind of spiced dried bean curd with half the size of the little finger. I do n’t eat any one meal. Dried tofu is getting harder and harder to chew. You should eat fried potato pieces, supplement some fresh fruits and dried fruits, and sometimes eat some noodles. Now I feel that eating is a troublesome thing. In order to synthesize nutrition by myself, eat it by yourself tomorrow, noodles are easy to digest, and one egg per day is guaranteed, no nutrition is not enough,

A: The desire for spiritual improvement will decrease, and you will indeed feel that eating and sleeping is a waste of time. If you meditate well, you can use Sanzen nutrition often without thinking about it. The most important thing is to prevent leaks.

 Question: Cultivation cannot be persevering in tranquility, and the Tao is not how well you can sit. Since the landlord is studying Buddha, why not walk in kindness and not be restrained by a small futon?

Answer: Isn’t the little futon in the Tao? Is n’t the Four Zens and Eight Dharma in the Tao? Is meditation deviating from the Tao?

Those who are thoughtful, wish you good. Nothing is necessary. Nothing is too bad.

Of course, those who are indifferent need to start from static dedication. Otherwise, it’s the same thing, and it’s a fool’s job to do something similar!

 Question: In the Tao, it is too narrow and not so important. The universe is vast, nature is beautiful, and human feelings are cold and warm. There is no way to understand just sitting there. The reason why the human heart cannot be silent is that the problems are outside of meditation, in the interpersonal relationships in life, and in struggling with various ideas of their own. Meditation may enable people to learn the quiet tips, but it is still narrow and indifferent.

Answer: What is a little futon different from the universe?

The loneliness of static set is different from the warm and cold of human feelings.

One pass and one hundred pass, quietly one phase.

No one can pass Belden.

Struggling with human feelings is an annoyance to the sea.

The statically-determined boat is able to survive and die.

The transcendental law was born first. Never talked about the world!

 Q: Is meditation still useful after reaching your destination, or after liberation? (Question is missing, make up the meaning)

A: After arriving, meditation is also useful. You see, the Buddha also uses meditation to educate beings. All sentient beings are taught by the decree of wisdom three.

Those who downplay meditation are the same as those who downplay Arhat. If it is not the ancestor, and occasionally degrades for the sake of convenience, ordinary ordinary men degrade meditation by self-confidence. The guilt is immeasurable!

 Question: The four zens, the thoughts stop, and the breathing can stop. At this time, the oxygen consumption of the person should be very low. There is no need to exchange oxygen through the alveoli, but the heartbeat is still there. The heart pumps blood to the brain to supply oxygen. At this stage, the heartbeat also stops, and the oxygen consumption of each organ almost stops. How long does it take for the extinction to expire? This body cannot be used? The mechanism of different feelings in each stage of meditation? Why is it that each state of meditation is unreal I personally feel that in a deep state of meditation, it is like immersing in a very, very thick magnetic field. It is not easy to have a distracting thought, and I live steadily there. What is the activity of brain cells at this time?

Answer: According to my personal experience, it is estimated that 1-2 hours after the end of the death will cause damage to the body. It’s been so long since I entered it by myself. Feeling unwell after coming out. Because I used to practice meditation at that time, my body was in absolute health, my body was a little uncomfortable, and even the negative effects of eating a piece of meat could be clearly observed while sitting. This kind of consciousness after the extinction is over, and the consciousness that comes out at a regular time, and by comparison, we know that there must be damage to the body.

As for how long it takes for the body to die, the body cannot be used. This should be used, but it can be used, but it means that at the time of the death, the body’s blood was not flowing, and the heart stopped. It may damage the body. Or it may affect life. As for how long it will take before the extinction is completed, it will not be available, and I have no experience. I’m using my meat anyway. According to some claims, the extinction may take more than seven days to cause greater damage to the body.

The mechanism of feelings in meditation is mind creation. This colorful world is changed by intention. In meditation, you don’t look at so many realms, but only one realm, from the realm of desire to the realm of color, to the realm of spirit. Is gradually away. In other words, gradually stop pretending. The state of illusory is fact. Realm needs the heart to feel. Realm is meaning given by the mind. The mind feels the state and forms the so-called awareness mind. Since the mind is illusory, can the realm be true? Just like dreaming, in my dreams I think the dream is real, and even in the dream I rise with joy and sorrow. So why do we say that dreams are illusory? Because dreams are unavailable, I ca n’t catch them. So the things in the dream and the heart are illusory. In fact, what we call reality is the same as dream. The same is unavailable. The so-called seizure is only a sign of obsession with dreams. Everyone recalls what happened ten years ago, twenty years ago, or even a long time ago, and they will find that the past is like a cloud of smoke. How can there be anything to catch? Regardless of previous hobbies or people you like, all the things you like are just memories, gradually forgetting, gradually becoming indifferent, like yesterday’s dream. Explained according to the Dharma, it is even said that the Dharma is caused by fate, and the empty space is not available. Therefore, this reality is also illusory. I can’t leave it today, it just means that I’m confused and clinging.

The magnetic field or energy generated by meditation is, to Buddhism, the phenomenon of karma, and it can even be said to be the merits and merits of meditation. Also a puppet of Taoism. It is a resource that supports life and mental strength. Taoism will fuse and purify this energy with the heart, and then use this energy to change the body (so-called rebirth), and the Buddhist tantra is similar, Xianzong does not talk about these. It just says that you can’t miss something. Missing something is a violation.

When you enter the Four Zens, brain cells are alive and inactive, and you need to medically study them. In my personal opinion, when the four Zen meditations are pure, when no thoughts occur, the brain cells should be inactive.

 Q: Dade, for beginners, do you need to meditate? Is there a way to turn around? Many thanks!

Answer: To turn around is to sit up and pay attention to posture. The spine should be straight, and the head should be up and straight. It is best to cross-legged. Keep your posture straight while you relax. that’s it. The other adjustments are all in meditation. The energy generated by meditation will automatically adjust itself. Just fix it.

 Question: Turning around means sitting up and paying attention to posture. The spine should be straight, and the head should be up and straight. It is best to cross-legged. Keep your posture straight while you relax. that’s it. The other adjustments are all in meditation. The energy generated by meditation will automatically adjust itself. Just fix it.

A: The blessing is the retribution that makes people feel happy. Everything that is seen and heard is karma. Seeing, hearing, and perceiving is mindfulness. Mind sees karma and has this world of mind and body (the karma illusion). Good deeds are happy and evil deeds are bitter. We ordinary people think that the newspaper is a blessing. The nature of the blessing is that it looks happy. After all, the music is just a kind of impermanence. All are illusory.

 Q: Hello, landlord. How does the difficulty of Si Wu Ding Ding compare with the four Zens in the color world?

Answer: The difficulty only breaks through the four Zens to the boundless. Once you can find that the color realm is unavailable in the Four Zens, but you can break through the four Zen realms. Many people can’t break through, not because the meditation power is not enough, but because the wisdom and insight are not transparent enough, so they can’t let go. Once it breaks into the empty and boundless position, the latter knows the boundlessness, and there is nothing.

 Q: Hello Brother

Dharma is divided into meaning and evidence, and both must be unified at a high level. It can be said that Mr. Nan Huaijin’s solution to Vajrayogini’s Yuanjue is full of errors, and the Analects of Confucius is also a mess. Of course, I do n’t understand the meditation he said, because I do n’t have the effort in this area. South fans are generally arrogant saliva chant. But brother, you are very different.

I have no real intention to attack a deceased. My question is, is it really possible for a person who is full of holes in truth to have actual evidence? Or am I not seeing the problem deeply enough?

Answer: I am highly respected by Master Nan Huaijin. His books and his teachings are very good. There is no big problem in view. Even small flaws do not affect the big picture. Teacher Nan Huaijin is also my enlightenment teacher for studying Buddhism. I gained a lot by studying the books of Nanshi and practicing according to Nanshi’s instructions. By the way, we should not pin our hopes completely on the external teacher. If the external teacher is not a Buddha, he cannot be “speaking.” Learn from the guidance that is good for our practice , and not look for the faults of others. The most important thing to practice is to rely on yourself. The teachings of other teachers are used to help us understand the sutras. If the mindset is reference and not dependent, you will not care so much about whether a teacher is perfect.

 Question: Brother, the so-called Dinghui Shuangxiu, now that you have reached the realm of San Mo Si Duo, is the realm mentioned in the yogi’s theory of the earth real? What is true in the world of desire?

Answer: The Yogi’s ground theory did not read. Not sure. I can only say that I have long praised this name, but it is Maitreya Bodhisattva creation theory, and Master Xuanzang translated. Out of faith in the two great saints, I believe that the yogi’s theory of ground is true.

 Q: Can meditation improve memory? (Question is missing, make up the meaning)

Answer: Entering Zen will make you healthy. But memory builds up and requires special training. Just fixing is not enough.

 Question: Teacher, please, I practiced meditation according to Master Debao’s “Breathing Breathing”. I have been in the state of “deafness” two months ago, but I don’t know how to improve. I feel that I haven’t made much progress in the past two months. current condition:

  1. Broken consciousness (but can experience the four elements of ground, water, wind and fire);
  2. Feeling extremely weak or not breathing;
  3. Can hear outside sounds;
  4. In the process of meditation, you can sometimes enter the state of clearness and clarity.

Excuse me, what kind of status is this? How do I work hard next?

Answer: I can only give you some reference opinions according to your description.

  1. There is still breathing. I can hear sound, and my body is definitely not broken.
  2. Sometimes it is possible to enter the state of clearness and clarity. Is it sometimes not clear? Meditation should be clear throughout.
  3. What state is not important. The important thing is to settle. What is the experience of geothermal fire? Are the Four Realms Separate? Watching breathing is not watching the Big Four. Don’t get it wrong.

It is recommended to watch “The Road to Dinghui”.

 Question: The head, limbs, and body disappear, and the “realness” of the whole body is gone. The mind experiences a kind of void, but the consciousness is still there, and the voice can be heard. I wonder what this is?

Answer: It is an illusion. This can be achieved through visualization. But it was a dream-like solo scene.

There must be a taboo in meditation, and you must not pursue the realm. Therefore, in my previous reply, I have said many times that the state of Zen is manifestation. What is cash? It is from five roots. Yigen is just a simple knowledge. Instead of illusion from Yigen (Igen roots change into dreams, hallucinations). Can not leave the five realms of so-called color sound fragrance.

Therefore, when the realm appears in meditation, it is confirmed by the five roots on the body. It is five senses of body color and fragrance. If there is a sound in the realm, and you say that you can’t feel the body, it is the right and wrong. It’s an illusion. Beware of demons when catching wind and shadows (so give up these illusions).

Only by breaking through the color realm and entering the colorless definition is the realm of pure consciousness. But that is the state of colorless realm. Pure is just empty, boundless, nothing. There is no such thing as the voice of leaving the land, the fire, the wind, the wind, and the four-dimensional orientation.

There is no other realm for the practice of color meditation, except for the karma (breathing, touch, light, and imagination). Any karma that I am not pursuing should be ignored, ignored, ignored, and ignored.

 Q: What is the essence of beings? Is there a magical power? Are you enlightened after the end of cultivation? Are you free after repair? Where do humans come from? (Question is missing, make up the meaning)

Answer: 1. The essence of sentient beings is our appearance. There is me so there are sentient beings. The truth is selflessness. No self, no being. Not even everything. All is not annihilation, but illusory. Like fantasy bubbles.

The illusion is the illusion of the mind. Self-consciousness is not different from all ways. In the enlightened, it is called illusion. In the deceiver, it is called samsara. The conscious person has a rank order. The difference between Siguo Luohan and Shidi Bodhisattva to Buddha. The ability to illusion is not the same.

All beings in the situation are illusions. Everything is promising, and nothing but illusion.

  1. There is not necessarily a five-way link for proof. Conversion of karma does not necessarily depend on magical powers. Ordinary people can also change karma. The strongest person to change karma is an oath (or, in other words, willingness). It is better to ask others to transform karma. Oneself is fundamental.
  2. Enlightenment and Mahayana enlightenment are not on one level. Mahayana’s enlightenment is the wisdom of proof. It is irrelevant to prove emptyness, and it is also possible to prove emptyness in the normal state (of course, I recommend the down-to-earth determination of the Three Realms to prove emptyness). Extinction must be self-extinguishing consciousness. It’s not proof. However, when the proof is exhausted, it is likely to prove emptyness. And extinction is the pinnacle of meditation. Being able to repair and complete represents perfection. But extinction must be equal to theravada enlightenment, but not equal to theravada enlightenment.

The Mahayana Arhat of the four-fruit level may not be able to make the final decision, but those who can make the final decision have at least three proofs.

  1. The Scriptures of the Fa-hua is a classic that teaches a meditation (Buddha). An explanation of the three-fold multiplication.
  2. Exhaustion is not necessarily justified. The unproven release may be reincarnation. Mahayana believes that those who prove liberated can also come back with their wishes.
  3. Discuss the fall of human origin, light sound, heaven and man. Guangyintian was the previous world of grandma. The world also has a bad life. Creating the world is the co-construction of Buddha’s will and sentient beings. Before ignorance, he died of illness.

You have asked so many in-depth questions. It is better to go to practice. The theory and explanation of Buddhism is difficult to understand without practical experience.

 Q: Do you think someone xxx is right ? (Question is missing, make up the meaning)

A: Some people are dark. I like to be entangled in other people’s famous pictures, and try to refute the words of Master B with the words of Master A, and I am more willing to see each other. I advise you to stay away from unbelief. Based on the Buddhist scriptures, it is safer. Nowadays, the Internet is full of such false Buddhists who believe that they are learning to learn Buddhism. I urge you to get rid of the empirical evidence and entangle the right and wrong of the Dharma. It is a big demon. Discomfort and madness.

 Question: Master of the Five Wheels, ask a question. Do you need to read the Sanskrit version of the mantra? Because the pronunciation of the ancients is very different from our current Mandarin. I have also been practicing meditation for almost a month recently, but I always feel that my heart is distracted. I think of the mantra when I am not meditating. Thank you Master!

Answer: Len Yan’s curse is too difficult, it depends on your determination. I still do n’t know what Sanskrit chants on Sanskrit. Because I do n’t know, I do n’t know which is right.

Simple can read the six-character Daming mantra. This is only six words, very simple and easy to use. The effect is also very powerful. This is what I have personally experienced. You can read it all the time, including meditation. Please refer to my previous post on how to read the Buddha. Mantras are the same.

 Q: Good master, ask a question, sit them, seem to feel the “background” very noisy, a level that is in fact the heart is always marked body sensations in dense, is learning to lay down, lay down a little later, you can feel most The consciousness in the place of relaxation begins to swell. The hands on the thighs swell seem to have a circle sitting so high, but the spine can still feel it, it feels like the spine is resting on a ball. . . Still feel breathing

Does this feeling need to develop, or do you ignore it and continue to focus on breathing training?

Answer: Illusion, ignore

 Question: Brother Guangtou, I want to ask you a question. If, I mean, if you ca n’t see your heart in this life, when you are about to die in this life, will you choose to become an Arahant and die out, or will you continue to practice in samsara? If it ’s gone, it ’s impossible to cultivate a bodhisattva, right? However, if you ca n’t understand your heart, you will inevitably retreat when you lose your memory when you reincarnate. Brother, what would you choose?

Answer: A free-spirited Arahant is not unable to come to practice Bodhisattva. Have a heart for Arhat.

If you are worried about getting lost in reincarnation, you can make a wish to go to a pure land.

I am not afraid to fall.

Memory loss and karma. Compared with karma, memory seems to be doomed, so why not worry about remembering it?

 Question: Brother Guangrui five rounds, I once met a practitioner who is about to achieve the position of Luo Hanguo. Although he will re-enter the Buddhist gate in the future, he goes up and down, and it adds a lot of suffering. That’s why I took the liberty to ask today, and now that the brother is aware of it, it is not just the luck of the Buddha! Fortunate for all beings! Worshiping brothers, I wish you early proof of Bodhi and early Buddhahood!

Answer: Real cultivation is worthless, and no one can judge except himself. In the old age, Jun Huihui still lingers in wine shops and brothels. Outsiders will also say that this person has fallen and wasted his life.

Buddha said that he should see himself from his own perspective. The phase of self, the phase of human beings, the phase of beings, and the phase of life, are only slightly corresponding.

From the external perspective, the distinction between people and me, and the good and evil of others to judge the good and evil of others, is the upside down.

You can only discipline yourself. Not lawful. Legal people have. Liu Zuyun, “If you are a real monk, you will never see the world. If you see others wrong, you are left. You are not me, you are not my own.

 Question: Brother Wulun, the laughter that I have experienced before is not the realm of the first meditation. How can I watch the breathing so hard that I can’t get in.

Answer: Don’t chase after the past. You today are not you yesterday. Everything happens because of the change of condition, can the law born by the change of condition not change? So I know that there is no way to live.

Jingang Jingyun: The past is unavailable, the present is unavailable, and the future is unavailable.

No-mind-mindfulness is practiced in meditation, which means that Prajna is the guide and meditation is the deed. If not, go on the journey.

 Question: Will the landlord see the colorless sky when the time is up? What is colorless sky like?

Answer: Colorless days, since it is colorless, there must be nothing to watch. It’s just empty, I can’t remember it, it’s infinite, I’m alone.

 Q: The landlord, can the colorless sky creatures see?

Answer: I can’t see it.

Question: Regarding the question of whether Alaya is one or more, I do n’t know what the five-wheeled brothers think. I hope you can enlighten me. Amitabha

Answer: Alaya is very difficult to explain. Let me try to personally understand it. for reference only.

All the realms before now are the realization of the seeds of Alaya. The seeds of Alaya consciousness are now manifesting in this physical, mental, and cosmic world.

In other words, everything is Alaya consciousness. Everything is farewell. Among the consciousnesses, through the difference of the seventh consciousness, to establish various legal aspects, I thought that there were all kinds of people and the material world.

So, one, or more, is our distinction in the manifestation of Alaya consciousness. That is to say, it is the seventh concept that is different after seeing the eighth consciousness seed. And if from the perspective of Araiye consciousness, all of them are manifestations of Alaiye consciousness, then they are all themselves, that is, Araiye regards all the emotional world as me. From the perspective of Alaya, there is only 1. This one is the so-called “I”. The so-called “big ego”.

Alaya knows that he is crazy and has no ability to distinguish. How does it perceive itself as “me”? Well, the “I” of Alaya consciousness comes from the transmission of the “Ego” of the seventh consciousness. That is to say, the seventh consciousness tells the eighth consciousness after seeing the eighth consciousness as a whole, and after the eighth consciousness hears the letter, the eight consciousness perseveres in itself as me. That’s what everybody does. There is also another nature, that is, the seventh consciousness has various differences in the physical and mental world, each has a “phase” and has various practical methods. These two kinds of confusion are caused by the separate function of the seventh consciousness. The perseverance is formed by the seventh consciousness polluting the eighth consciousness, and according to other nature, it is the seventh consciousness formed by the first six consciousnesses that rise.

Then, according to the principles of the Shizong Sect, to view all the ways according to the eight senses, it is only the first five consciousness, consciousness, last consciousness, and different seeds. So the whole is consciousness (that is, the whole is mind, which is the function of mind having knowledge). Recognition is just recognition. There is no real world, no material, no body, no heart. Therefore, all laws are conscious, that is, all laws are untrue. It is asexual according to him, asexual as long as it is performed by all means. In this way, the sixth consciousness and the seventh consciousness are converted for the second time (that is, they ca n’t stay, do n’t persist, and do n’t see the actual law). Yi, no longer insist on oneself (that is, there is no illusion of “big self”). This is the circle. Since the eighth consciousness does not adhere to its own reason, all laws are inconsistent. Then it becomes a bright light. All relief. That is, unconsciously in all laws. There is no difference in one, difference, more, less, size, inside and outside, margin, etc. That is, the eighth sense of asexuality is Rulai Tibetan. The description of Rugao Tibetan is: “Void nature, often unmoved, such as in the Tibet, there is no cause of death, ignorance sees the cause. Such as the nature of the law. It is perfect.

 Question: Is it understandable that, at the level of ordinary men, Araiye consciousness shows many illusions, that is, everyone has an Alaiye consciousness. In the realm of Buddha or fulfillment, Alaiye consciousness is one, even None. In addition, is the realm of realisation a conscious but indiscriminate state that can be united?

Answer: Evidence is known. It is said that these are only doubts, and trust and suspense become motivation. Otherwise it’s just that knowledge is useless.

 Q: Hello. I’m a beginner. Actually, I’m not interested in Buddhism, but I’m interested in the Four Zens and Eight Definitives.

Meditate for the first time. Observe the heat and cold in people. It is easy to feel the heat in people, but not cold. Only the nasal cavity has a cold feeling. The cold in people is a bit difficult to feel. Is this normal?

In addition, sometimes my roommate has a sound in the room next to me. I would wear earplugs to meditate. After wearing earplugs, the breathing sound will be louder. OK, meditate like this.

Also, is there any time that can be estimated? An ordinary beginners to practice meditation, the concept of the police among the hot and cold, how long can the extent of the first jhāna? . .

Also, can four Zens really break their breath? It stands to reason that this is already a supernatural phenomenon, but never heard of news reports. .

To be honest, I don’t believe in the theory of Buddhism myself. I work in the United States, and Americans do n’t know what Buddhism is, and I have a good life.

Answer: Do not believe in Buddhism, which is common for beginners. At first I was suspicious. But after reading the Yanjing Sutra, I believe that words that are so logical and deep-thinking cannot be done by someone who deliberately deceives us. So I changed from doubtful to more faithful, and then meditated and experienced it myself. Then there is the process of completing the four meditations and eight fixations as mentioned above. It is natural to believe now. Brothers can study the Lenyan Sutra.

 Question: Brother Five, do you have enlightenment after completing the four meditations and eight fixations?

Answer: Wu has a rounded size. Wu must have realized it, but he did not. The wisdom of wisdom is to become a Buddha. The order of Luohan, Bodhisattva, etc. before they became Buddhas were all unsatisfactory.

The next trimming of the three bodies was completed. Also called clean body and mouth. Also known as Zhuan Chengzhi. Also called perpetual awareness. Also called perfect wisdom.

 Question: I ask you: My kung fu is not in place. If you sit for more than 40 minutes, the legs hurt. It affects the quality of sitting. Can you sit two seats at a time, 30 minutes each, with a 5 minute interval between the legs? pain.

Answer: Yes. But 30 minutes is too few, it is difficult to accumulate the quantity that changes from quantity to quality. Therefore, it is recommended to overcome difficulties, and it is best to try for 40 minutes or even 1 hour.

 Question: There is also a very strange phenomenon: as long as I do n’t sit still, I just feel that my breathing is clear, but when I actually sit down, I ’m not sensitive to breathing. I may be very different, and I am sometimes confused.

A: As long as you make up your mind, these things are not a problem. I didn’t learn so much at all. Just read the book and count the breath and fix it. No one taught it.

 Question: I’m asking you, I’m a beginner. I saw in the book that you don’t want to control your breathing, but I noticed that I can’t control it after I breathe. Even if I relax, I still feel that there is a deliberate component of breathing. What should I do? How about it?

A: I’m fed up with this kind of quick-and-quick questioning. Would you please make up your mind to ask questions for more than an hour a day without stopping for a month!

 Question: I am not a Buddhist. I once read a book on meditation taught by the Indian mystic. I tried it. I lay down and relaxed, then realized that I did not judge all the thoughts that came. I fell asleep on the first day and two days. On the third day, I entered a state, and later inquired about some religious books. In the state of Buddhism, it is called 4 Zen. Other religions have different definitions and titles. At that time, the experience was like this. The hands and feet began to numb, and then the numbness invaded the whole body. The breath went from subtle to non-existent, and the body could not feel it. I personally feel like a strong power station, a pure consciousness! It is said that in 4 meditation, the breathing stops and the body is gone. In fact, the body is still operating autonomously, but consciousness and the body are temporarily separated. Only consciousness exists in 4 meditation. The first time I went in, I was worried about whether I could return to the body, so I wanted to return to the body, and the body recovered again after a few minutes, and I returned to my normal state. Then I did n’t keep my meditation, I never entered this state again

Answer: This is most likely the Four Zens. This method of direct consciousness and entry is a shortcut to the Four Zens. But if your heart is not clean, it will be difficult to move on. Compared with observing and breathing, this kind of practice has almost no experience of the process from the first Zen to the third Zen, but directly enters the fourth Zen. This is a pure mind that directly corresponds to the four Zen meditations. From the perspective of Buddhism, it is called from the concept into the set. It is also the practice of Ding Hui and others.

 Question: I have also checked the theoretical knowledge of one to three Zens, but I do n’t feel much. The experience of four Zens is obvious. I think one to four Zens can be so easily distinguished, quiet to quiet to quieter to quieter. Therefore, I personally think that there is not much difference between 1 Zen and 3 Zen, and the differentiation of 4 Zen is obvious. At that time, I was lying down, relaxing and consciously. It took me about two hours or so to experience the 4 Zen experience before my body came from paralysis to loss of sensory function. Later, I did not continue to meditate and I did not continue to develop haha

Answer: That’s a pity. You should practice frequently. If you are proficient, you can enter the Four Zens in just a few minutes. Then practice the Dharma, it will be very fast.

 Question: I can go to the four Zens in just a few minutes. The many stoves and fires that I have to practice. Normally, I need to guide my body to relax and look inside. Zen is a situation of relaxation and awareness. After all, I’m a young man, and I haven’t seen Hongchen and asked for it. Curious to ask the landlord, how old are you this year?

Answer: My brethren have entered the Four Zens in a few minutes or even seconds. It has nothing to do with age. As long as you practise often, you will be familiar with it. This is called arbitration.

It’s okay to see through the dust. You can explore the source of the heart. Mahayana Dharma does not say anything to see through the dust. Saying everything is magic. To inquire into the origin of the mind is to realize.

 Question: I can enter 4 zen in a few seconds and get rid of my body. I think these are all monks.

Answer: Getting rid of physical sensation is nothing. Getting rid of psychological sensation is the goal.

 Question: Hello, is it true that you have to enter Zen? Is it impossible to retreat to Bodhi after entering Zen?

Answer: Entering Zen is not sex.

Seeing sex is seeing the heart.

Entering Zen is a state of calming the mind and not being scattered. At this time, the mind is observed, and the original nature of the mind (consciousness) is called visibility.

Bodhicitta is the desire to become a Buddha. The origin of its origin is to believe or prove that the mind and the Buddha are one, and to make a wish into a righteousness. This retreat is evidence of wisdom. According to Buddhism, it is not to retreat to the eight places of the Bodhisattva.






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