34.The dangers of guiding the pulse

Q: Hello, sir. I am a boxer who meditates. I started meditating more than 20 years ago. The breath has passed from the perineum through the tailbone, waist, spine, jade pillow, Baihui, to the eyebrows, among the people, Lower lip and lower jaw throat. Fifteen years ago (about 98 years), it was blocked in the lower lip, lower jaw, and throat. Sometimes it hurts. These years, I have been breathing in a single plate, and the blockage has caused infestation, bitter mouth, dry eyes, and nightmares.

From August 2013 last year, I started double-disc meditation in the meditating bar posting. It has been a year and a half now, and I have made some progress, but the breath is still blocked in the lower lip, lower jaw and throat. I really want to get guidance from my husband! !! !! !! I ca n’t post the link to meditate. I hope Mr. Baidu can read the “boxer ’s meditation diary”. My specific situation is described in detail on the first five or six pages. The following is my diary of meditation over the past year.

My reading is relatively complicated and inexperienced. I have browsed both the Buddhist and Taoist temples and foreign spiritual practices, and now I mainly breathe in double panning. I do n’t dare to think too much. I want to cross the legs first, and then solve the problem of the lower lip, lower jaw, and throat. Please give guidance to my teacher! !! !! !!

A: By analogy, the process of spiritual practice is like driving a car. The steering wheel is not right, it is decided that the car will not run sideways.

You are welcome to say that your situation is off course. The reason is that the steering wheel is not upright. 20 years in the trench. . .

To straighten the steering wheel, start from the heart. Three conversions and centrifugation are essential. There are people who are out of centrifugation, he doesn’t care what the Qi pulse is open, the Qi pulse is blocked and so on (what is the Qi pulse? For you it is just delusion + hallucination). Kung fu should be used to get rid of greed, and don’t use kung fu to play feeling. Feeling empty and hollow, get out of the ditch quickly.

 Question: Sir, what do you mean? I understand that enlightenment and Buddhahood do not rely on sitting legs and legs. I know that the lower lip of the lower jaw is a sesame matter in terms of the overall cultivation process.

My father was a high-level intellectual. I read Einstein’s Epistles when I was very young. Later, I came into contact with Buddhism because of the practice of martial arts. When I was very young, I established the universe, life, life and death, time, and space. I have my own model (of course all this is delusional), so I do n’t see any conflict between Taoism and Buddhism books in the future. Seeing your post about the formation and transformation of the universe, time, space, and dimensions is corresponding to me, but you It’s true, and I’m delusional. As for Ren Du and Zhou Tian. . . . The lower jaw, lower lip, throat, and the like are not my own deliberate pursuit. It may be that childhood wushu was implied by words such as Zhou Tian. I automatically felt the feeling of walking away from the veins in the early stage of meditation 20 years ago. Feeling traction, the sense of qi became heavier and he had a splitting headache at Baihui. He was taken to the hospital by a colleague. He also fainted twice and was taken to the hospital by his brother-in-law in the past few years.

I have tried many methods in the past two decades. The most commonly used method is safe. I meditate almost every night. For 15 years, I do n’t use double disks, single disks, loose disks, or sit-ups. I ca n’t get started. Look at various foreign books, Krishnamurti, Osho, Ekhard Tory’s “The Power of the Present,” “New World.” Often I have feelings, but all this is tickling across the boots, turning around at the ideological level.

So now I still think that my color body is too heavy, and my body and Qi pulse can’t be empty. I can’t get started with the spell or the spell. I can only turn the color body first with the next heart. Get through the obstacles, get through the throat, and talk about the others.

The hollow hollow air pulse you mentioned, I try to do it. Although the throat has not passed and the leg veins have not passed for more than a year, there have been some changes. The lower legs of the legs have been installed a lot. The above are some of my basics The situation is more detailed in my post. Sincerely ask for advice, I don’t know if my direction is right. Hoe! !! !! !! !!

Answer: Your persistent Qi pulse is a problem that causes you to have problems like this now. It’s a big problem for you to ventilate your heart first. You have been communicating for 20 years, and you are still doing this. . . The various problems in your post are nothing more than revealing that the delusions in your heart strung your efforts, and then created various problems on your own. This is called self-binding. It is suggested that you change your mind, start with the cultivation of the mind, and start from the empty body.

You must know that in order to cultivate Qi pulse, you must first cultivate your mind. Otherwise, problems will basically occur.

And the foundation of mind is to express heart. Start with no heart, send centrifugation, three conversions, and the four noble truths are the foundation. If a person is determined, his pulse will respond immediately. Qi pulse is a phenomenon of retribution. It is the heart that produces this retribution phenomenon. Don’t put the cart before the horse.

Dharma says that Prajna is six degrees, Prajna is a guide, and five degrees is blind. If you do n’t practice as a person, it ’s better not to practice it, because it ’s wrong to do all kinds of deviations, it ’s better not to practice, even normal people ca n’t. Therefore, repairing Prajna is the top priority. If there is wisdom, you can guide your own efforts to gather the right path. Otherwise, your own efforts will hurt yourself.

 Question: First of all, I commend the great spirit of the landlord’s great virtue practice! There were also a lot of practitioners in the end-French era!

At the end of the study, the ears are well-rounded, that is, chanting chanting. Listen to nature while chanting. In the beginning, there were one daily “Tibetan Scriptures” and 700 readings; later, more than 600 “King Kong Sutras” and the Jizo Bodhisattva were chanted. In a month, there will be one or two blind cats slamming into a dead mouse and entering a body. It is very light (the body is hardly felt), and the hearing is very sharp and very pure. After studying Dade’s experience and “The Road to Dinghui”, I tried it out this morning using the method of entering and exiting the book, and successfully entered and exited several times. Gifts! Compare the standards of the early Zen environment in the book: mindfulness, interest, and pleasure. Mindfulness and restfulness are there, even breathing pauses for more than ten seconds. For Le Su, it feels particularly clean. Indeed, as stated in the book, after entering this realm, it clearly felt different, pure and comfortable.

Landlord, you previously answered another netizen’s question. During chanting, your mouth is moving and you cannot enter the first jhana. From this perspective, I obviously did not enter the first jhana, maybe it was a little before the first jhana. Upcoming? The road to Dinghui is the breathing method, and repairing by touching should be a little different from the ear root round method. The ear-rooted method, it seems, is only referenced in a classic of the “Len Yan Jing”, not like the breath method, which has records of multiple classics. Please give pointers, thank you very much!

Answer: When the scriptures are being read, when the mouth is moving, you must not enter the meditation. But you said there was a pause of breathing for more than ten seconds, then the chanting also stopped? It is also possible that this short pause can be immediately absorbed into meditation. But to get a stable meditation experience, it takes a long time to stop body movements.

The ear-roots method is anti-smelling and hearing nature (self-sense is heart, anti-smelling is to return from the starting point of the smell to see who is born of the smell).

The scripture “Begins in the smell, enters the exile, enters the silence, the two phases of movement, and is silent. If it is increasing, the smell is heard; the smell is empty, the consciousness is empty. The empty place is empty; life and death are both extinct, and silence is now. ”

By the time the two phases of motion and silence were cleared, it was no longer sound. In the future, all the smells and smells are heard, until birth and death are destroyed, all are contemplating the mind.

In fact, it is the first experience of the four Zens and eight fixations to the extinction. it’s the same. Dynamic and static two phases are not born, about 4 zen, hear and hear everything, about the emptiness, the consciousness is empty, about the consciousness, the consciousness is very round, about nowhere, the emptiness is empty, At the place where you want to think, the death is dead, and before death is gone, you are about to die. Suddenly, the ten squares are bright, about Nirvana.

The ears are round, although it is not a revision, it is actually based on observation (anti-wen), and the method of stopping observation and double achievement with a view of determination and achievement.

The ears are rounded, and the consciousness of observing the heart, the perception of painlessness, and the sense of taste on the Lenan Yanjing are similar. The repair was successful.

Therefore, I don’t think there is much to say about practice. It feels very simple. As long as you grasp the main points of reflection and look for the source of consciousness, no matter how you practice, you will eventually see it or get liberated.

(It’s not necessary to read too many technical books. Those who grasp the basics and cultivate fast are those who only know one direction and specialize in it. The so-called “Xiangxiang crosses the river and flows through it”, it You don’t need to learn any river crossing skills at all. It only needs to know that the goal is OK on the other side of the river.)

Question: Hello, I have a question. I want to know what you are like in the settlement. I heard that the ancestor of Dharma entered the timing and watched the ant fights like thunder. Then, do you know what happened outside the timing?

In addition, how is the current realm of the fixed head realized? And is the one in the dream caused by the shadow of the sixth consciousness or the image of Alayari?

Answer: This legend is unknown. As I understand it, meditation is gradually moving away from the six realms. From the first Zen to the third Zen, the sound is gradually weakened. At the Four Zens, the sound should be completely inaudible. The colorless definition is even more inaudible.

If you hear a very long sound, or hear a very small sound, it is more likely to be ear-piercing. Tianertong has the ability to hear sounds that ordinary people cannot hear. So this is not a question of settling. At the time of entry, if I am above the Four Zens, not only the outside things are not known, but the physical things are not known, and the body feeling is gone. How do you know. If it is exhausted, there is no consciousness, and it is impossible to know anything. (This only means that the ordinary four Zens and eight determinants are exhausted. If it is the Mahayana Samadhi, then the other one is said. The Mahayana Samadhi can be held in motion while Dinghui waits for all kinds of obstacles.

The solo scene is both the former and the eighth consciousness. This is a deep question. The eighth consciousness includes the six consciousness and the first five consciousness. The seventh consciousness is also the shadow of the eighth consciousness. It ’s better to see the classics of ideology. (I haven’t learned rationality systematically, personal understanding is not necessarily correct, only for reference.)

( Editor’s Note: Entering can know the outside world, this is not the Theravada realm, it is the realm of the bodhisattva. The bodhisattva has broken the barrier of knowledge, the realm of the knowing is no longer limited to what this body perceives, the mind is expanded, and the realm of the law is known. Knowing the realm is small, the big bodhisattva knows the realm is big. When it comes to the realm of the Buddha, three thousand and one thousand worlds are all acquainted, so the Buddha has the name “Zhengbianzhi”.)

 Question: Can I copy different Buddhist scriptures in a book?

Answer: Just ask yourself. Anyway, it ’s all about separation. If you feel bad, do n’t copy it together. If it does n’t feel bad, why not copy it together?

 Question: Master, can I worship you?

Answer: I am not a mage, and I dare not take the responsibility. I just write down some personal experiences here, hoping that the people who have the fate can benefit. There are a lot of people who are much better than me. You can visit more. Self-study is also possible. Anyway, any information on the network can be found.

 Q: Hello Good Knowledge, please ask three questions. 1. How many Zens can be used in the number-and-interest method. Do you need to abandon the number and interest in the final decision? 2. Some masters said that they would experience light and dark realms before entering the first jhana. Is that so? 3. I started to meditate shortly. I started to have leg pain after sitting for about 40 minutes. Sometimes I focused on the pain. Sometimes the pain can disappear and sometimes it slows down, but it reappears after a minute of distraction. I can’t stay for a long time. Is it a near walk before the first jhana?

Answer: 1. The number and interest method cannot be set. Can only be entered in the near future. If you want to get set, after passing the number and interest method and adjusting your body and mind, give up the number and interest and focus on cultivation.

  1. What bright and dark realms, to define, and so on, personally think that there is no need to learn, let alone control, and it will only increase trouble. Because that’s just the initial hallucination. I have answered similar questions before, please check it out.
  2. If the pain disappears, it may be settled (it does not hurt if set). Distracted, represents a decision. The rules are painful. If you can’t stay long, it means that the meditation is unstable. Practice more. Disappearing transient states, 1-4 Zen are possible. But in your state, there are more possibilities in 2-3 Zen.

 Q: Thank you for sharing. I would like to ask the following words, in the meditation, different Zen masters, such as the Pao Department, emphasize that they cannot pay attention to the breath of the breath (below the nose and above the lips). Although it can be brought in this way, it is still in the realm . You need to use the concept of the concept, and only pay attention to the breath itself to be stable; while other requirements such as Geyinka Vipassana may not be so high, you emphasize that you can’t pay too much attention to a certain point, but pay attention to the sense of touch.

So I would like to ask about your personal experience (if it is not convenient to answer, please ignore)

  1. Does the meditation of meditation (settling) use the conceptual method instead of the breathing experience? If I don’t use the breath and the touch of the skin, I will personally find it harder to grasp, and I am a bit puzzled that “just aware of the breath” is what is known to breathe.
  2. If you practice repairing, can you start repairing with the touch of touch until you are near, and the fixation force is sufficient to support it?
  3. Do you have a mark if you practice the concept, such as the presence of light, etc., to prove that the concentration has reached a certain level, you can start the concept.
  4. In “The Pure Taoism”, it is written that “The Supreme Master said,” Bhikkhus! I do not say that those who are missing, those who are not righteous are practitioners of Anthony. “No matter what kind of karma, only those who are righteous and righteous are the ones. achievement. Except for An Nian, other karma, as long as the meditator continues, the karma will become more apparent. It is very difficult to practice the meditation practice in Anban. Only the disciples of Buddha, Buddhism, and Buddha are proficient, and not low-level beings can practice. The more you calm down and become more subtle when you continue to think about An Bannian, you must have strong thoughts and wisdom to practice An Bannian. “Although there are many benefits to An Nian Nian, but it is also very difficult. So for the cultivation, do you have other better ways (such as Buddhist Sutras) to share your experience?

Thank you very much!

Answer: 1. Whether it is based on the Pao system concept concept method or the sense of touch, it can be set. However, the Pao Department does not recognize that methods other than him can be settled. Difficult to grasp the Pao system is common. My suggestion is to change the method if you are unsure. It’s easy to grasp.

  1. The important condition for cultivation is not to be disturbed by delusions. If delusions continue to flash at the same time as cultivation, then the 7 awareness cannot be produced continuously, and the effect of cultivation cannot be achieved. Therefore, the cultivation is mainly to overcome the habit of delusion. Therefore, it is the best starting point to practice four meditations.
  2. The sign is very simple. In sitting, the sign is the invisible body and mind (four Zens). It is marked by delusion that nature cannot afford to act (purity of mind).
  3. There are many ways to modify. Watching breathing is just one of them. It’s okay to worship Buddha. Silent meditation is also possible. Conceptual headers are also possible. But observing breathing is a universal practice. The other practice depends on fate.

(I do n’t like to discuss this knowledge. In my opinion, a lot of knowledge is not necessary to learn so detailed (practice only needs to learn the most basic is enough). Only need to follow the understanding to practice, the problems that arise in the practice It is a useful question that I am interested in answering. The knowledge that separates from the practice learning often increases not wisdom but trouble!)

 Question: Good knowledge. Follow your last instruction to train further. Now the concentration is relatively stable. During the training process, some new questions urged good knowledge for further guidance.

After sitting up for a few moments, I began to focus on the coldness or thickness of the breath, and the body warmed up. After a while, I felt that the awareness of the coldness and heat was laborious and thick, so I discarded it. Gradually rises the bright and thorough feeling, feeling more subtle, but those warm and warm touches are gone, and if you start to realize the thickness of the breath, you will rise again. Abandoning the awareness of breathing again raises the sense of clarity. After the bright and clean feeling rises, stay for about ten minutes, and gradually feel that the feeling of clearness is enhanced. I don’t know if this state is in the middle. If it is in the middle, why do I occasionally feel slight leg pain, and it is also known that the scalp or face is itchy suddenly, and I can feel the intermittent rise of thoughts, but it is relatively subtle. Not easy to detect. If not, what’s the problem? I beg you for good knowledge.

Answer: Very good. Your approach is correct. There are just a few points to make clear. When you give up your thick breath and enter the more subtle level of Qingming, you should stay stable in this state. After stabilizing, the breathing breaks off (if you look for breathing, the breathing will come back. But when you perceive the breathing in Qingming, you will find that the breathing has just been paused), which is the Four Zens. In the Four Zens, there is no physical sensation, and of course, there is no such thing as leg pain and numbness. However, those who are unstable in strength will often leave Qingming involuntarily and feel the body’s sensations (in fact, the worry of falling off). They should renounce the sensations of the body (or even the concept of the body). Settled in Qingming. If you can enter the four meditations for more than 40 minutes per sitting, you can practice the observation, or further practice the four colorless definitions.

 Question: Ding Neng Shenghui, how much has the landlord ’s ability to learn and other aspects improved after he has practiced meditation?

A: Be smarter. Ha ha. If the cultivation is trouble-free and the wisdom is opened, there will be some inspiration, such as things that have never been learned, the answer will automatically come to mind when you mention the idea. If Dinghui retreats, this ability will retreat.

( Editor’s note: In fact, our heart is originally hidden, and “rulai” is originally all wisdom, so the original virtues are hidden, and there is always “no teacher”. With the gradual removal of obstacles and barriers of knowledge, these merits will naturally manifest. hair…)

 Question: Brother, hello. Teachers, please.

When you meditate, there is a heat on the soles of your feet, which rises slowly with breathing, as if the engine is powering. Qi circulates in the body. Heat energy, gas passes through the body, and finally rises to the top of the head and bursts out of the head. In the end, the body was suddenly stopped, and all the symptoms that had appeared in the body disappeared. The air in the head is gone, the numbness in the feet is not felt, and the very thick breath suddenly feels as if it is gone.

I do n’t know what this phenomenon is, is it normal to have these? Also, after the body is settled, it feels like the body has disappeared. Which stage of meditation is this?

Answer: These feelings are just hallucinations. Paying attention to these things is not good. I said a lot about Zending in the previous post, please go and read it.

 Question: Brother, ask you a question.

Xiuguan can be relieved, I have no doubt about this. But I have relatively big doubts about the method of passing away. I do n’t know if it is true or not. There is a bliss world. How do you see this problem?

There are some rituals of Mahayana Buddhism, blessing and the like. Is there really a bodhisattva blessing?

A: Because I have never been born, I do n’t understand. All I can say is that the Buddhist scriptures should not lie. . .

If you say you have a pure heart and a good body, then I know a little bit. That is not to pass away to the other world, but to enlighten the meaning of Rulai Tibetan.

Blessings and the like should work. There are also related records in the classics. But how useful it is depends on the person. It is similar to Tantra seeking Buddha and Bodhisattva and blessing from the master. If corresponding, blessings do exist. If not, I’m afraid it won’t help. Ordinary people can’t understand this, and probably only rely on faith. Those who practice well can see how this blessing happens.

 Question: Ask two questions: all harmony is impermanent, people are united by themselves, and their parents are related by marriage. Therefore, people are united by unity …

Answer: For such questions, please read the Buddhist scriptures, learn the Four Noble Truths, karma, cause and effect, reincarnation, and twelve causes.

 Q: Can I become a Buddha without meditating?

Answer: No

 Question: Brother, does pushing the tail cymbal mean holding up your waist and bringing your hips back?

Answer: Yes

 Question: Good knowledge, in accordance with the ideas you said last time, training in the subtle and clear realm of stability. Relatively before now has been strengthened, but also failed to achieve a good mentor Si Chan said breaking into the breathing requirements, during the training process some new doubts, ask good mentor advice.

  1. After the Qingming Realm is relatively stable, the feeling of happiness in the middle of the day is correspondingly tired and laborious, and I feel that as long as there is a slight movement of thought, I want to give up, but soon after I give up, I feel depressed and have to I regained my breath, and during this period, the sense of brightness was obviously darkened. The breathing turned to the abdomen intermittently, and I often repeated this state in the past two weeks.
  2. Most of the time after sitting up, I feel that I can take the initiative to ascend and descend between one to three Zens, but live in the realm of Zen at each stage. When I focus on my body in daily life, I also feel delusional and drop. What kind of targeted training do you need to do now?

Answer: This is the phenomenon of hypoxia. Explain that the body has not been adjusted. You should sit more, the four Zens are not stable, then you should sit more in the Three Zens. The three zens are stable, then four zens are used again and again and again, the body functions will adapt. After adapting, you won’t be stingy.

 Question: Ask the landlord. When you meditate, you are meditating on the Buddha in your heart. You have n’t practiced 4 meditations and 8 meditations. Please ask, how do you combine meditation with meditation and how to judge whether you are in meditation?

Time can now exceed one hour, and it is generally stable in tens of minutes. Some legs are very comfortable at first, and they even rise to the tailbone. Later, they do n’t care much about these feelings, just praying at the top. I have also been wondering how the instruction book for Cultivation 4 Zen is to observe breathing, and how to combine it with the Buddha.

Thank you!

Answer: You can practice meditation in the same way you practice Buddha.

The process of cultivation is like this: first, meditation, and a voice in my heart. Continue for a period of time, after a little quiet, stretch the voice of Buddha, a word of silent meditation for half a minute. After slowly calming down in this way, you will feel tired of mentioning meditation (voice of heart). At this point, give up the silent meditation of the heart sound, and change to the thought of nostalgia. That is, like the memory, the memory of the “Amitabha Buddha” is raised in the heart (the heart sounds are not heard at this time). Continue to continue for a period of time, you will feel tired to lift the memory. At this time, the action of lifting the memory can also be put down, stopping at the memory of the front sound Buddha name disappears, and the memory of the back sound Buddha sound will not rise. Live for a short while, and the breathing is self-destructive, clear and clear, naturally settled.

 Question: Praise Brother for answering questions. Dare to ask my brother if this method is well documented, or was it taught by the teacher, or both? At the end of my study, I meditated on the Buddha with Master Yinguang’s ten-mindful method. Please also give me some pointers:

The ten-mind method requires you to be able to count by yourself. When you start to do it, it is difficult to imagine. Just imagine that there is a blackboard in front of you to count. From the 11th to the 20th time, continue to draw on the right according to the previous method, so that after finishing the first row 100 times, the Buddha’s horn will be drawn in a new line. With this method, it is easy to draw 10 lines in your heart to remember the Buddha’s name 1000 times.

During the process of thinking, sometimes it will enter a very clear state, manifested in the slight (but not broken) breathing, the ears are particularly sensitive, and humming noises are heard. Obviously entered another state. The problem is that when you exhale, you feel very subtle, but there is still a point; when you exhale to a certain extent, you need to inhale deeply, otherwise you will feel belch, and the inhalation will become significantly thicker.

There is a similar state during the recitation of the Diamond Sutra. Also please give pointers!

Answer: 1. It is recommended to repair according to my method.

  1. The Ten Ways of Master Yinguang of Baidu Online are different from what you said. If you are confident, it is recommended to follow Baidu’s “Receive Buddhism while counting Buddhism from one to ten counts”.
  2. In my opinion, your method of imagination is too complicated to be suitable for cultivation.

 Question: Thank you, Brother! If you do n’t know the number of sounds you hear (such as 999), but only know the number of sounds within 10, so you ca n’t control the time to meditate, is it better to set an alarm? Thank you very much!

Answer: Yes.

 Question: I just came into contact with meditation practice. I had no experience in the past few times . I lay down and watched my income. Every time I fell asleep, I felt like I was stunned and entered a space. Place, I lost my consciousness and fell asleep after a while. I corrected it in the last few days and tried not to let myself fall asleep, because it may be lying down. After a while, I fell asleep again. Last night, I meditated for more than two hours in order not to let myself fall asleep. I could n’t get calm enough, which is the first Zen. I want to ask how to enter the first Zen. How do you think about it?

Answer: Lying down is not suitable for beginners. It’s better to sit. Cultivation must be refreshed, and cannot be repaired while sleeping.

There is no way to get into meditation, just focus on one thing and forget the others. When everything is clear and everything is forgotten, it is natural to settle.

The so-called first meditation, the fourth meditation, and even the eight meditations are all just the purity of the matter.

 Question: Top knowledge and good knowledge!

I am a beginner and would like to ask questions about breathing. I have not formally started meditation. I have tried to observe the income. However, this abdominal breathing method is the opposite of the usual breathing method. It feels very hard to breathe, and my throat is sore, and I feel very unnatural. How can I fix it? I hope that the brothers will give a speech and salute! Also, teacher brother, do you usually meditate at home? Will it be affected by the surrounding environment?

A: Abdominal breathing is just a little practice before you practice breathing. The purpose is to form a deep breathing habit (it doesn’t matter if you don’t practice). After sitting in a seated position, when breathing, you should relax and let your breath flow in and out without controlling. Just awake and aware of breathing.

It is better to meditate at home. Try to create an undisturbed environment. (In fact, this is only relatively early. For people who often meditate, as long as no one moves his body, he can practice even in Disco).

 Q: What does it feel like to die out?

Answer: No feeling

 Q: Is there still a feeling?

Answer: I have to try it out by myself. Guessing is useless.

 Question: Thank you, Brother! What kind of voice will my brother ignore when he enters the finals? A house upstairs often makes a harsh noise (similar to the sound of iron stools snoring on a concrete floor!) Even when I do n’t meditate, hearing this sound is very painful. I feel like I’m in hell every day. It was originally mentioned by Xiu Zun, and it was basically deaf to general noise, but the sound was too harsh, it seemed to work directly on the brain and heart. I was extremely distressed by this sound, and had no fixation. It sounds like I can ignore the sound of more than two zens. I searched for four zens and found it online. After spending a few hours watching your speech here, I feel that you are a true practitioner. Pedestrian, what am I going to do with my brother, should I practice while I am quiet, so that I can turn a deaf ear to this voice! Please teach me!

Answer: Early Zen is sensitive to sound. Vulnerable to external influences. Second Zen is slightly better. Sanchan can hear the sound, but the base of this unaffected. The four Zens penetrated deeply and could not hear the sound. It is okay to enter the four zens while quiet and quickly to stay away from external influences. It’s just like rushing into meditation while the leg is not hurting, and not feeling the leg pain after sitting for a long time is a reason.

 Question: Brother Xie for guidance! May I ask if my brother can bring this ability to daily life and avoid such suffering?

Answer: Yes. That is liberation. But I still can’t, I’m not relieved yet.

 Question: Thank you for your reply. I have been reading some introductory Dharma books recently, because a problem has caused obstacles to my heart. I hope to be informed by the master.

The highest state of departure is Nirvana. Nirvana is silent, without feeling, without thought, without me. Why do I feel that this feeling of nothing is terrible?

Answer: Nirvana is not what you think. In Buddhism, Nirvana is interpreted differently for different people.

From the perspective of breaking troubles, Theravada said that there is Yu Niu and Wu Niu.

Mahayana said from the perspective of freedom that Nirvana comes from sexual purity and nirvana.

In fact, in general, Nirvana is a state of freedom, freedom, unrestrained, bright, clean, and happy. Of course, in the Mahayana, it is more likely to be the joy of purity, while in the Mahayana, there is more joy in the light and the joy of compassion and joy on the basis of innocence (please see the interpretation of the “Three Wisdom Phases” in the Lenga Sutra).

The various teaching methods of Buddhism make people leave trouble, leave the realm, leave the phase, etc., in order to release the mind from all kinds of ties. Let your heart be free. Then you can know the true power of the mind (the ten powers of the Buddha) and witness the world of the Buddha (the pure land).

So don’t worry about Nirvana being boring. There is actually a lot of fun. The Fahua Sutra is described as Ruyi Orb, Treasure House, etc.

( Editor’s note: According to the Mahayana, the Supreme Nirvana that has achieved the three-body achievement will achieve great happiness in Sejutian. This is the true “true joy” in Dharma)

Question: A long time ago, when I was meditating, the method I used was easy-going house. When my heart slowly returned to nothingness, a huge fear pulled me back to reality. I was still thinking afterwards, and I would return. ? In conclusion, I was so sure that I could not come back, because the mentality I used at the time was to take an attitude that was unacceptable to all that happened in the heart and to the outside world. I would become a reaction to nothing. Careless person.

I really want to know, will I come back?

Answer: This is a psychological disorder. Fear is the excitement of ego. A person who wants to prove Goku must overcome this hurdle. If you do n’t come back, you have no complaints or regrets. In fact, there is no need to worry about “no return”. Because this will only last for a short time, the retreat will naturally come out. You can stay in one’s way when you want to come in, and come out when you think about it, let alone there is nothing to return.

 Q: Is there a primer recommended?

Answer: Nan Huaijin’s book + Buddhist dictionary.

 Q: Hello, I just started to practice meditation. Could you tell me that you have completed four meditations in one year? How long do you practice each day?

Answer: I said in the previous post.

 Question: Good knowledge, “After meditating and sitting, keep awareness in life”, what does this “awareness” mean?

A: Simply put, just know what you are doing at all times. It is the use of observational skills in daily psychic thoughts.

Question: Master, is the state obtained by meditation a hallucination or the essence of the universe?

Answer: According to the Dharma, the present amount is relatively real. Then the state of meditation, if it is present, is relatively okay. If it is the same as dreaming, it is proportional or non-quantal, which is illusion.

However, from the perspective of reality, there is no reality. Regardless of the present quantity, the specific quantity, or the non-quantity, for those who are unconscious and selfless, they are all hallucinations.

But to the enlightened, everything is true.

 Question: Brother, is it true that the extinction is the only three fruit and the four fruit Luohan can pass in, can the bodhisattva not pass in the extinction?

Answer: The so-called fruit position is a term given to him when he practices in a certain state. Therefore, in understanding, one should not take a certain fruit as a mark of ability, but look at ability in terms of the degree of annoyance and depth of meditation.

The completion of the decimation is that the meditation has been able to enter the four meditations and the eight meditations, and the troubles can temporarily persist in the three realms. Yu Fei wanted to destroy the ego.

This kind of evidence, in the Theorem, is only capable of more than 3 results.

But Mahayana said that Bodhisattva can also enter. Just being unwilling to enter (because you do n’t want to be interrupted), but being unwilling to enter doesn’t mean you can’t enter. In the Mahayana scriptures, there is a Bodhisattva who manifests Nirvana in order to show Nirvana, and to enter and die.

The theory of Theravada said that those who practice Mahayana must not be called extinction, but should be called different birth. Because there is no three fruits (or four fruits) of the heart (because the bodhisattva is oriented toward man and Buddha, not fast nirvana). and so. . . Some people say that the bodhisattva is not extinction, or that the bodhisattva cannot enter extinction. But I think in fact, the Bodhisattva can go to death.




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