39.Recite Buddha

Question: Master, I want to practice meditation. When I meditate, do you want to say something about Nan Wu Guan Yin? Just thinking, not speaking, hearing and hearing, is this meditation effective? Ask for guidance from the master

Answer: It can be repaired like this. You can refer to the way I answered others about how to read the Buddha. The same is true for the Buddha of Guanyin.


The same can be said of meditating on the Buddha.

The process of cultivation is like this: first, meditation, and a voice in my heart. Continue for a period of time, after a little quiet, stretch the voice of Buddha, a word of silent meditation for half a minute. After slowly calming down in this way, you will feel tired of mentioning meditation (voice of heart). At this point, give up the silent meditation of the heart sound, and change to the thought of nostalgia. That is, like the memory, the memory of the “Amitabha Buddha” is raised in the heart (the heart sounds are not heard at this time). Continue to continue for a period of time, you will feel tired to lift the memory. At this time, the action of lifting the memory can also be put down, stopping at the memory of the front sound Buddha name disappears, and the memory of the back sound Buddha sound will not rise. Live for a short while, and the breathing is self-destructive, clear and clear, naturally settled.

( Editor’s Note: In fact, the method of chanting the Buddha can be considered both for the chanting of the Buddha and the chanting. If it is corresponding to the Buddha, then you can get the Buddha’s sacred meditation, which is also a very special practice.

Question : Is it appropriate to be a monk and want to find a cave to live alone? (Question is missing, make up the meaning)

Answer: Find a small temple, and the best way to do monks in a clean place.

After becoming a monk, according to the jungle system, you can place orders to participate in various meditation classes. There are many opportunities to meet a master.

 Q: The landlord, when Xiu An was like that, what did you mean by paying attention to breathing itself? What is breathing itself? Is it in and out? When you pay attention to the feeling in the vicinity of people, you will still be aware of the inflow of airflow and leave it. Do you need to bother with the flow of airflow? Is it to pay attention to the feelings in people, or to simply know the position of “in and out”?

Answer: Is it necessary to pay attention to the feelings of people, or simply to know the position of people in the “in and out”? Both can be. One will take longer to repair, and you will find the trick.

 Question: Thank you very much for sharing

I reshared your text

Made some people who lost their faith find a sense of reality

Get them on the road to practice

I want to ask my teacher a question

Brother is over.

I plan to take nirvana here

Or did you return to Xiaoxiang and live in the four Zen colors?

What kind of connection is there?

Thank you ??????

Answer: The practitioner practiced to the end, whether he took Nirvana or did not live Nirvana and went to Mahayana. This has something to do with one’s roots and karma. The practice of the practice of Xiaoyin is not necessarily Nirvana until the end, but it is very likely to prove the Mahayana’s “obviousness” and initiate the bodhicitta of Shengyi, thus surpassing the Xiaoyin and entering the starting point of the Mahayana path.

There is no need to fool back to small. It was initiated by nature (the content of this is inconvenient, it is not an ordinary state, it belongs to the category of dense). For example, in the “Leng Yan Jing” Guan Guanyin Bodhisattva’s ear-roots round chapter, the description of two awards has been revealed.

According to the Chinese Scriptures, although there are differences in the teachings of the Threefolds, the destinations are the same. The Threefolds are just for convenience, in fact, they are the only Buddhafolds.

Therefore, as a practitioner, I personally feel that there is no need to worry about falling into theravada. Although according to the practice of theravada, it is quite possible to prove the state of theravada (the key is to practice more merits to return to all beings).

 Q: What does Nirvana look like? Is it meditation on Yin? Can you prove the color world heavenly body? (Question is missing, make up the meaning)

A: These experiences or realms cannot be said. Especially not to those who have not reached that level. He did n’t understand what he said, and only imagined with conscious intentions, that is to say that dreams are double-empty, which is ridiculous. So it can only be informed by reason.

Your problem description is somewhat inaccurate.

The so-called meditation yin can not be called yin. The yin is the intermediate stage before death and before life. There is no such thing as meditation (because meditation does not lead to death). The so-called meditation yin refers to the state in which the emptiness naturally emerges after the person has escaped from all illusions with meditation power.

The color world celestial body, Buddhism does not say anything about the color world celestial body, but reports itself. His report was completed after the ten places were full of hearts, and he moved to Se Qutian to accomplish the report. Retribution is not the ordinary color world heaven, but the gathering of infinite wisdom and merit. It is the spiritual body that the practitioners naturally accomplish with great compassion and true breadth of beings. It is the reward of compassion and joy , Not a product of creation.

You know, Buddhism says that man has no self, and law has no self. The origin of all legal emptiness. Never misunderstand the newspaper.

These things are too far away for the average practitioner. After the release is fixed, the insight is cultivated, the wisdom cultivation is stable, the centrifugation and the bodhicitta are constantly lifted up, and the latter things will happen naturally. Nan Huaijin said, “The first is the last, the most basic is the deepest.” Practitioners should never let go of the problem, so far away. Shortcuts from the ground up are shortcuts!

( Editor’s note : The meditation of Yin and Yin may refer to the situation in which some people are aware of the body when they are in the meditation state. If the body is aware of the body, they can wander around as if they were born out of the body, but this is not Nirvana.)

 Question: Brother Guangtou

If you practice meditation

Isn’t it enough to reach the Four Zens?

Is it still necessary to fix the four rules?

Answer: The four zens are stable, and it is enough to break the breath. You can start to practice after the four Zens have stabilized.

 Question: Teacher, please: The Governor’s Vein has risen to the “ridge in the middle” for a long time. It has been stuck here for too long. Is there any other way to get it through quickly, besides meditating?

Answer: I don’t know the Qi pulse theory of Taoism. The Buddhism considers all these things unnecessary. For these physical problems, the simple solution is to forget your body. With the power of meditation, you can see in the air without having to correspond to your body. What Qimai disintegrates naturally. The problems disappeared naturally.

If you will not be empty, you can repair the Bone View for the second time.

Question: Brother

Arahant is killing Nirvana

Ego is gone


What came back to Bodhi Road to become a Buddha

Answer: It is Buddha nature.

Everything is made of Buddha nature. Whether it is beings, being an arahant, or being a Buddha, it is all due to the nature of the Buddha.

The Buddha’s nature of beings is trapped by troubles, cannot be at ease, and the six reincarnation cannot be autonomous.

Arahant’s Buddha nature, relief from troubles, karma forever extinguished, nirvana perishes without reincarnation.

The Buddha’s nature, both his troubles and ignorance, are free, he can be free, and he can reach Nirvana in the three realms.

Buddha nature is awareness, which is the legal realm.

 Question: Can the master enter the extinction only after he wants to do something? Nanzhuan believes that the extinction must be done ten times and up to the eighth, and only the saints of Sanguo can enter. Could the master establish this method if he enters the vacancy from the four Zens and then enters the extinction?

Answer: There are two definitions of vacancy, one is to say that emptiness is infinite. This has nothing to do with extinction. It is in the Four Zens that the color world is entered.

The second is to testify to Nirvana. Southern legend is called Zheng Kongding. This has something to do with extinction. Because this kind of vacancy will naturally appear after extinction (this is my personal opinion, it is not guaranteed to be absolutely correct). This is the first extinction, and the empty expiration.

Some people, at the beginning of the Four Zens, cultivate their views, use the power of observation, and add centrifugal power, they will naturally hold the wisdom and wait, and then stay away from the color world and the colorless world, and experience the turning point of extinction. Vacuum (so-called vacancy). The process of extinction may be very short, and even he does not know that he has experienced the process of extinction.

In order to reach the process of extinction, the constant force of repairing to the eighth set is the basis, and the decisive force is the key. Without a real centrifuge, it would not be possible to prove it by itself. And if there is no eighth set of constant force, it is not enough to have a centrifugal effect. You will feel that your mental strength is not enough and you will not be able to leave the realm. Therefore, it is a prerequisite for the exhaustion to have a constant force and a centrifugal force. And the ability to prove and die is a prerequisite for the vacuum of the mind.

The so-called repair ten times in the South Legend is from “The Theory of Clean Purity.” I personally think that the method of repairing colorlessness in it requires ten repairs first, not the only method. I have n’t practiced that way. I just meditate directly on the realm of meditation and go to meditation. I have n’t practiced it ten times at all.

 Question: Hello Brother Dade, please ask questions. Previously mentioned in Nanshi, Nanchan for seven days. A monk entered the four Zen meditations to stop breathing. The apprentice did not know that he thought the master was dead and buried him alive. So tell him to move, can’t he fix it? If the four meditations were buried alive, would it be a great Arahant or a bodhisattva? If it does n’t work out, is n’t it that you have reinvented yourself? So can it be decided with the sound of exhaustion? What I am most worried about now is, if the four Zen meditation family ca n’t wake me up, will I be buried alive or cremated like that monk?

I hope my brother made it clear, thank you Amitabha

A: As a spiritual practitioner, you must first be motivated to practice your life. Otherwise, you will not “break the ego” (cause of the place) in your heart. How dare you expect to break the ego (the fruit place) in your revision. If you are not so motivated, you will inevitably be scared when you encounter an empty state in your practice, which will lead to the interruption of your practice.

Secondly, at the time of practicing the four meditations, if there are external factors that move the practitioner ’s body, I personally think that it will inevitably lead to the outing. Why is it that because the world ’s meditation has not cut off “ego”, because of ego, the changes in the body will cause “ego” to awaken the sixth consciousness to realize what is happening. Just as a person in a deep sleep is shaken, he wakes up.

As for the extinction, it is uncertain. Due to the extinction, we will temporarily suspend the execution. However, whether the sound of exhaustion can lead the person who is extinct to make a decision. According to some accounts, the ancients practiced meditation with the sound of exhaustion to guide people to make a fixed time and form a habit (karma) for a long time. At that time, when he was exhausted by the outside world, he would die out (the karma habit is due to egoism). And if the person who fixes the fixation does not lead out the fixed habit with the sound of exhaustion in normal times, then it is likely that he will not respond to the fixation.

Pedestrians do not need to worry about it if they just practice the four meditations.

If it is complete, you must add a ring before the repair (for example, each seat is only set for 2 hours), then when the set time arrives, it will naturally be withdrawn due to martial arts.

 Question: Hi Brother, there is a saying in the South Biography that the two-incarnation students cannot enter meditation no matter how well they practice meditation. Do you think this is reasonable?

Answer: I cannot prove this theory with practice. So I don’t know if it is correct.

I personally think it is unreasonable from the perspective of understanding.

 Question: If you go through the five rounds of virtue, and practice the four indefiniteness of the colorless realm, do you have to practice it from the perspective of the four meditations? Are there four colorless and extinction decisions? Please tell me

Answer: The four colorless definitions have not been finalized.

Four Zens are the basis of the four colorless definitions. There are no prerequisites for repairing colorlessness, and it can be repaired directly. In fact, the color world is annoying, and the color world is achromatic.

 Question: Amitabha, the merits of Brother Rite.

I don’t know if my brother has referenced those classics, so that we can learn about them for beginners.

Answer: Heart Sutra, Lenyan Sutra, Lenga Sutra.

 Question: I can barely get into the definition of ten minutes. I am often dizzy in my cultivation. As soon as I am drowsy, I do n’t know that I am doing it. When a delusion comes, I run away.

How to overcome coma?

Answer: Work on your own.

 Question: The landlord, I recently thought about reincarnation. If this is the case, then the body of the previous life after the reincarnation disappears, the memory thinking disappears, who is the one who passed? If one removes his body, is it still his memory. If it wasn’t for himself, could it be called reincarnation? Is it the thinking of the living person to worry about the consequences of the afterlife, the thinking has disappeared, and it is necessary to worry about the consequences. If the human subject is not the body and the mind, what is more important, what is it? If the cause of the reincarnation is a karma that has been passed on for many years, is the trailing edge of reincarnation random or selected? If it was chosen, wouldn’t it be inevitable. After the reincarnation, is the cause or the cause determined. If so, the reincarnation is some behavior that has nothing to do with the ego, that person is manipulated, that memory and thinking are derivatives, isn’t it?

Answer: I am not interested in answering such questions. I stated earlier that non-practical questions will not be answered.

If you have such a problem, I suggest going to Baidu’s “Karma and Reincarnation”

 Question: Brother, how do you achieve Wuyin’s liberation and consciousness after you have completed the extinction?

Leng Yanjing looked at Master Nan and Master Xuanhua. What kind of method did Master Xi practice?

Teacher please, if the brother has the opportunity, I can add the QQ of the brother, if not, add my QQ948869 ***

Because I have many doubts

Outside the heart, all are selfish, never born, and the constant joy of Nirvana is pure.

Brother Wang is compassionate and answers my confusion.


Answer: If the cultivation is complete, it will naturally open wisdom, and sooner or later it will be liberated.

 Q: light Toru five master can tell me, how from the air at a given limitless, back Sichan, or physical sensation sense disappeared, how to restore the body feel?

Answer: Go to the body and it will be scattered. Will find it naturally. Questions about it, isn’t it a waste of effort? When you go to repair, you know yourself. Why ask so many.

 Q: How can I recognize that I have entered the initial meditation? Just five from five covers? I feel like I’ve entered, but I don’t know how to determine.

How can I tell the joy and happiness of leaving life, the joy of settling life, and the joy of leaving life? I understand that I like to live in a foreign country, and music is spontaneous from the heart. I wonder if it is right?

Does it mean that you do not have to meditate in order to enter? Can I walk in, talk, stand, or lie down?

A: Yes, I know it. For example, just now you are awake, still asleep, still deliberate, or not deliberate. If you look back, you must know what you were doing just now. Therefore, it is not necessary to identify what Zen branch, Ji Zen and so on. Just practice directly, and the purpose of meditation is to meditate and break the breath.

Joy and so on are obvious in the early stage, but not in long time. This is all a matter of last resort. You don’t need to pursue it.

You must stay still to practice meditation. Being active, not meditation.

 Q: May I ask the master, in what way did you breathe? Is it natural chest breathing or abdominal breathing?

In “The Road to Dinghui”, you need to breathe abdominally, and you have to do it unintentionally. I can now feel warm and cold in people, but the more concentrated I feel, the less I breathe. If you want your belly to bulge, you have to start thinking and get distracted. If I do n’t use abdominal breathing, will I feel chest tightness during the second Zen like in the Road to Dinghui? Or refine your abdominal breathing before meditating?

Answer: Abdominal breathing exercises will work for a while. When you start to breathe, you don’t need to control how you breathe, and don’t control the breath. When I first started, I did n’t learn these at all. At that time, it was purely blind practice. So this does not need to care how to breathe, just need to take a stable phase and set it.






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