38.Vegetarian and clean

Q: Do you eat meat?

A: During my unemployed practice, I ate a vegan diet for 1 year. A piece of meat was eaten in the middle. The interference from eating this piece of meat required me to spend half an hour meditating to clear it up. In my experience, eating meat is not conducive to cleanliness and hinders meditation.

Therefore, it is recommended not to eat meat.

( Editor’s note: According to my personal understanding, meat has karma for all beings. After eating, it will contaminate the body and cause physical illness, that is, pollute the body. According to the Dharma, eating meat is more sick and short-lived. And Xiu If a meditator wants to meditate freely, he needs to have pure body and body as the basis, otherwise the mind and body will affect each other. If the body is not pure, the meditating is unstable, that is, it is difficult to achieve meditative freedom.)

 Q: What is the landlord’s prostitution ring? Is it a flight?

Answer: This is called self-harm. Also called adultery. Worse than ordinary prostitution. . . When banned.

 Question: Good knowledge. Is there any connection between Xiuding and Pigu? Do vegetarians need to control the number and quantity of diets? Such as a eclipse.

A: Meditate to a certain degree. With the reduction of worries and the accumulation of energy, you will naturally not need to eat (naturally feel full, energetic, and barely eat uncomfortable). If you do not eat at this time, it will not affect you. Let go of your diet. This does not need to deliberately set aside the valley, naturally, grasp it by yourself. Eclipse will depend on your personal situation. If you can do it, there are certain benefits, but the premise is not to be too reluctant, do not endure hunger and then overeating and causing stomach problems, and keeping a good body is the basis of spiritual practice.




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