Question: Excuse me , Buddhism is about the eighth consciousness of Alaya.

Answer: Eighth knowledge of Araiye knows this kind of question. When I answer it, I have a little panic. Because I’m not a bodhisattva, I don’t see the flowers clearly in the mist for Alaya. But since I asked, I will speak in my own understanding. (So ​​it is not guaranteed to be absolutely correct, for reference only)

The Dharma says that Alaya knowledge can be hidden, hidden, and held together.

Can hide, hide, refers to “can know, know.” Hidden possession refers to the attachment of “capable” to “me, mine”.

So from this perspective, Araiye consciousness is the so-called “awareness”. Because all knowledge, knowledge, and persistence, all evolve in the realm of awareness.

That is to say, this world is transformed from this “awareness” into this body, mind, state, world, and so on. Therefore, 7 consciousness and 5 consciousness are changed from 8 consciousness. The so-called Three Realms are all realizations of awareness.

So, where does this eighth consciousness come from? It is the original consciousness, the original consciousness (it does not come from anywhere, it has it, it is not birth or death).

Looking further at this “instinct”, there are two more cases, one is different, and the other is no difference.

The so-called difference means that we have differences in perception, perception, and so on, and these differences are themselves distinguished.

When we practice, stay away from the Three Realms, away from the illusion, we can die everywhere, when I persevere, and the illusion is gone, the Yuanjue Sutra says that there is “non-illusion”. At this time, there is no realm in this awareness. No so-called knower, knowledge and dedication. There is no difference in awareness at this time.

At this time, according to the Dharma, this is emptiness. In emptiness, not even “consciousness” can be established, because nothing (no realm) gives it “awareness”. It’s not right to say nothing. Because it still knows a “void.” But this void is by no means the kind of void that we have when we have it. Because this void was “nothing appeared” and was called void at the time. In the Nirvana Sutra said, “It is vanity and nothingness. It is called vanity because of the light. There is no vanity.” So, at this time, the one who knows the void cannot be said to be conscious, but the light is shining all over. This is called Rugao Tibetan Light. (As the Heart Sutra says, the five aggregates are all empty. In addition, at this time, there is no difference. Tantric is also called fundamental Huiding.)

Then, come back and say, how did that happen? It was in the light of the light that began to arise. The first heart that arises is “consciousness”. Feeling this emptiness of nothing. A Void Phase is born. Then, respectively, came. Here comes the conscious perception (consciousness and the void). Then, ego came at the same time. And “Jiu” itself is me. The “state of opposition” is ours.

Well, this “consciousness” is the so-called Alaya consciousness.

So perception and light are essentially the same thing. All are lights that do not belong to birth and death. And why not say that Araiye is Rulai Tibetan? Because Araiye consciousness is a confused “consciousness”. This consciousness has always been fascinated by the (respectively) self-illuminating realm. That’s why the establishment of possession, possession, and possession. (Because “consciousness” is established separately, the awareness of Alaya consciousness also belongs to birth and death, but the distinction itself is the light of that instinct.) So when we practice, we need to remove “capable, hidden, and held” “Three confusions. The restoration of light that does not belong to birth and death shines upon itself.

And removing these deceptive consciousness, it is not called Alaya. It is called as Rulai Tibetan and Zhenru.




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