36.Buddhism and awareness

Question: Ask the teacher: Does the plant have a Buddha nature, can it become a Buddha?

Answer: Buddha nature refers to the sentimental consciousness. That there are troubled beings. Beings who are troubled can become Buddhas because of the push of trouble (or bodhicitta).

Plants are ruthless, have no worries about consciousness, and cannot consciously become a Buddha.

(Editor’s note: According to Mahayana, the nature of all Dharma is perceptual. This perceptualness is called “buddhism” at the sentimental level, and is “legality” or “perception” at the relentless level. The meaning of perceptualness refers to all the laws Intuition. Intuition, all Dharma is the righteousness of the mind. This mind is not annoying, not divine mind, but Nirvana mind, or the law world mind, or the original wisdom mind. It is only the manifestation of this conscious mind, the physical aspect of the law, and the manifestation of this conscious mind. Mind and law are all of the same nature. However, love and willingness can become Buddhas, and heartless and heartless cannot become Buddhas. )

 Question: Ask Dade. Suddenly you do n’t feel the presence of your body when you sit still. It ’s a normal reflection. It ’s the secondary feeling.

Answer: Normal.

 Question: Buddhism focuses on inheritance. Can I find information online?

Answer: The so-called inheritance in reality is not a necessary condition for spiritual practice.

In the past, the six ancestors heard the chanting and realized. He hadn’t converted yet.

People who are rooted in consciousness do not need to listen to the Dharma. Observing natural phenomena may realize consciousness and liberation.

Practicing focuses on the heart. Whether the practice is effective is a cause and effect report. Inheritors, etc. are just one of the causes. Checking information online is also one of the causes.

Different people have different causes. Many people today think that a teacher is required to practice. I don’t take it seriously. I even think that in the current era and environment, teachers who are casually found (too many evil teachers, and too many teachers do not understand how to teach people, and masters are not easy to encounter), might as well check the information by themselves (Buddhist scriptures and commentary). It’s reliable.

The teaching may focus on inheritance to prove that the source of the law is pure and clean.

The key to spiritual practice, however, is in mind. Whether there is a strong out of centrifugation and the solution to de-intelligence is the key to spiritual practice. Really, he can basically say that he has succeeded in his practice.

The advancement and retreat of spiritual practice also depends on whether this decentralization has been implemented in physical and mental behavior.

It is certainly a good thing to have a reliable teacher, but without a teacher, these magical treasures of the Buddhist scriptures are still there. It is convenient to check them online on Baidu. Self-study is also good.

 Question: Master and disciples begged you to start the meditation course at that time until the four meditations were finalized. Thank you very much.

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Answer: I wrote it all in the previous post.




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