43.Vegetarian and nutrition

Q: Hello Dade I believe that vegetarianism can cultivate compassion and suppress heartburn, but if you are a long-term vegetarian, how can you ensure nutrition (protein)? Tell us what you think.

Answer: Worried about nutrition, you can eat milk and eggs. If you meditate well, you don’t need to think about nutrition, you can synthesize all by yourself.

( Editor’s note: People who meditate should also pay attention to exercising, because proper exercise can promote the effective functioning of the body.)

 Question: May I ask the landlord Brother 1 to meditate and ask that my eyes droop naturally but not close, but I always close easily and then quickly open so that my attention is disturbed by this. Can I just close my eyes and meditate? 2 Can you tell me the specific time of the three seats a day? What time to time can I say that the daily work and rest time is better? 3 The road to Dinghui can be repaired without reading it all. After watching how to enter the first jhana before, you can start practicing? 4Excuse me, how can I eliminate the anxiety of impermanence, especially the sickness and death, which seems to happen at any time? Therefore, I especially want to get rid of reincarnation and practice. I have a firm determination, but on the other hand, people also become negative and depressed.

Answer: 1. Meditate with eyes closed (not drowsy).

For two or three seats, you can get one in the morning, one after lunch, and one before bed at night. One seat is more than 1 hour.

  1. You can repair the road without looking at Dinghui. To be honest, at the beginning, I only glanced through the Leng Yanjing and the Diamond Sutra (I read a few paragraphs of the sutra at random) and didn’t understand anything. Purely relying on faith in Buddhism will not lie to me. Until I finished it, I thought I didn’t read any books. Looking at various books later, I just want to clarify the theory (I just want to tell you the truth), but it has actually deviated from practice. Therefore, I don’t think it is useful to learn more. I have always emphasized that being mindful is the most important thing. The six ancestors became conscious of the phrase “should be born without a place to live”, and then they could all export the Buddha. Sentences fit the Buddhist scriptures. It can be seen that learning Buddhism does not require too much knowledge. What is needed is a firm stance and a mind in place.
  2. Impermanence is caused by ignorance (afraid that I will disappear), and the perseverance of ego. If you practice the word “death” (such as Theravada Mindfulness and Sudden Mindfulness), if you live, you should treat yourself as a dead person. What fear of life and death? In fact, why fear death? Since there is reincarnation, we should know how people die, and they can live. Therefore, after the completion of the repair, or the birth of Nirvana, you will know that death is only a disappearance of illusion. Life is nothing but the rise of illusion. The illusion rise and fall is just the manifestation of consciousness. There is no birth or death of consciousness. So there is no life or death to be feared by the enlightened.

Patients, the four major disorders. If you can practice meditation, three Zens and four Zens will sit more and the four major tunes. How can I get sick? If you go further, you can become aware of the illusion and be able to illusion freely. Nothing is worse, everything is happy.

To escape from reincarnation, i.e. the illusion has been destroyed, and the card has no life. Or send out a centrifugation, repair the departure centrifugal separation also leaves, leaving nowhere to leave, reincarnation? So, send out the centrifugation and get out of the cycle early! All benevolent treasures!




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