37.Birth and Wisdom of Wisdom

Question: I have been paying attention to meditation. I would like to know if there is meditation and what is the situation after entering the setting. Basically, through sharing by bloggers, there is definitely meditation, and the setting must be experienced by yourself. I also want to ask how to make wisdom because of destiny. And what is the significance of meditation?

Answer: The so-called wisdom is to be able to see the truth of the facts.

The so-called foolishness is the falsehood that confuses the facts.

So, the meaning of cultivation is to let the mind settle for a while from the falsehood, so that the mind can control itself without losing control. (I may say that some people disagree, but in fact, the scattered person calls the mind. Cannot be autonomous). In the case of self-control, it is capable of observing some phenomena that are not usually noticed (such as cause and effect, five aggregates, mind, law phase, etc.), so that it can to some extent break some of the previous cognitive illusions (“me” Illusion), so it is called wisdom. That is, some relatively correct truths can be revealed.

Meditation is the pillar of spiritual practice. Both Ji and Hui are carried out in depth on the basis of concentration. The Ninth Order is like a ladder leading to liberation.

 Question: I would like to ask the landlord, “Qing Hui Road” talks about qi, and if the qi is gathered on the head without dissipating, it may get angry, sore tongue, headache, etc. The book says that massage before the next seat Can swell.

I am going to try First Zen now. But I was still a little worried. I have been easy to get angry since I was young, and I often drink herbal tea. Will it be easier to get angry after I am fixed?

The book also says that you can ask Qigong masters for help, eh, this method can only be ignored for ordinary people like me.

Weakly ask the landlord, have you had trouble with Qi during the process of repair? Or have you been unwell in other aspects?

Hope guidance.

Answer: It can be solved after half an hour after sitting down.

 Question: Master, what is the relationship between the Four Zens and Eight Dings and the Evidence? thank.

Answer: It does n’t matter. The four Zens and eight fixes are focused on training the ability of the mind. Evidence focuses on wisdom and relief.

With a strong heart, it is easier to testify to wisdom and dispel worries.

Release is divided into wisdom release and mental release.

The liberation of the mind is more complete than the liberation of Hui. At the same time, mind liberation includes wisdom liberation.

The Four Zens and Eight Dings belong to the world law, and the evidence belongs to the wisdom of the world, so it doesn’t matter.

But the Four Zens and Eight Dings are also the foundation of the liberation of the mind and the foundation of Zen paramita, so it cannot be said that it has absolutely nothing to do with it.

 Q: Is there any relief? What happens after liberation? (Question is missing, add meaning)

Answer: I often feel disgusted when I see some floating and marginal questions. It is hoped that the questioner, like a fragrant cross the river, bravely stepped into the rapids of trouble and intercepted it. Cultivate wisdom with immorality. There is no need to ask what will happen in the river, what will happen ashore, and so on. Do not waste time at the river irresolute irresolute, cross the river as soon as possible when young, as well as physical and mental strength.

 Question: Good knowledge. I have been holding an immorality ring for 5 years. I did n’t know why at first. Suddenly there was a mind of abstinence ringing. Naturally, now I just have something to eat in the morning, but noon and noon I eat and breathe with my abdomen, but I have occasional hunger. It ’s too much vulgarity. I do n’t have time to meditate. I usually see what I see as long as I have kung fu.

Answer: The idea is a little bit more. We should think about Jie Hui. Nothing else is needed. Cultivation is based on meditation, and you should maintain your knowledge (or keep your mind on what you do).




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