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From here (Ding Hui Road Meditation Experience)

I've been to places big and small in China, and Changsha is a city worth marking, just like Shanghai, because in these two places, I met The Way of Dinghui.

Fortunately got the bright sea teacher and white teacher's careful guidance, the two teachers teaching style is different, but have the same wisdom and compassion, two seven down, the students got the teacher's hard-working preaching and no great guidance, in addition to benefit, only thanksgiving.

The first seven with the teacher to learn, previously slightly basic, habitual with interest, but in the co-study is not effective, in accordance with the teacher's guidance, began to change the method to focus on the human touch, this is indeed a good way, the heart closed a little, easy to focus. Scattered thoughts gradually subsided, and stabilized. On the seventh day began to learn the concept, learned the method, after the end of the home to continue to work hard.

The second seven came to Changsha. A few days ago continued to repair, the steady force gradually stabilized, but the heart began to be eager, thinking of repairing the view early. On the fourth day, the teacher finally taught us to practice, heart is happy, and determined to get. For the study of knowledge in the world, as long as the understanding digested the content of learning, grasp the main points, sum up the law, take one example and three, the examination is not sad, I believe that the officials have the same feeling. Looking back now, those days, I must have forgotten that the D.D. is not knowledge, not understanding, but the heart of the world, is a clear mind before the real understanding, I still in accordance with their inertial thinking to work hard, so – the more hard work, the more difficult to see, the examination is naturally not good-looking.

The teacher saw the crux of the problem, pointed out my problem – with meditation but can not see, that is, there is no view, the exam can also say the answer, that is, with logical thinking, not the result of the view. The teacher also pointed out that logical thinking is a necessary condition in doing technical research work, but in the view is an obstacle, the essence is also a habit, to repent. I was listening, mixed, only half of it. For the first time, I lowered my usual logical thinking to the position of habit and confessed. But for the teacher pointed out that I did not look up, the heart does not recognize and feel very aggrieved: I clearly according to the teacher said the method is very hard to see ah, from morning to night, even if the fast can not walk drag heavy footsteps did not stop to rest ah; (Looking back now, it felt so wrong)

The teacher must have seen my idea, and further pointed out my doubts – this sentence is Ddafa, to believe what the Buddha said, to empirical. I do have doubts in my heart, the Buddhist book said the empirical realm is how rare ah, the deep-rooted insights of the world, in these days can have a breakthrough? Can a short break form a solution? With doubt, until the end of Zen seven the night before 12 o'clock, still did not watch.

After very lucky to meet a certain FS (here is not convenient to disclose the name) guidance of the Dinghui road, I asked my own view of the problem. FS pointed out that: insufficient and over-determined will be impaired, and I have been in a state of mindless, no view, but also broke my doubts: I see is not the same as my persistence, put down the opinion can be instantaneous, put down tired of my stubborn trouble is to slowly watch until not born. Cleared the ideological barrier, I gave birth to a great deal of confidence, honest work, began to see the law on the road. Subsequently appeared the self-esteem of the heart is another barrier, FS to gravity as a metaphor to break my many years of misjudgery, the current experience of the D.D. is indeed true, can be empirical. Very grateful for FS guidance! In return, only this life hard work and hard work!

Looking back, when the teacher pointed out my problem, I was obsessed with learning Buddha for many years, trapped in their own opinions, not open-heartedly taught, so took some detours. In fact, the teachers are people, eyes are bright, the problem pointed out must be a problem. Only put down the self and slow heart, put down all kinds of thoughts and plans, pious to the law, pious teacher, with enough confidence, old practical skills, can benefit. Specific view of the law please follow the teacher's teachings, this article is only to write down the course of the heart, in the future on the way forward often remind themselves and with classmates!

Very grateful for all the good knowledge on the way forward, all the peers, let us cherish the edge, from the road of Dinghui, with the study of progress, early proof of relief, early proof of Bodhi!

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