26.Touch inside

Question: Brother, I have 2 more questions at the end of the school.

  1. The last school suddenly remembered that there was a person named Miu Zen before the first meditation. Did your brother understand it? Can you tell me about it?
  2. There is a state in the meditation called Inner Touch Mya, what is it like?

Answer: Future Zen is the so-called desire definition. I said in my previous post that I wanted to define. You can refer.

The inner pleasure is the pleasure that comes from meditation. The first Zen is weak, and the third Zen is the strongest. No more than 4 Zen.

If you ask how this kind of music is, it is probably described as comfortable, from inside to outside and even outside the body. But this kind of music is generated by the energy of meditation. If the interior scene of meditation is dark, it can be said that the basic pleasure will not be too obvious. Only when the energy is concentrated to a certain degree, light will come out, and pleasure will come out at the same time.

There are many sayings about this light. Some say it’s 炁, some say it’s energy, some say it’s mind-generating, and some say it’s merit. and many more. No matter what it says, the essence is the same thing. This is the essence of inner joy, a phenomenon of joy in body and mind.

 Q: Same question, time schedule

A: Regarding the timing, I have already talked about it in the “Structured Practice” section. So I won’t repeat it. Please refer to the previous post or Baidu.

 Q: May I open or close my eyes when I meditate? Buddha

Answer: Yes. It is generally recommended to close your eyes.

 Q: Excuse me , is it pure to see the mind and to enter the Four Zens? I think it is. Please advise.

Answer: The Four Zens are not clear-minded. The four zens are just the world.

Seeing clearly is the essence of enlightenment. The four meditations are the foundation of wisdom cultivation. It can be said that the cultivation of the Four Zens is a necessary condition for understanding. But it cannot be equal.




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