Why am I alive – Light Mage.

Find the respect of the people.

(Description: This paper is organized into text by the five-round translation team of Guangcher according to the recording of the lighting wizard, in order to increase readability, without changing the meaning of the language or to add the words in parentheses, in order to make the text smooth.) Thanksgiving translation team for this article’s efforts! )

Why am I alive? I’d like to start with myself on this question. When I was reading, I used to eat, drink and have fun with some middle-age people who were older than me, because with these middle-age people, I didn’t have to pay for them, and they paid me to go with me. So one of them was probably when I was reading three or four, he had this asthma, and then he died in the third and fourth years of my life. As soon as he died, my question began to come, he was such a life away, about 30 years old, his life process, I was thinking so interesting? He was always ill and couldn’t do heavy work, so he had to do temporary work a lot, so he was poor. Because of him, I began to think, what is it about living? It doesn’t mean anything to think he’s alive like this. For him this person, he is a Cantonese, we call him every time, his name has a national character, Cantonese called A country. This country, his life, in the disease to deal with this disease, to the end of death, he is so alive why bitter? But then think further, everyone is the same ah, just die sooner or later hey, isn’t it? Everyone is the same, just die sooner or later. Sooner or later, I still think his life ah, too boring. So why on earth is it interesting to live? I don’t understand, there’s no answer after that.

But, because of him, I pay attention to that thing again, he has a brother, his brother is a company manager, life is very good, but his brother did not fully assist his brother, what reason? Because his brother married, there is a family, then I found that when a person once a family, is the first between husband and wife, brother row behind. So I see, alas, so, isn’t human selfishness coming from this side? But before I do not understand what is the reason, to the home after slowly looking at some Buddhist I know, the original, the world ah, there is a so-called two-person world, others can not participate in the two-person world. I’m selfish because I’m married, but I’m standing in the emotional side of their brothers and finding that I’m selfish because I’m married. Of course the opposite came to get married and have children, he gave everything for his children, he gave his love over there. But then I, I don’t think so.

Now let’s return to our question today, which is about why people live. I started thinking when I was in high school, and there was no answer. Then I believe that many people here also do not have an answer.

So let’s see, look at all of us, how we live to this day. From this side, why do you live? Then generally can be divided into two kinds, one is really in order to survive to live, the other is to live for happiness.

What do you mean to survive? What do you mean, for happiness? The so-called difference between the two, the so-called in order to survive is that he did not care about some pain or anything, in short, I want to survive, then he is really to survive.

If it is for happiness, is that his heart has some desire to achieve to do, there are some happy things to fight for, he felt it is worth living, so alive, this I call it to live for happiness. In order to survive ah, when we live to survive, when we were born, we live to survive. When you were born, you didn’t know anything, and at that time there was only an impulse to live.

Slowly grow up, at that time you have some other understanding. Later, you will know how to talk about love, but also feel the feelings of the world, then for the emotion and live, for the love between men and women and live. To live for the love between men and women is not to survive, you know? Ah, therefore, he can give up his life for his love, he is not to live, he is for the joy of love. That many people will also go through this stage, love must be difficult to give up. Say when I was in college. Tell a joke, some students Oh, we take classes between each course Oh, we have to half to go to other people’s classrooms, each time to go to different classrooms, that in the middle of going to different classrooms there are some classmates, must report, call girlfriend, so important things. So when he lives for love, survival doesn’t matter, he’s happy, he’s happy for love.

Then when he grows up a little more, that love music, slowly, more tired. With children, to raise children, he felt that he had some responsibilities, there are some parents, he felt that I want to raise my children, this is my responsibility. He found out, some people said that at that time will feel that he to some people in the world, he should take some responsibility, if not for these responsibilities, I would have died quickly. Have you ever heard of such a man? There is such a person, especially what, especially those husband and wife turned over, quarrel, for his children, would rather not divorce, in order to be responsible, and then, almost noisy to die to live, or look at his children, I have this responsibility to do well. His work is another purpose, he did not live for himself, you ask him to live for himself? He’s not, he’d rather die. But because of some responsibility he had to survive.

In the course of our life, then some people, he is not, he is for some of his ideals, he thinks that in this world Oh, some things are worth him to play to do, and then, his life for this matter and live. For example, some people think that a lot of people in the world are very bitter, I want to practice medicine I want to be a doctor, he really for this matter, some people are like this. There are some people out there. He put his ideals on others, such as some religious fanatics, he thought that my religion is the best, I also hope that you believe in this religion, I will do my best to promote this religion, in order to promote this religion I do whatever it takes, in short, I am good for you ah. He has his ideals, he lives for them, and when he lives for them he can live without them, and he can go to such dangerous places.

What about some people, he lives for money, these people are actually for enjoyment, and that’s not for money, we all know that.

In these cases, in the process of our life development Oh, you will have a certain period of time there is such a state of mind, when the reasons for living has been changing. But to this day, sitting here tonight, I don’t know why you’re alive, you know it, I’ve told you a few things, you may be one of them.

In another case, before I learned Buddha, because I had this problem very early, when I was Amy, I asked some of Amy’s colleagues, I said why are you alive? He thought about the last answer he gave for the next generation. Is that the right answer? For the sake of the next generation, you don’t know what the next generation is like, you’re still for him. In fact, if we humans are really for the next generation, we shouldn’t destroy this planet now, right?

What kind of situation are you in when so many different situations are driving you to live day by day? It should be said that you will have different situations at different times. Was that the right situation at that time? For example, a pair of men and women in love, love to die to live, the mountain alliance sea oath, and finally, the other side died he is willing to die, heard this novel story? Have you seen something like that, is that right? A lot of people pursue this Oh, his heart only love, no father and mother, he did not know that mom and dad raised him really hard Oh, he paid him everything to his lover, for him to die, right? In fact, it was a momentary impulse. So which way is it right to live?

There is one last way to live for practice. Who said that? That’s what people like me say, right? Not necessarily right Oh, we Buddhism, other religions do not talk, in fact, all religions are divided, we Buddhism is also divided, you know? Buddhism is divided into a lot of schools, big, small, what multiply a lot, and then, everyone is very difficult to be compatible, so many very difficult to be compatible, he said I want to practice, I live for practice can not accommodate others, then what is he repairing? Say through, or the same, but holding the heart of some ideals, he wants to achieve, his ideal is the ideal of practice, if you hold the ideal to practice Oh, so live right? What do you mean, right? What’s wrong? The question now is.

At first, according to the D.D., we all have a lot of troubles, but also a lot of confusion. I first think of you as believe in causal rotation ah, we because of the habits brought by the past, practice, this life, this practice continues to use it, is called trouble. These troubles, I think you all know you have trouble or no trouble, too much trouble. What about D.D., dedicated to trouble? So our troubles, what is it doing? Our trouble is our habit of certain behaviors, when it comes across the realm, it starts to think that way. Then he never thought about why I would move this idea, and then he would use these thoughts, and when he used them, he would react to the outside world and do all kinds of behavior, which the D.D. told us.

Take, for example, a man who loves antiques. He’s going to collect antiques, so it doesn’t seem like anything to a guy who doesn’t love antiques, does he? But for a man who loves antiques, he can’t love it, what’s the reason? He looked at those antiques all day he was happy, why so, of course, Dharfa said that everything has a reason, there must be some reasons for him to like antiques, those reasons according to the Dharfa said, some of you have been cultivated in this life, some of you brought in the past, what is the past brought? I give two examples, for example, you meet someone, the first time you meet, you do not understand who he is, his name you do not understand, but you meet him, you have a good feeling for him, this is the past brought. If, you don’t have any special feelings about something, and then you slowly do, then this is what this life brings. For example, sometimes you go to a place, you think I seem to be very familiar with this place, this is the memory of the past, let you go to compare the realm of the present seems to be very familiar, this is the past brought. So some of our troubles are memories of the past, but you can’t remember why he did. Some of them are slowly cultivated in this life. For example, smoking cigarettes, you will not want to smoke when you are young, slowly you come into contact with cigarettes, you try to smoke one or two, and then slowly like, and then become addicted. This means that you are slowly cultivated in this life. If you are on cigarettes, there has been a very profound love of death, you meet it very easy to smoke up, it is not the same as others.

Then our hearts, according to the D.D., use the habits of the past when it touches the realm. It seems that when I was young, I was scared when I heard lightning, and then I was scared every time I heard it, knowing that I wouldn’t die, and I was scared when I was old. It’s a habit. Then we these troubles, because that realm causes your troubles the memory it uses out, and then, he reacts to the outside world, we are doing this thing every day.

And then, why do you live? You live because of your troubles. According to the D?dd, your troubles tell you to do this, you do it today, tell you to do it, you do it tomorrow. When your troubles say, my friends, my colleagues, my classmates have bought a car, I will try to buy a car. And then, you worked hard to buy a car for a while, and that’s it. So every day we do, these acts, according to the D.C. law, are the ones that your past cary work influences your habits in this life to come out and live one day.

Just now I analyzed it into saying that living for survival, living for the next generation, living for ideals, living for love, living for responsibility, these are all worries. According to the D.D. said to wear, is the trouble to tell you to live, said to wear is such a thing, trouble called me to live.

So you don’t have to live without trouble? Is not no trouble do not have to live, this sentence is not necessarily right. According to the D.D. law, when a person he really has no trouble at all, there is no difference between being alive and dying, so he doesn’t need to fight for any, so that’s what’s really called no trouble, free from trouble. So now, because the trouble pushes the day after day, you have a lot of things to do tomorrow, the day after tomorrow there are some plans to do, you say some is not what I want, in short, you go to see, you are either for survival, or for responsibility, or for love, or for the next generation, or for money enjoyment, and also for your ideals, the last for the practice, these are all troubles. If all this is wrong, it’s no fun living, is that right?

So let’s see what Buddhism has to say about what you live for. For Buddhism, you live for what is not your important key, the important key should go to find out, just said is the trouble is pushing you to live, you should go to find out why these troubles will push me to live, you have to understand yourself, what you are doing, not to find out why I live this answer, you should understand why I did it, do these acts out, and then see why I live.

According to the D?dd, we are all bewildered, and this confusion is very deep. In a brief terms here, it is mainly divided into two aspects.

The first is us, how to know the world, why do we know that I exist, why I know this world, why do I know I live in this world. We never went to study, never understood. According to the D.D. law, we rely on the role of root, dust, knowledge and know the world, what is root, dust, knowledge? If you have read the Book of Hearts, read “eyeless nose and tongue, colorless fragrance touch”, read it. Root refers to the eyes, ears, nose and tongue, dust refers to the outside world is the color body fragrance touch method. Because our eyes are the root of this eye, touching this light, so that I know what is inside the light, I get my knowledge from this side, because my ears hear the sound waves, so I also get my knowledge from this side of the ear. That is, I from the eyes, ears, nose and tongue to contact the external realm, get the knowledge I want to get. So our roots, dust, knowledge of such a role, the knowledge is right? We never thought about it.

When you haven’t read or been a kid, you haven’t heard of the sun coming out of the east and going down from the west. Is it right to see it in your eyes? When you go to read, and then understand, because the earth rotates, the earth rotates a week is a day, this turn a week in the process, around the face of the sun, you see the sun, so you see the sun. So, in your roots, dust, knowledge tells you that the sun moves in the air, but then you learn the knowledge that the sun does not move, is the earth moving, right? In other words. Roots, dust, knowledge is a big problem, agree? It’s a big problem.

There is a table here, invisible raise your hand, see raise your hand, this woman in white you get up I ask you, nothing, not the examination questions, you also face the same problem. Did you see the yellow cloth or did you see the table? See the yellow cloth, see the table? No, not at all. Now anyone says raise your hand if you see the table. We not only root, dust, knowledge of the role of errors, roots, dust, knowledge and then tell you the knowledge, but also another mistake. So if I’m not a table, I put a box here covered with cloth, and you see and think it’s a table, why? Because it’s set up to tell you, because your past memory habits tell you that here’s the chair you’re sitting on this side, here’s a table with this microphone, this must be a table, you unknowingly think it’s a table, okay? Our hearts are so unknowingly in use that it may not be right, but we often think it is.

You don’t see the table Oh, do you see the Light Mage? Raise your hand if you can’t see it, raise your hand when you see it. This Mage, you raised your hand ah, please stand up, I ask you, you see what part of the Light Mage? Appearance. Actually, what did he really see, my hands, my face, the others he didn’t see, did he? You sit down. Is that what he saw?

There is a very serious problem with the source of our knowledge, our life, today I will think, I will have this question, why I live this question, it itself has a big problem in it. It’s a lot of knowledge you have to have to come up with this problem, right? But you don’t know what you have to know, you’re using it. To the Light Mage Can you see, I tell you that you have no edi’s able to see the Light Mage. What do you really see? It’s the lights that shine on my side and then they reflect into your eyes, right? He really did, because the light-emitting wizard doesn’t glow, what do you think? Isn’t it? So D’Dfa said, the root of the eye contact dust, is to contact the light, the perception of the eye, and then that eye said I saw, but the eye saw what it saw? It’s light, not seeing that thing. But we always thought I saw that thing.

Let me give you an example, suppose there are six blind people, blind people touch like you have heard it, there are six blind people, touch the elephant’s four feet, touch the elephant’s nose, touch the elephant’s tail, each person touch a part, and then, they individually think that the elephant should be how and how, they are blind Oh, finally they six people sit down to discuss, who do you think will be right? Touch the right four feet, why? The minority obeys the majority, right, the minority obeys the majority, so the six blind people finally get a conclusion, the other two are wrong, the other four touch the same, absolutely right, isn’t it? That’s how we humans come to conclusions, you know? A lot of things we get to this conclusion, is it right? This is our source of knowledge, we are too confused to look at it well, when you go into the details to understand the words (will) find too many problems.

Just now I said, is the Light Mage something you can see? It’s really something you can’t see, as long as the lights go through here, you don’t have the enough to see it, do you? Then the light turned on, you see, in fact, what you see, from my side reflected the light of the past, and then, my skin what color, with this light changes over there. Then, you make further mistakes, you only see my head, you say you see the light wizard, so later people ask you, do you see the light wizard? No, I only saw his head.

That is to say, we human learning process oh, we humans have a ability, called Agaaga (Malay, Chaozhou), meaning probably just fine, can not be too accurate, too accurate can not live, do you believe? Let’s say, I ask you a mountain Oh, in the end how high, just called a mountain, you say is not Agaaga, that is to say we know things Oh, can not be too accurate, almost so it is, and then we are sure that we are such a life. If you want to be accurate, I tell you, from the day you were born, you can’t live, why? Who was your mother on the day you were born, I don’t know, I can’t be accurate. Can this milk come over to drink, can not accurately judge, to be accurate can not drink ah, right? So, a lot of our things, the learning process is not very accurate, we will be about this to accept down, and then formed our rich knowledge today.

So is this rich knowledge right? According to the D?dd, most of them are wrong, but they are all right for us. Why is this happening? Because we are blind to touch the elephant, we touch the elephant’s four legs more people, touch the nose less, understand? So the Buddha told you, you just touched the elephant’s leg, The Buddha saw the whole elephant. So if you say to the Buddha, alas, that thing so thick, like a pillar, a pillar with meat, is like. Of course you’re wrong about Buddha, okay?

Then why do you think you’re right? It’s because we all use the same eye roots. If it’s some other animal, it can see infrared, it can see ultraviolet light, its world is different from yours, right? If some animals can hear ultrasound and low sound waves, it’s not like your world. I’ve read reports from the Vietnam War that when a rocket launched by the United States flies through the air, the dog barks, the rocket’s speed is ultrasonic, we can’t hear it, it flies past you don’t hear it, the dog hears it barking. Well, in our world, there are a lot of sounds that we can’t hear, no light that we can’t see, and there’s a lot going on there.

So we rely on our six instruments too limited, this limited instrument to tell you the knowledge ah, too problem, but in your feelings are right, you live well, you will never deny that it is wrong. But according to the D.D., it’s all wrong. In debating this matter, the Buddhist scriptures often talk about the water of a river, people see is a stream of water, those dragons ah there are some creatures inside ah it will see its palace, and then those ghostly creatures it sees is pus. What reason, because we use different instruments, with different eye roots, see different results. And now we are carrying our modern human instruments, modern human instruments are degraded, you know? The more advanced the technology, the more degraded the human capacity, perhaps before the human six very sensitive, as sensitive as animals, now many have not degraded, more and more degraded, more and more inaccurate. But we are convinced very much that it is right.

So the first thing to tell you tonight is that no matter why you’re alive, you have to agree that what you’re seeing isn’t necessarily right, start here. So very simple, is that we use this instrument has a problem, limit our ability to know, some of our ability is not as good as animals, eyes are not eagles, ears are not as good as dogs, noses are not as good as pigs, many are not as good as those animals, many we do not know. But no matter, you don’t have to be compared to them. They’re the same, it’s just another set of instruments, okay? In short, we are subject to our instruments, and we have always believed that what we do see is so.

What do we do if all we know now is wrong? Buddha said that we now live in this world, Buddha has a metaphor, Buddha said it is like in a dream, everything we see in the dream seems to be very real, you wake up when you know, the original is the heart is making a strange. So this sentence tells us that we were deceived by all this as if in a dream, but also the heart is making a strange. So I don’t have to deal with those instruments, we have to deal with that weird heart, that instrument you were born with this instrument, no matter how you deal with it, this life is just so, you know? It’s a big deal that you’ve fixed some gods, just another set of instruments. So D’Dfa says it’s our heart that’s making a fuss.

Then this heart is strange Oh, is the Buddha said, if you believe in the D.D. people, you believe that the Buddha said all the idealism. If you don’t believe in the D.D. people, there are some people who admit that everything in front of us is not true, but he will believe in other things, what, just say that all that’s in front of us is an illusion. What’s the truth behind that illusion? So if you ask Christians, Christianity says the truth is God’s mastery; then if you ask scientists, he says everything is the role of matter; if you ask another person who believes in the ghost of the soul, he says it is the role of the soul; if you ask Buddhism, Buddhism speaks more, because Buddhism divides many factions, but no matter what the faction, even the present Southern Mission, they respect the Law, tell you, all the heart is the lord; All idealism, all knowledge.

What is this about? Say all this in front of us Oh, according to the D.D.A. is your own heart out, and then, you react in it, just like what happened in the dream, at the time of the dream, you think it’s all true, when you wake up, you know it’s all in the heart.

So what we see in front of us is the heart? Or an object? Can you see the lid of this cup? See again, I just don’t allow you to see me, you only see the light, you don’t see the cup cover. We’ve always thought that our eyes can see what’s out there, hear it clearly, see what’s out there, can we? When you see the sun, do you run to the sun, or does the sun come to your side? Have you ever heard of this “Ring Yan”, have asked this kind of question, in fact, the light ran to your eyes, right? I think you all know that. But what is this light? Is the light the sun? According to scientists now, the light is that there’s some nuclear explosion on the other side of the sun, and then the particle that releases that light comes out and runs to your side.

Again, sitting here tonight, do you see the Buddha statue behind you? It’s just that the light from those lights shoots into the Buddha’s side, and then it reflects to your eyes, which is exactly the same as what you see in the mirror, and you only see the light.

And where do you see the light? It’s when the light shines into the eyes. In other words, from your innation to today, you are in the eyes to see the world, not outside the eyes to see the world, agree? You’ve been looking at the membrane inside the eyeball, the cells on the retina behind the eyeball are reacting, giving you information. You don’t really touch what’s out there.

So is there anything out there? You think so, because you say I still hear voices, so well, the same is true when you hear sounds. Please raise your hand if you can’t hear the sound of knocking on the table. The sound of knocking on the table, you hear Oh, it’s the vibration on this side of the table, shaking to the air around you, and then shaking to the air on your side, the sound wave vibration of the air next to your eardrum that makes you hear, do you agree? Isn’t it, it’s not this side that’s running to your side, is it? You see, is also in the inside to get the information, not outside to get, our six can not leave this body, all in the body to find information, he found a lot of times is not the original, not the original.

So in the end there is no real outside world. D.D. tells you no, it’s all heart cheating, heart is changing, you think there’s a real outside world. Of course that’s what you said tonight, and you don’t have to accept it completely. But we need to break the idea that I don’t see things outside, I don’t hear the outside of the table in my ears, I hear sounds in my ears, I see things in my eyes, I collect information in myself, okay? Even when we say there is an outside world, do you understand what color blindness is? Color blindness, the most serious color blindness, is to see only the black and white world, can not see the color, because its optic nerve does not react to those colors. Then our eyes look at things ah, you watch TV, watch movies have to watch it, the principle of film production is every second to show you more than 25 negatives speed, and then you see things are consistent, this principle you understand.

Our eyes, the eyeball, the optic nerve Oh, when the light stimulates him, he reacts with time, you know? Because as it reacts outside, it changes itself Oh, and then it has to change back to normal, and then it can accept the next color stimulation, this understand? Just like my hand, to touch the ice, my hand is very cold, and then I go to get a just boiled water poured out of the bowl, I take this I do not feel hot, because, my skin reaction to recover it takes time, understand? That’s what our eye cells look at, and so do the sounds they hear, and they have the time it takes to react over there, because then you think what you see is consistent, so if you go deep into these things, many philosophers now admit that we don’t really know about this exost. But the average person thinks I know the outside world, but it’s not. So you have no thy hand to see me, because there is light you see me, even if you see me, you do not see me on my side, you are in your eyeballs to see me, this clear?

So if that’s the case, you think back, wow, everything I know is in my body to find the knowledge, then this set of instruments and problems hey, so tell you tonight, you have to admit that this is not true, what is the real thing? True, according to the D.D., everything is in the action of the heart. As long as you think back to your dream, is exactly the same thing, and then you go to see if you are in the dream every day, but you will find that not, many of the dream is false, my eyes see is true, my eyes see I touch, the dream inside I can not touch. Can you touch it? Dreams can be, as long as you go back to the original dream, what do you mean? That is to say, our hearts have been changing, because some of our troubles, some habits, our hearts are chasing that trouble habits to change, but we do not know, so you have to understand it, you have to understand your heart first. So just told you that what you see is not accurate, the eyes see is the light, the ear hears the sound waves, and does not hear the sound of knocking on the table, the sound of knocking on the table at the side of the table, to your side is another set, but that is because of the influence of this side, so you can also get a part of the information, so that’s how. The same eyes see this, see me, because the light shines on me, and the colors on my body are reflected back to you, and you get a part of the information on my side, when in fact the real light comes from the light.

So because we don’t know clearly, we think, I see this world. So tonight everybody’s here, and then I’m here, and you’re here, isn’t that really the outside world? How did you come without it? Ah, it’s hard to convince this. So have you ever heard a story, Nanke a dream? Raise your hand like you haven’t heard of. That is to say, there is a person, he dreamed, in his dream, experienced a lot of things, a lifetime dream, a dream of a lifetime, and that life is not his life, is a lifetime of memories, he dreamed of it, woke up, he called this a dream of a lifetime, and then people gave him a name, an idiom called Nanke a dream. This dream is a lifetime of life process, then we often dream, many are short. But there are some people he dreams of and can continue. Please raise your hand if you can continue, can you? I won’t call you up. Some people’s dreams can be repeated, there are repeated hands raised. Every night we all dream, but some dreams dream when we just go to sleep and wake up without knowing. The dream we know is only the dream when we’re just about to wake up, wake up, you know. Dreams that arise when you’re just sleeping, a lot of times you don’t know. And those dreams are repeating what we have known in the past, repeating them and continuing to evolve.

Now you say I woke up, you say you wake up Oh, because, you open your eyes, other than what is called wake up? No, because you open your eyes, you open your ears, that’s how you wake up. In other words, when you use another set of organs, you say I wake up, when you use the set of organs you dream of, you call it a dream, understand the metaphor? That is to say, we have to come to the knowledge, every minute and every second to get the knowledge, some say is the knowledge to wake up, some say is the knowledge of the dream, what is the difference? Knowledge gained with different instruments.

The Buddha told us that what was in front of us was not true. What makes you believe this? Then I’ll give you some examples. Have you ever heard of mother and son connected, have you ever heard of it? Is the mother and son two leave very far away, this side of the mood affects the mood there, heard it, have you ever experienced? Sometimes when I think of someone, he calls me, some raise their hands, a lot of people have, why? Is the heart of each other, why some people know some people do not know, because, you are too focused on some of your roots, you have other abilities, can not play. There is such a person, suppose a person likes to play mahjong, when he saw mahjong, his mind is turned with mahjong-related things, other things he did not care about, he will have a lot of things did not notice, understand? Very simple example, the same when we focus on the root of the eye, your heart is sensing other people’s things can not sense, he will be so, when you calm down, you can know each other, that is, our mind itself is no distance, he can sense each other.

So have you ever heard of ah, when China Qigong fever, some Qigong teacher remote control treatment, heard? Raised your hand as you’ve heard it. Suppose I am a Qigong, I am here I think of a certain patient in Canada, I think I give him treatment, so cure, he felt, so powerful, not to say me, is to say Qigong. There is such a thing, our hearts already have this power, but I do not know how to use, we do not know it. Of course you through some training, slowly expand your heart, you can absorb a lot of messages, other people sent you can feel. That’s when you’ll believe that it’s the heart and the heart that are affecting each other.

So the truth of this world, ah, is that the hearts of all of us in life are affecting each other, and then this mutual influence inside will form a collective, we all the same thought, the same thinking, now the psychologists have studied, called this collective consciousness. The so-called collective consciousness Oh, that is, somewhere, suppose some place some monkeys, everyone is doing one thing, it will affect another place, that group of monkeys are infected to do the same thing, everyone is doing the same thing. So our hearts are like this, we are affecting each other, we all have the same collective consciousness we all get the same conclusion, we all touch the foot of the elephant, say this is the elephant, too much like. Everything in front of you is not false, the pass is true ah, that’s it. So, our collective consciousness, in the D.D. is called the common cause, the meaning of the sense.

So our truth is that in addition to our own heart activities, we also have the same kind of heart activities, each other in the impact, and we do not know. Then we will come to Singapore and become part of Singapore, that is, we must have some common work in Singapore, said D.D. That in terms of mind, this is that we have a common understanding, a common collective consciousness, the same realm appears, that is the case. Then we see the common realm, the result we decided that the so-called common realm is true, I do not know you only see the feet of elephants. So the truth of it is that the heart and the heart interact with each other. Then when we’re alive you’re affecting me, I’m affecting you. So, when I die, my parents of the next generation, he wants to have children over there, he’s affecting me, you know? And then when I died I found him over there, and it affected each other, and it was in the same realm. We all live by unknowingly agreeing that these realms are real.

If you believe that there is such a thing, then you have to start from your heart, to understand how my heart works, and then, to see further why I live? If you don’t look from this side, it’s a scam to say why I’m alive. Why is it a scam, because the eyes see is not true, the ears hear is not true, then you can not solve the problem.

To know what’s going on inside you, you have to practice well, follow the guidance of the D.D. to learn how to calm down. Our hearts usually can not control themselves, then you have to repair a little force, let it calm down, calm down later to further see clearly, why it can sometimes calm down, why sometimes it can not calm down ah. Then when you can calm down, you go further and see how it’s changing, and then you have the ability to see your heart change.

Like a person, he is very angry, he is angry is also very reasonable, are you make me angry, is not ah? Not only did he not know himself, where did his anger come from, but he thought it was the people outside who made him angry. To tell a metaphor, it’s a coarse word. When I was at home, I just said I was friends with some adults. Some of them are old rough, one of them, he asked me to help him one thing, I die not to admit, regardless of him, he finally scolded me a word, your mother.” He scolded your mother, this is good to hear a little, is Mandarin, he scolded Cantonese, Cantonese you know how to speak? Lose your old mother, translate into Mandarin to call (do) rape your mother, I turned my face with him on the spot. But there’s nothing left between them, you understand what I mean? If they scold me your mother, I listen to me can also accept, but he scolded you old mother I can not accept, but between them can oh, where is the problem, you see, we did not go to find out their own problem, so ah, when you want to understand why I live, you first thing to understand, you now know everything is a false illusion, and this illusion is because the heart made out, and then, you have to know how your heart works. To know how the heart works, you let this calm down, otherwise people lose your old mother on the end, understand what I mean? Then you have the enough to see clearly what’s going on in my heart, and you’re going to have to find out what’s going on.



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