52.Abstinence and Indulgence

Question: Brother misunderstood, what I mean cannot be reverted to Bodhicitta. This means that once you have practiced the four zens, the person is said to have lost her desire and lost her sexual ability. So I can only ask for one’s heart, and I ca n’t return to be an ordinary person.

Answer: Nothing. Difficult to be a sage, isn’t it easy to be an ordinary person? According to Taoism, practice is to first cultivate the child. Does the boy have no sexual ability without desire? It’s just not indulging.

 Question: The four Zens mentioned by my brother are still different from the Buddhist Zen I know. You can search Youku search; Master million lines of open video shows 1- Slim and enlightenment of (on) to find out.

Answer: You don’t know anything.

 Q: The landlord, with consultation, can meditation treat eye diseases? I think many monks are still wearing glasses

Answer: Meditation can adjust the body to health. The eyes are part of the body and can certainly restore health. It ’s hard to say that a monk wears glasses. There may be some eye problems that ca n’t be changed. But around me, some people have successfully removed the reading glasses through meditation, and others have also restored cataract to normal by meditation.

 Question: Hello Brother. Would you like to ask, do you still need to practice the Bone View after obtaining the Four Zens? Thank you.

Answer: The four meditations are just meditation. Is the method of training the mind’s autonomy. The four meditation practices are the basis of the practice of Buddhism.

The concept of bone bones is to see and worry about governance.

If your lust is heavy, or if you see someone who is unforgettable, you should cultivate your bones. The Bone View can be said to have an immediate effect on the treatment of lust. Some physical diseases can be treated well.

In addition, the Bone View is different from meditation practice. The Bone View should be maintained in the sitting, sitting and lying position.

 Question: Thank you for your guidance! I once thought that I would get four Zens this year, and abstain from fornication and for five years. It’s going well.

Answer: Come with your heart! I wish you good Buddhism!

 Question: Can my brother talk about the void world?

Answer: The legal world is the carrier of law. No law can go beyond the legal realm. Void is a metaphor for the legal realm. Righteousness is like all the law is in the void, the law changes, and the void never changes.

Void is not true, so is the legal world.

Voids have never had life, nor have they ever been destroyed, as have the legal world.

Void is illegal, and all law is established in the void. The same goes for the legal world.

Why is the emptiness known? When you know that the void is the heart, the heart is the void. The heart is full of void, also known as the legal realm. The mind consciousness is the void phase, and so is all the law phases.

 Question: Hello Brother. I would like to ask, I noticed that my limbs were empty and my breathing was weak, but I could n’t do it when I tried to break. At this point, don’t you go to breathe, you just need to keep your mood to go deep?

Thank you.

A: This is a habitual obsession with breathing that prevents you from going deep into the Four Zens. I have a previous post about how to deal with this situation. You can check it out

 Question: Brother, ask one. At the moment of the presupposition, the body is completely gone, and only the consciousness is observing the setting. , The setting also appeared in front of another scene, as if the original (condensed a little bit) consciousness appeared close to the edge of the scene … What is this? Which Zen belongs? Added: In my head …

Answer: Conscious fantasy. nothing to say. Such repairs are prone to problems.

 Question: Hello, please, teacher, I am using the idea method. After watching for a while, the thoughts gradually diminish, the breathing is gradually forgotten, the physical sensation is reduced, but the body is not completely forgotten; So I was upset and didn’t sit for long, then sat down. How to do? Do you want a different approach?

Answer: This is because your idea is not thorough. Where should the conception head come from and disappear? “Finding” is an idea, and “I” is an idea. Why not watch? Worries are also thoughts. This rough thought is broken, we must watch it carefully. Perception is also a subtle thought. You should sit and watch thoroughly before you sit down.

 Q: Brother Guangtou, how are you? Don’t come here?

Let’s report on the progress: I have been meditating for almost a year, twice a day, ranging from 30 minutes in the morning, to an hour in the evening. Feeling good or bad, the waves marched without surprise. Over time, many earlier white problems gradually solved, such as low back pain, such as head and neck drooping and so on. Gradually it was able to calm down, and occasionally silent breathing was hardly audible, but unfortunately it was not lasting. I have begun to hold on as much as I can, and have been out of order for more than three months. Recently, I have tried no lunch. Considering that I am still at work, I adjusted the lunch time to 3 pm, and after 3 pm, I was basically fasting. There is no obvious hunger, nor does it feel difficult to stick to it, but eating gradually becomes unpleasant, but optional, just to eat.

In retrospect, after six months of meditation, I started to have occasional feeling of qi, concentrated on the top of the head, intermittent numbness, and occasionally also on the nose or chest ribs or knees. I do n’t ask for magical powers, so I just make trouble with it, ignore it, and do n’t like it. Only recently I started to feel that my bones were weak, especially in the lower plate, and I often felt unstable during daily yoga exercises. Especially today, the body seems to have a fever, muscle pain, bone fatigue, and malaise, but the body temperature is normal, and I feel awkward when I feel unwell-if I am sick, there are no other symptoms. If I am not sick, this is the only thing in my life. Come to ask if there is anything wrong with the method of meditation or practice? Although I understand this body, I don’t need to worry too much, but I have to count on it to practice continuously, and I worry about the wrong way to take a detour, and regret it late. There is no one nearby to ask, can I ask my brother if you have similar experience or give me pointers? Thanks in advance ~

Answer: Brother Suixi practises his heart!

I do n’t know much about my physical discomfort during my practice. Some of my brothers also said that during the meditation process, there are various ventilation pulses, weakness, and discomfort. I have no relevant experience on this issue.

In my personal experience, any physical discomfort is caused by the mind. In my practice, if I have any discomfort, obstruction of the air veins, soreness, soreness, pain, etc., it is completely emptied (the so-called empty person, empty feeling, empty concept, and the four empty Zen realms. The method for entering the colorless empty is similar, where empty is a verb, that is, the state of consciousness.

Basically, all these discomforts disappeared immediately after the initiation of “empty”.

The above is my response in the early stages of meditation.

Another method, repairing the bone view, can make the physical discomfort unreliable. That is, repairing the bone-bone view can measure the physical imbalance (including various physiological pressures and imbalances).

There is another method that can revise the reference concept. Able to switch to business. But with the difference of people’s wisdom and confidence, there are those who have effect, but also those who do not.

It is recommended that brothers rule by the first law. Secondly, I recommend the Bone View. The third method is up to you.

 Q: What books can I read to learn Zen? Is Tantra really Fa-rectification? (Question is missing, make up the meaning)

A: Xianzong talked a lot about meditation. For example, “On the Tao of Purity” by the South. The Northern Legend of “Capricorn”, “Philadelphia” and so on.

However, for the book on meditation, I suggest reading the Buddhist scripture “Ahan Sutra” directly.

Brother’s question is, is there a prejudice against the Tantra? Do n’t want to read the meditation meditation?

There is no problem if you do n’t believe in Tantra, keep unknown, and Xue Xianzong is fine.

 Question: @ 光 彻 五 轮 师兄, Amitabha! I admire my brother’s proof of the four zens, and I have a few questions at the end of the study.

  1. Do you reach what you want or what you want?
  2. There has always been a question, repairing without the self, and reaching the end of extinction. What is the significance of this sentiment that is not true to all beings? Why does the Buddha teach all beings to prove this situation? Is it okay to speak with what you have learned?

Answer: 1. Extinction.

  1. The meaning of being complete is to verify that your troubles are clean. If you can enter, it means that the troubles are almost clear. Can’t enter, it shows that we still need to work hard.

 Q: What is the difference between meditation and desire? Why is extinction higher than the definition of meditation and desire? What are the various empirical points?

A: My point of view has always been that the world of desire has not been determined. There must be above the color world.

The so-called definition of desire is just a recent decision. The most recent step is the subtle adjustment of the mind (it will have an effect similar to meditation), but there is no fixed state. This state has not reached the state of mind.

There are 1, 2, 3, 4 meditations and 5, 6, 7, 8 meditations. And the ninth extinction is settled.

This 12345678 is the ascending order of meditation.

87654321, this order, is an inclusion relationship. That is, 8 contains 7, 7 contains 6, and so on.

Desire Realm +1234 (color realm) + 5678 (colorless realm) is called the Three Realms. The three realms are our physical and mental worlds. Because the mind has desire, there is a desire realm, the mind has no desire and a realm, and there is a color realm.

And the ninth decision is self-destructive consciousness because of the dislike of the Three Realms. Called Out of the Three Realms. Therefore, the cultivation of such a fixed person shows that his intellectual ability has reached a kind of freedom. That is, the Three Realms have what they want. It also goes away.

Therefore, according to the Dharma, 4 Zen is the “zenith of the color world”. 8 is set as “the top sky”. The ninth decision is extinction. Super top and top. So for the highest!

The main point of empirical is to get out of the way. This ambition is not just to say that I want to leave, but to swear, a kind of determination, a determination to leave the body and mind, rather than the determination to die.

 Question: You said that a brother who practiced the four Zen and eight set presbyopia cataract has been cured. Is the karma in the eye?

Answer: no. It ’s about breathing.

 Question: Are you going to take Mahayana or Mahayana? I feel like to define, meditation is different results under different states of thinking. To define the beauty of dwelling in thinking, and to go in, while meditation is living in the idea of ​​selflessness. To define and meditate without a common basis cannot be directly extinct.

Answer: Four Zens and Eight Dharmas are common law. Regardless of Buddhism or the Taoism, it is possible to cultivate this.

Extinction is an incompatibility between Buddhism and the Tao. Only Buddhism cultivates.

Buddhism’s four Zens, eight destiny and extinction, and even liberation of Nirvana, are the common methods of teaching. Regardless of the Mahayana and Mahayana, they should be repaired and need to be repaired.

For meditation, it is recommended to read “The Road to Dinghui” and “Ahan Sutra”. Speculation is completely useless. The understanding of meditation must be based on practical experience.

 Question: I am convinced that meditation can make my body healthy. I was very convinced, but later I learned that many famous masters in the South were ill when they died, such as Ajancha ’s severe illness and severe pain in his later years, U Ba Khin ’s liver cancer, and Geinka ’s diabetes , the doctors say the disease from the heart, and that they do wrong? !!

Answer: I try to explain it based on my own experience.

The health effects of meditation come from the energy produced by meditation. I described this situation in the previous post.

The 1,2,3 zens of the color world meditation, because they have not completely forgotten the color body, will return the energy gathered by the meditation back to the color body, thereby adjusting the four major functions of the color body, which can restore the body to health. Above four Zens, this effect will be weakened because it does not correspond to the body.

However, if the Four Zens are incorporated into the Light Zen, the purification and transformation effect on the body is stronger than the first 3 Zens. (Taoism especially emphasizes this kind of practice in order to achieve harmony and extend life. It is a shame to regard sickness or death as a sign of failure in practice.)

As for Ajancha and Geyinka, I don’t know their situation.

I guess it may be that they are not interested in self-cultivation, so let the disease report come.

In other words, if the body is to be transformed, it needs to be substituted into the practice. Otherwise, it’s just to cultivate the mind, and to be able to cultivate without trouble or to prove relief, but there will be no obvious improvement in the body.

If the mind and body are to be liberated, this requires the body to be included in the mind, and the mind and body to be fully liberated. (This becomes Tantric Buddhism)

 Question: I can see that people can achieve short and short breathing, but after practicing, I feel guilty, and it is okay to leave the karma elsewhere. Can I use Guanyin in the acupoint?

Answer: Do n’t guard the body parts. Can’t watch the breath, count the breath. Or conceptual head, sound, touch. Or meditate on the Buddha. Any method can be repaired.

 Question: The landlord, can you talk about the willingness after meditation? Want to be a strong player in a certain field, can it be realized soon?

Answer: Meditation is just to clear your heart. As for how you use it after your heart is pure, it is your business. If you want to be a strong person in a certain field, this kind of heart may make your heart unclean. That meditation may retreat. Or become an evil destiny. It’s not that there is nothing to go into the devil, that is, those who have unclear views, and those who practice walking.

 Question: Hi Brother, please ask. According to Brother, what you observe about breathing, sound, and mind is “awareness”, not a specific thing or a part of the body. Is it wrong to watch? In addition, the mind is the “thought”. Is the thought felt? When you observe the mind, do you feel physical sensation and external sound stimulation, do you observe it or ignore it?

A: I said that the perception is to prevent attention from being focused on a specific “position”. Although they are all in the same place, the attention is not the same as focusing on “position” and “consciousness”.

Location is an orientation, a place.

Feeling is feeling.

When repairing, focusing on the position will lead to deviation. Leaving it out of the body can cause energy loss and serious mental problems. Placed on the body can cause blockage of the air veins.

There is no such problem in perception. Therefore, the breathing of consciousness is the sensation of consciousness of breathing passing through the middle part of the person. Or directly the perception of position in a person. And perception is a kind of awareness. Simply put, it is the feeling of continuous awareness of that position. When the stability of awareness reaches the state of mind, it is set.

Watching the mind, the scope of the mind is very wide. The idea head is the roughest mindfulness. The idea is to think. Not feeling. But from the perspective of awareness, the idea is also sensations. Even all the Dharma is consciousness. When you look at the mind, you should only look at the mind, and you shouldn’t care about body perception and external sounds.

However, if wisdom is available, physical and mental sensations, external sounds, and all awareness, there is no heart. Observing all the ways is the mind and not staying in this way.

The mind is Xiu Hui. However, when the mind is mindless, it is the state of mind, the state of mind, and the state of mind. This is Ding Hui et al.






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