29.Direction to theravada

Q: The landlord pays attention to Theravada

Answer: There is nothing wrong with practicing theravada.

The Buddha said in the Buddhist Sutra that three times is one. Regardless of Mahayana and Mahayana, the destination is the same.

The Buddha said that Theravada Nirvana became a city, which is a place for Buddha to rest on the way to Baosuo Road, which is convenient for pedestrians to rest on the way. Entering this city, you can either further enter the treasure house, or temporarily rest. In other words, Theravada Nirvana is the middle station of the Mahayana Road and the platform of the Mahayana Road. You know, the Mahayana Bodhisattva path is based on the liberation path. Freedom is at the core of the threefold common.

From the Mahayana perspective, Arahant is as great as a bodhisattva. It may be possible to disparage Theravada, for the ancestor’s sake, Fanfcemo thought about it. The guilt is immeasurable! !! !!

( Editor’s Note: When practicing according to local conditions, practitioners should sincerely return to all sentient beings. This will plant the seeds of Mahayana, so there is no need to worry that the liberation path from the practice of Li Xuan will fall into Theravada. When Nirvana is realized, the Mahayana seeds cultivated to the ground will be inspired by the wisdom of Nirvana. Naturally, the Mahayana Shengyi Bodhicitta will sprout naturally, and it will automatically revert to the heart. When the Bodhisattva has been victorious, it is a well-deserved Buddha!




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