November Changsha Meditation Sense (reprinted)

November Changsha meditation feeling.

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I am leNovember Changsha Meditation Sense (reprinted)插图arning Buddha Xiaobai one, in May this year the first contact with Zen seven, meditation, know that there is a D.D. exists, can take off life and death (although do not know what is out of life and death). The first time I saw the road to Dinghui, in a practice of WeChat group, at that time left a heart, but did not want to learn immediately the urgency. The second time I noticed the road to Dinghui, it was recommended by Zhu Shi brother in Hangzhou that Anhui had Zen seven in mid-October. I was in the fog of practice at the time, eager to seize the straw of salvation, looking for a way out. I couldn't attend Anhui Zen Seven because I was going to be under caution in mid-October. But sometimes want to urgently free into the road of Dinghui (although at that time also did not know much about this law, just a want to free as soon as possible heart, a willing to put down everything to learn to repair the heart). Learned that in November Changsha has Zen seven, the first time to buy tickets, do not care that there are important items in hand, holding the heart of resignation without leave to go to Changsha (of course, there is a sense of responsibility to work ha, back a lot of computers and office materials ran away).


At first heard to see breathing, the bottom of my heart has a trace of light and slow floating, feel that the view of breathing is very simple, unwilling or even disdain to understand. Then when I started practicing, I realized it wasn't that easy. Because the bad view does not last, began to look for a variety of reasons: there is chronic simple rhinitis, the nose would not have breathed smoothly, the position of the person is too low, the touch is not obvious … Just refuse to admit that your heart is too thick, too loose, too stupid, too arrogant. If you don't see it well, you don't think it's the law, you want to change your breath to practice meditation. Teacher mercy, call me past ginseng, under the guidance of the teacher, actually can soon to Sanzen. Understand the view of breathing to lift the awareness of the suffering, rather than like a blind cat in front of the rat hole just dead and not alert. This ginseng, blind cats began to slowly learn to catch mice. After a few sittings, according to unconservative judgment, the blind cat felt as if it was about to go on four Zens.

The fifth day began to repair the view, the first smell feel too simple, nothing considerable, that is, so the heart is very easy. Later the teacher asked the cause and effect, suddenly blindfolded, into the quagmire can not help themselves, then began to find reasons to defend themselves: not according to the teaching of the exam, out of the question … … With the teacher dead into the night, still do not want to admit that they did not see clearly, back to the room self-musing to the early morning, the next morning to continue to watch, while thinking about the only side view, the result is more and more chaotic, cutting constantly reasoned, at this time want to die of the heart have, feel this view of cause and effect how so difficult? ! At noon on the seventh day, dragging tired and messy body back to the room to rest, the road to think about it, do not look, no meaning, but also so tired, did not practice when not so tired ah. Because it is too tired, tell yourself to put down everything, put down the view, put down the mind, put down the law, put down everything, completely put down, go back to rest. After a good rest, began to tangle to do not fight back to the house, because the feeling of the view is really uncomfortable, anyway, also an afternoon, the unit also has something to do. Later thought, Buddha said that all laws are D?dd, law can be life and death, if this law is not repaired, it must not be a problem of law, there must be a problem. Anyway, an afternoon, dead horse when the living horse doctor, perhaps really can see a so come, walk up, continue to watch! In the process of viewing, it is good to meet god-like teachers in time, often satisfactory pointing, correction, suddenly clear, and then bravely practice, the road towards the sky.


From the moment of the end of Zen VII to the fourth day after the end of today, has been very, very calm and stable. Clearly know that there may be a thousand feelings in the heart, but how can not afford a wave. No excitement, no joy, no nostalgia, no distractions, just calm, calm.

In retrospect, these short seven days seem to have reloaded a system for the body and mind. The body becomes more soft and happy, facial expression is no longer as stiff as a dead body, the chest does not have the feeling of suffocating panic, the body and mind has been the nameless tension has gradually faded, in the face of those who are easy to let their hearts and situations, actually can be very calm to see the cause and effect of it, more importantly, changed their deep-rooted view of everything …

Take part in this Zen seven, only to know that the original is so foolish and arrogant, thought that before contact with the big multiplier, than learn to learn small multiplied noble; "Hui", let alone have roots; this thought usually very brave and refined, only to find that they have been living in delusional persistence, good high and far, holding piles shaking; ……

This Zen seven, so that I understand that practice is the behavior of the heart, rather than the past only know the "heart" but do not know what to practice the heart, what to practice, through this Zen seven, so that I more soberly realize the beginning of their practice and the situation, more clearly the practice of the second and direction, more firmly the faith and perseverance of the practice.


Learn the way, 1, to have a centrifugation, there is an urgent relief of the heart, mind not to forget this heart, and not just as a meditation experience, a experience, a kind of knowledge. 2, confidence. Believe that the law is D.D., the law can be life and death. Since there is a reason to contact this law, this law is second clear, and someone has passed this legal proof, then they can also. If you don't learn well, there must be no problem with the law. 3, respectful. First of all, to the law to have respect, the sense of the law is difficult to hear, hard-won, secondly, to the teacher to have respect, teacher Hong Falisheng on behalf of the right law, should follow the teachings, and finally, to the same practice to have respect, in the words of the brother, "can come here, are not ordinary people", respect for others, that is, to break me. Humility benefits a lot, respect a point will get a point of wisdom. 4, heartless. When learning the law to put down the past insight, experience, put down the self, give up thinking only, the heart does not climb the edge, old practical work. Completely in accordance with the teacher's teaching methods, not a word without a word, not a single thought to practice, do not make themselves smart according to their own understanding to play; 5, practical repair. D.F. is not in the book, not in the mind, not in the answers of others, we must rely on their own actual observation, physical evidence to obtain real awareness. Don't try to sit down and figure out what to practice again, don't always ask what the realm of answers to pursue, don't think about any difference, go straight to practice, just to practice. 6, continuous. Always lift positive awareness of mindfulness, sit up and breathe, sit down and watch cause and effect, continue to work hard, do not be distracted by changes in time and place situation. At first, in order to remind myself of the time hard work, I will mobile phone wallpaper, room walls, handbags … Where the eyes are always marked with a number of large words, lying down to sleep in the first second is still looking at cause and effect, the result of several sleep actually have a sense of certain. Another time across the road, the right side of the car galloped over, the first reaction is not to run, but the material is because, the eyes see is the fruit, good no risk, really no one … 7, status. Relaxed and focused state is very important, whether it is to see breathing or observation of cause and effect, first to adjust the state, the body and mind completely relaxed, without any nervous stiffness, only in this way can the nuanced body perceived. Then focus, but only, nothing exists except the breathing in view or the D.D. (But this state view for a long time will really be very tired, sometimes actually tired to the whole body shivering, even the road can not walk, words do not want to speak, we must pay attention to the combination of the end, timely adjustment of the state). 8, small ginseng. Small ginseng is very important, when you feel that practice is not legal (note, not thinking is not law), be sure to ask the teacher to help you small ginseng, rather than their own blind practice there, or lose confidence half way.



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