Q: What about emptiness and Rulai Tibetan? (Question is missing, make up the meaning)

Answer: These are still to be cultivated honestly, to break through the Three Realms, and to prove, it is possible to touch a little side. Don’t guess and think on your own. That’s useless.

Rulai Tibetan said in the Yuanjue Scripture, “If a person cultivates the awakening in the place, he knows that it is an empty flower, that is, there is no rotation, and there is no life or death of the mind and body. Those who know the void, that is, the empty flower phase, can not be said to be unconscious, or not, whether it is sacrifice or not, it is called Jingjui Suisun. Why, the void is often fixed, and if there is no cause of destruction in Tibet, Ignorance and seeing the truth, such as the realm of the law, is the perfection of the ten ways, and it is called due to the law of the place. Therefore, in the Mahayana, the bodhisattva has a pure heart, and all beings in the last days practice according to this, and do not fall into evil opinions.

This is the opinion of Rulai Tibetan. All kinds of thinking, go and contrast this sentence yourself.

To understand emptiness, thinking can only play a supporting role (its role is nothing more than letting go of attachment). You must truly understand emptiness (that is, you must be emptiness) in order to truly understand and know what emptiness is. So don’t think, guess, it’s useless. Self-entertainment can only be mistaken.

 Q: What is the empty line mother? Is it in true Buddhism?

Answer: The empty line mother is Tantra. Since it is Tantra, it is a secret. Can’t speak casually. Tantra can definitely say that it is the Fa-rectification. And it’s a great sect.

However, many people now pretend to be deceiving as tantras. Therefore, for such people, the secret law or the empty line mother is playing the piano in disorder.

I personally don’t recommend to go to Tantra casually. It is best to have evidence of teaching (at least to break my opinion first. To get four bad letters. It is best to realize the emptiness), and then to learn Tantra. Otherwise, the mind is immature and it is easy to go into danger when entering Tantra.




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