The Way to Happiness – Light Mage

(Description: This paper is organized into text by the five-round translation team of Guangcher according to the recording of the lighting wizard, in order to increase readability without changing the meaning of the language or to increase the bracketed bridging words, in order to make the text smooth.) )

There is no master in the south to release Carmuni Buddha.

There is no master in the south to release Carmuni Buddha.

There is no master in the south to release Carmuni Buddha.


Here, I wish you all a happy Wesser Day. Tonight, wesser’s lecture celebrating the Buddha calendar, hosted by Guangming Mountain. Here, I want to talk to you about the way to happiness.

Each of us wants to live a better and happier life, but what kind of life is the happiest? Let me start with one or two examples, for example, some people he yearns for a good family, has a good husband, a good wife, good children, maybe some, he really thinks he has these, but he is really happy? Maybe on the face of it he seems to be living a happy life, but in fact, it’s not in his heart, and I’ll talk about why.

Again, for example, some people, he is also satisfied with the pursuit of certain things, then from it, he also feel happy. But like it, he’s not necessarily happy. For example, suppose a person he likes to play antiques, then he collects antiques, that every day, take those antiques to see ah, touch ah, see and take back, he is also satisfied in his collection, but also satisfied in it, he felt that he did very valuable, very happy very satisfied, he is really happy? In fact, it is not necessarily, there are many problems. Let’s talk about it.

So, for happiness, we Buddhism, Buddha has a special emphasis, he said that in this world all suffer. This has the meaning of suffering means that any feeling, its essence is a kind of suffering. In fact, the feeling, our feelings inside, it would have been bitter, happy, with not bitter feelings. But the essence of these three, in terms of D).D.A., is a kind of bitterness. If we don’t understand this, we’re in pursuit of happiness when we’re in pain, we don’t understand that we’re in pain.

Why do I say I suffer? The reason (is) because, originally our feelings are bitter, happy, not bitter, then we do not want these bitter, we want to be happy, then we try to strive for happy things, and the so-called happy things, in fact, is to feel, let you know that you think that is happy. It means that any source of your happiness, we don’t care first, but how do you get this happiness? You get it from the feeling.

Therefore, we first know the feeling itself first, for example, our people, eyes and ears nose, ears it feels it likes to listen to things, like to listen to the sound, eyes like to see it to see things, different requirements, mouth has a happy mouth feeling, the body has the body, the various parts are different, that is to say, our happy feeling is due to our feeling organs, it tells you so called happy. It’s like some people, he smells durian, he stinks to death, some people smell he doesn’t, he feels fragrant. Well, that means your feeling organ, let you think this thing is beautiful, is comfortable, is happy, then you agree that this is happy.

So, in addition to this, there is our hearts, because we have some troubles, different things in the world, in which we go with some of my interests, interests, then all the interests of me, good for me, I will be born happy, then the inner feeling is happiness.

Just said that the feeling organ is the eye, ear, nose and tongue, these are the feeling organs. The other is the mind, that is, after you have separated from all beings, you go inside to be good or bad. Let’s say someone, say something you like to hear all day long, then you have a good feeling for that person, then or, he often does something good for you, you see you happy, and this it is not from the feeling organs to tell you, you are separate from your heart, in your separate interests, you feel good about you, you feel happy, that is, our feelings can be divided into body and inner feelings. Body feeling is the feeling organ tells you this is the case, then the inner feeling is your separate mind, these separate heart is established where? Built on my body and mind as the main, good for my body and mind I have a happy heart. That’s why you’re so happy. Apart from this, you can’t be happy, which means that you can only get happy from the feeling organ to the heart. Just said that no matter what the outside world first, how do you get happy? From this point of view, we are actually meeting the requirements of the feeling organs, to meet the requirements of our hearts of the separate troubles.

Well, in the case of D.D., this is a bitter thing. Why is it a bitter thing? Because our physical and psychological requirements are demanding of us, and we don’t know, we meet it every day.

Well, if you like antiques, for example, then your heart on antiques to produce some hobbies, preferences, persistence, you have a heart for antiques, then you must, you have to pay a lot of things for antiques out, you have to find better antiques, then antiques bought after the collection is afraid that it is seen by others, then I hope people look at it more, then you are very tight, and can not be closed all day to show people, is not ah? In fact, this is like some people in the world, some people he is very persistent, he wants to marry a very beautiful wife, that wife is very beautiful, he very much hope that others praise his wife beautiful, and do not want people to stare at his wife all day long, this is not his trouble?

I mean, that’s because he has those demands, he’s going to meet them, so in order to fulfill these psychological requirements, physical requirements, he’s going to have to act like that, and that’s the source of the pain. It means that if I’m a good person, if I don’t have any interest in antiques, I probably won’t do anything for antiques in my life, will I? But if I have a great preference for antiques, then I will run antique shop, I am sure I will run, without me to find antiques, or the street to try to see if there is no baby I found, then found it I want to put away, collect and no fun, to talk to people, to talk to people ah, I will spend a lot of time, my behavior will be spent there, pay that price.

That is to say, your happiness, not just by feeling happy, it can not be produced by yourself, you have to do, to fight for, to win it, you have to worry about it lost, to try to save it. This kind of behavior, is for that happy pay.

Again, this feeling of happiness, he can not be long, long time is a kind of bitter. Let’s say someone who likes coffee, he drinks his first cup of coffee very well, you call him two more cups and three more, he doesn’t want it, does he? In the same way, a person who likes to play basketball very much, he is tired of playing, and then he is tired of playing. That is to say, your inner requirements for happiness, physiological requirements for happiness, can not always maintain, keep it, itself is a kind of bitter, that is to say, he a little limit he can, and then increase his opposite effect, so we have to understand the nature of happiness, it itself, the first thing, it is from the feeling, and the feeling is different from the feelings of all beings, his feelings of happiness are not the same.

Again, you want to make his happiness to get, you have to go to all kinds of behavior to pay, just said that if I do not have a preference for antiques, I see antiques in this life, my heart is very free, but if I have a preference for antiques, see antique shop I must walk in first, buy not buy is another thing, so that is to say, my life, some of my time, my troubles and all kinds of behavior, I have to pay around these things. Is it necessary to do so in itself? There is really no need, that is, if I am not obsessive about antiques, then antiques for me, I am a very free person, that is, if you have a obsession with antiques, you have a happy preference for antiques, the pursuit, then you lose your freedom in this regard.

That is to say, Buddha said that the essence of happiness, itself is a kind of bitter, we have to figure out. So if the essence of happiness is a kind of bitterness, then can we pursue happiness? Are we going to abandon happiness? No, my topic tonight is the way to be happy, how to be happier. At this point, we must first understand the D.D., the Buddha speaks in this world, varies from person to person.

Generally speaking, the object of DDd law is three kinds of people: the first person, he does not want to practice, he wants me to live a better, happier life, then I am satisfied, that practice is very difficult, I can not do; What about the second person, if he wants to practice quickly, to quickly free life and death, standing in the concept of our general people, we can say, equal to say that he is against himself, why say so? Just (yes) to say, you have to transform yourself, practice is to change yourself, then change yourself is to change their previous bad things to change. So it’s not easy to go against yourself. What about the third kind of person, not only to be against themselves, if others do wrong, he also has to do with others, it is called the line sassa road, how to do the salsa road? That is to say, he not only wants to free himself from life and death, he also wants to live all beings. All beings is to transform all beings, to transform all beings in turn, is to be against all beings, why say so? That is to say, there are bad things in all beings, we have to correct him, that (yes) is not easy one thing Oh. Well, so it’s harder to do one of the more difficult things, that is, a person has to have a big fore reason before he can do it. Why is this so? That is to say, for example, in the case of Buddha, Buddha’s Forde, he has all kinds of merit, Ford power, what he said, all beings are willing to listen to. But many people, he does not know himself, he wants to do the Sa-Dao to all the people, he does not have that virtue, all day long to see the living do not listen to his words, he is very upset. This is very common Oh, but I’ll talk about these three people first, so let’s probably say. So I’m here tonight to talk about this happy way, and I’m talking about the first person, which is that we just ask ourselves how to live a happier, happier life, and Buddha has no objection.

So how do you live happier? Didn’t you just say you were suffering? It is true that all feelings are a kind of bitterness. And we, born in this world, we get the fruits of the human being, in the case of the D.D., is the cause and effect of our past to form the foreford of our present life. You look beautiful ugly smart stupid, rich and no money and so on because of the cause and effect of the previous life is very big. That life, coupled with your efforts, then all this affects whether you live a more happy life today, meaning that you have to live a happy life, a lot of times is not you can control, some aspects, for example, I am Singaporean, so-called Singaporeans are I was confined to live on this side of Singapore, I do nothing is to go abroad, you just go out 50 kilometers away is abroad, this is Singaporean life. It’s that you’re limited to your environment, everyone is, not Singaporean, the whole world. What if it’s an American, my range of activities is so large that I don’t have to look for a passport all day. So it is because of this, you in your environment, live the forefar you deserve, and then your family, your loved ones, the people who take care of you, the people who help you are all with you for a reason, then because of these factors you will be a little more relaxed life in this life, so the D.D. said, what to thank? Vaughn, parents, all the people, that is to say, today, we Singaporeans will live a more stable life, but also we Singaporeans to cooperate with each other. Then these external environments are influenced by the cause and effect of the industry.

So, if we’re going to live a happier, happier life, in this respect, we have to figure out that these are driven by the cause and effect of everyone’s cary work. In this case, the first thing is how can we work together more happily? This external factor affects this, so to accomplish this, we D.D. say that it is very important for any Buddhist to hold the Five Commandments first. Because if Buddhists are not willing to hold the five commandments, then, that is, Buddhists agree that in the five commandments, can infringe on others, can steal a little things, can beat people, can kill, can infringe on all beings, then if so, in other words, you also have to accept the victims of the invasion, right? That is to say, if you want to have a good living environment, happy environment, the most basic, we D.D. inside the Five Commandments as a Buddhist, he is going to complete, otherwise his environment is very messy. It’s like if we talk about Indonesia, they’re going to kill with a knife and a gun, where do you want that environment? Right?

So if you want to live a happier life, you should pay for this external environment. Because just said, this happiness is not born out of nothing, a lot of conditions. Therefore, the most basic you have to guard the five commandments yourself first. If you do not want to guard yourself, you also want to pursue happiness, that is to say, you agree with my pursuit of happiness inside, I do not care whether I have harmed others, in this case, you will accept that you in the pursuit of happiness in the process of others can also harm you, we D.D. this is called the law of self-communication these five rings. You should think about what I should do, so you won’t do it, it’s not easy for you to be happy in the environment you live in.

Then, one is our own inner trouble, we as human beings, the D.D. divides this world into three worlds and six worlds. The so-called three boundaries, that is to say, there are classes of all beings called colorless boundaries, that is, there is no body only mind activities, such all beings are in the long-term meditation inside. The other kind of being called the color world all beings, he has the body has the light, but, he does not have these those of us between the rich and famous sleep activities, he is also in the fixed inside. Then we human beings are living in the desire world, all the desired world all beings have all kinds of desires, no those desires will not come to the desire world, then we generally say that we have the wealth of famous food sleep, that is, as a person, he has the need for money and color food sleep, and this need, is not evil, do not see the famous food as evil, because just said, the Buddha inside the Buddha, the object of three kinds of people. In order to free the life and death of the person, he will see the famous food sleep as evil, he wants to stay away, but if you want to live a more happy life, you must go to enjoy the famous food sleep, if not you can not be more happy. Does that mean, how do you live without money? I’m out of the house? You don’t have to think about going out of the house. Well, maybe, (if) I can’t get out of the house, and I’ll use the money as long as I can’t get out of the house, right? Can’t we mess up, how chaos? It’s absolutely wrong to say something about the D.D.S. in your family’s practice, to use it on the people you live in at home. Many people did not find out, out of the family said can not be lust, can not receive money, kind of can not, that is not the buddha’s comprehensive D?td, D.D. because of different beings and speak different laws. So in the family, Buddha allows to have children, marriage to start a family, but also allows to make money, Buddha also teaches you how to use money. Buddha said the family can not receive money, nor how to use money, that family Buddhism how he used money, that is to say, we do not get me wrong, think that the D.D. is out of the family to speak those words, that kind of life is, not oh.

Therefore, as a family member, he can not quickly practice in this life towards relief, then he should follow in the five desires inside, the name of money to sleep inside, how to enjoy, to fight.

Let’s talk about this money first, according to the money, what does Buddha say? He said that anyone can make money, no mistake Oh, but you make money, as long as your way of making money does not harm others, you can make money. So what if you make money? Buddha said to divide into several parts, what did he say? ‘First, you make money and you have to save for future accidents and you don’t have the money to use it, ‘ he said. What about the second one, you make money that you need to support your family and maintain your family life. Third, you earn money, how do you want to develop a career, say you originally made so much money, you should invest to earn more, the development of the cause.

Buddha says you can develop your career, there’s nothing wrong with that. Fourth, to make another investment, what is it? Do something good. Why do you do this? Because you take Busch to do good, and then, these accept your Busch’s beings, and he will come to help you later if he doesn’t mean to. You’ll live easier after that. Let’s say some people open stores, they open grocery stores, and a lot of people buy things from him here, and no one buys them with him, that’s his fate, you know? It is his relationship with those beings that have their own causes. Then the Buddha said so. You see, Buddha didn’t say, hey, can’t collect money, can’t make money, make money is greedy, don’t say so.

Well, for those who want to quickly free life and death, he should spend his time in the transformation of his own inner troubles, that world should not be taken care of, then should not spend time in terms of making a living, that because the Buddha has developed, if you want to quickly free life and death you go out of the house, accept others to support. Because you accept support you don’t have to worry about your life, you don’t have to make money, you have more time to practice. But, the words say, if you do not repair enough blessings, you take that meal to please, no one to give you, that is, you are qualified to live that life, accept the support of others do not have to work, you must have repaired some blessings in the past, understand? With that fruit report, people are willing to do that.

Once, I also often have this phenomenon, I sit in the taxi, that taxi driver asked me, do you have a job? I said no, he said how did you live? I said what the believers gave me, did he say there was such a cheap thing? Then he doesn’t understand. That is to say, Buddha came up with a home life, they have what they have to do, in the family have to do things in the family life, we do not want chaos.

Well, now that you’re talking about this money, you can make as much money as you can, tens of millions, millions, hundreds of millions, and you can even make money like that Microsoft boss, Bill Gates, billionaire, no mistake. Isn’t that greed? That’s not necessarily greed. Then we have to find out the D.D.A. talks about this greed, so greed means that what you have you don’t want to give to others, this is the first kind of greed, we call it greed and meanness. The second kind of greed, you have things you want more, hope that other people’s things become yours, then you want to do everything you can to try to get people’s things over, this kind of greed, these two kinds of greed are not right.

But if you follow some of the laws of our world, the game of the world, the rules of the world, he thinks these are the truths, we all do according to these reasons we get the money, money, then we go to use, in fact, it is not greed. But you get what you want more, and if you want more it’s greed. So how much money is not greedy? So it’s up to the individual, why do you say that? Let’s say some people make 5,000 bucks a month, he says I’m not enough, some people make 2,000 bucks and say I’m good enough, so what’s the problem? The problem is that if you want a different standard of living, that’s what’s causing you, because just said you made four, remember? So how much do you want to put each of these four? I put a dollar in each of these four, and I’m relaxed. But if I put 5,000 bucks each, I’m miserable, do you understand the metaphor? That is to say, you have to look at your ability, the original Buddha said you earned money, part of the development of the cause, that is, if you make money is very poor, then you have to take part of the money to develop the cause, enhance your ability to make money, that is to say, strengthen your ability to work, you must do these things, you do not do the words you can not be happy, understand this metaphor? That means you can keep the way you are every day, you can make what you were, and you can’t compete with people, can you? What’s more, if you’re going to live a better life, you’re going to have to make some investments in this area.

The metaphor is to tell you that the Buddha did not say that he would not allow the famous food to sleep. Then come again, this color, color desire between men and women, Buddha said you can get married, if you have lust, you can get married with a wife and a husband, that’s no mistake. But if a man wants to free him from life and death, of course not. Then lust, will be more lust more persistent in it, the more confused in it. Then you are the same in the family, if your lust heart is very heavy, it is also very bitter ah, that kind of lust is too heavy, what is he suffering? All day long to find, supplement to eat ah. Then, when the lust is not satisfied, he will be hearty, and even divorce because of these problems, this is the lust ah.

So, Buddha is not against the famous food sleep, I said I first give some examples, you can have these things, but how much do these things have? So as I said just now, this nature of happiness, it is a kind of bitterness in itself, you have to pay the price. So if you still can’t, you still want to have to pursue, you know you’re going to pay that price. When you pay the price, you have to pay in the right way and you’ll be happier.

So this famous food sleep five desires, we should all have some, you in the family he has to have some, can not not have ah, no he is very bitter, then why should we not have their own with their own? For example, clearly you like to eat durian, you say oops, I want to quit this greed, do not eat, he endured, endure, endure to the end or secretly eat. I mean, if you don’t want to get away with it quickly, you might as well enjoy something that’s not wrong in itself, just that when you’re pursuing, over-pursuing, you’re going to pay more, and it’s not worth it.

Besides, we see our physical and psychological needs as a human being, and we have to balance it, and if you don’t balance it, you don’t have a psychophysiological imbalance, it’s a weirdo. Well, like, if you give it a little satisfaction, then your physiology it already needs those things it will have this requirement, then you have to meet it some. For example, sleep, how much time should I sleep, how much I eat, must need Oh. As a Singaporean, how much does a day cost, are almost needed, you can’t say, hey I use less, see if I can live? Then you’re suffering yourself Oh, how much do you say we spend on a day out? How much is a meal? You say no, I want 50 bucks to live a month’s life, how is that possible? Less than two dollars a day, how are you going to eat it? I can’t drink any coffee, can I? It means that as long as you get the amount of need in your life, you can meet it, there is no greed, and there is nothing wrong with giving you a little more happiness.

Well, this we understand, that is to say, never hear out of the family practice, so can not do that can not do, I also do to see ha, that is not necessarily right. I take ism as an example of me, I began to go out of the house, and then I saw the commandments, and then the commandments looked at the commandments to do so, and then I followed them and ate one meal a day. Then, the ring also stipulates that if it is not raining on a hot day can not bathe, I do not bathe for a few days, then how? Skin disease is coming! It’s going to be washed. So eat a meal, originally eat a meal his life is very simple, did not do things, but I do a lot of things, run around ah, then the stomach is broken, stomach bad () time, the time of the lecture all day coughing, that people say light wizard ah, you talk about coughing all day, every tape heard your coughing sound, that is right?

The love you give to one person is different from the love you give to another person, that is to say, this trouble itself, is some of your past cary cause and effect in affecting you, let you this life your mind, you can not grasp, your heart with the realm. Then your troubles are bothering you. So how are we going to deal with it? Just I have said, there are lighter, heavier, really serious, you can’t take the first to avoid, that is, don’t face it, because you don’t have the ability to face. So if you don’t face it, do you have a solution? According to the D.D. law, there is no solution. So you’re going to have to do something to fix it. Is that any very serious trouble, you must before that trouble has occurred, to repair some legal doors to change your mind.

Let’s say, let’s say that if your hatred is heavy and you lose your temper all day long, then you can’t have the ability to deal with it when you lose your temper, because at that time, the power of your tantrum is more powerful than any force, including the D.D. is ineffective. Well, only when you haven’t lost your temper, do you train more things that don’t. It means that the reason why you lose your temper so heavily is that you used to train these bad habits all day long, okay? That habit is so heavy that it’s hard to turn it around. It’s like a person smoking, the more serious the smoking ( ) when you see the smoke is not smoking. That tantrum is the same, you used to slowly train to strengthen. That being the case, you can do another kind of training to the contrary, before you lose your temper, you train more compassionate practices, that is, to practice some compassion, to sit there and watch when you don’t lose your temper, oh, how am I going to be nice to others, how am I going to send my kindness? Heart, this is a kind of practice called the concept of mercy, you can go to consult some wizards, or you go (find), I have also said a card belt called the view of mercy, you have the opportunity to also go please, and then (, you can write to the Buddha friend information please.

A sense of compassion is a way to train and cultivate your compassion. Previously has always been all day to cultivate that tantrum heart, now, before the tantrum to cultivate this compassion, and then, slowly you again with the strength of compassion also strengthened, that tantrum heart, you are also over there, those two have a chance to compare, you know? When you’re going to lose your temper, the power of your compassion is there, and then you have a chance to show a little compassion, and it’s going to be able to come down.

It means that when you have troubles that you can’t overcome, you can’t face them when they’re born, you can’t. Then we ordinary people worry a lot, some he can’t see, he doesn’t care. But the heart is that everyone can see, want not to. Want not to, it is partial to use out, partial to send out, clearly do not want to be angry, he still want to be angry, and finally scold each other – are your trouble. Then let’s be clear, that is, if you often do this, because the heart is not happy, then you must not fight it, to avoid that environment, and then, in the heart has not yet, quickly repair something, repair the opposite law.

Then if your greed is very heavy, greed is very heavy people, is the same, can not wait for that greed to come to repair, too late. So what’s he going to fix? Can’t fix the net view, what is the not net view? To repair the concept is to look specifically at the unclean parts of our bodies. Just say you are in a calm mood, people are very cool-headed, sit down and observe, every part of my body, dirty parts I look at, you will find that no part of the body is clean. Don’t you think people you haven’t heard raise their hands to? Haven’t you heard of it? So the not net view is to say, you see from your head to your feet, your skin out of the oil every day to wash, not washed it is very dirty, more than a few days do not wash skin disease came. Where I live, the vases of the Buddha’s temple can be washed once every two weeks, but your skin can’t do it. Just (yes) to say that it flows out every day is dirty, starting from the skin, the skin inside the flesh, blood, pores are to see, flow out are, Fujianese called sai (shit) you have heard? , eye, ear, nose… it’s all, just (yes) say you look at it like that and look slowly, your stomach is actually not clean. Then you have to do it every day, if you’re a lustable, greedy person, you’re going to spend some time doing this every day. When I first started out of the house, I was fixing this every day for two or three years. Because my lust is very heavy, I am very panic when I go out of the house, because the lust is too heavy, so I often all day in the repair of this not net view, and then I do not repair. That is, if you have this problem you should fix, why? Because you have been looking at this, slowly you on the body of the obsessive you look down, then you look light, you have no interest in it, that person is not interested in the body, so a lot of things he is not interested, his greed quickly put down.

So, I would say (), don’t come and overcome a very heavy trouble when it comes, and the D?t teach us how to fix some laws to alleviate it. So, this is you to repair a method, that in daily life, in daily life how do we face our happiness? On (is) said, I am rich and famous food sleep, I go to meet it, this satisfaction is really right, if you see a cloud swallowing noodles on the side of the road, you like to eat, you may as well sit down to eat it, eat enough very happy to go, the body is very healthy, why not go with it? Don’t eat, don’t eat after you still have to find something to eat, eat cloud swallow noodles and eat another meal is not the same? That is to say, we don’t have to suppress some of our physical needs, you suppress your heart imbalance.

That about this psychological imbalance, I want to tell jokes, in fact, a lot of out of the family, he repair not good, repair the heart imbalance, because do not know how to repair, understand? He’s serious about doing it, the more unbalanced it gets, but sometimes we have physical needs and you have to meet it, you know? You’re not satisfied, you’re miserable, you know? Really is so, that is to say you do not do all at once, I first some first satisfied, and then slowly clean up, at least I feel a little healthy body know? Because it’s clear that you need those things physically, you know what it’s going to eat, understand? Hungry you have to eat something to make the stomach happy, its stomach will eat happy, digest a little better, right? You go eat what it doesn’t like, it’s stomach-churning, okay?

Well, I tell a story, once in Thailand such a thing, there are a few out of the family practice in the mountains, very hard practice, there is a woman on the heart to support them, then the woman, with them and those several out of the family study law study, and then that woman she and god, and then, she went to observe her teachers did not prove the results. God did not, all did not, all did not, she went to see Oops what the original problem? Originally because they are too hard, too limited themselves, this can not, that can not, physical and mental do not adjust, you know? So the body and mind do not adjust, the adjustment is not balanced, he can not repair. As a result, then the woman knew, to feed them delicious things, his body began to adjust, he sat still and sat well, and then her teachers also made a little achievement.

What does that mean? Just don’t get over it with your body and mind, think it’s a practice, you know? Practice is not to destroy this body and mind, is to transform the body and mind, not to destroy it, to make it bad, become difficult to live, no, this we have to find out. So, we understand this, is we know that we physically and mentally you have to meet some of its requirements, it is to cooperate with you, otherwise you have to practice is also difficult.

Therefore, we can let our body and mind meet its requirements, but you do not want to increase more persistence, more to insist on what? That is to say, this physical, physical and mental needs are enough, you do not add other extra things, what excess? Let’s say we’re talking about playing mahjong, and it’s clear that playing mahjong would be superfluous. Why is it redundant? It’s these things that add up that don’t do you any good to your body or mind, and you do that because your troubles hold on to it. That trouble is also my heart, then my heart it needs that, I can’t do that, but if you think that way, you have to see clearly, okay I said OK, I play mahjong, because just said everything is you to cultivate the habit, good, bad is your practice, the behavior of mastoism cause and effect, that mahjong if you have been playing, hit until the end every day to fight, then we should do an observation, that is, I am an ordinary person, that is, a lot of people. Why do ordinary people don’t need it, do I? You should always ask yourself about it. The average person doesn’t need this, why do I need it? It’s a deviation, you know what I mean? This means that when you meet your physical and mental needs, if you overdo it, you will be much different.

I will talk about the Internet now, a lot of people because of the Internet live an abnormal life, there is no? Some raise their hands. Why is that? Because the Internet inside the transformation of a lot of things to see, look, as if to go shopping, look at it can not finish, then desperately go to see, see do not understand the time has passed. Of course you can look at it as much as you can, but I mean, if you’ve developed a habit, and that (habit) you’ve become a need, and people don’t have to, why would you do that? You have to ask yourself, or you’ll lose your balance. That is to say, in terms of your physical and mental needs, I have said that you can try to balance it to meet, but, you add too many things down, you have to see why others do not need me.

Again, talk about ears, our ears, some people’s ears are gold ears, have you ever heard of golden ears? Don’t understand? The so-called golden ear, is a kind of person, his ear is very expensive, is they listen to music Oh, want the best CD, the best horn, the best amplifier, all day to change. When he listens, listens, hears that, he’s going to pay a lot for these things. Then his ears were very worth it, so I described them as golden ears. Well, what am I going to say, say he continues to find out, why do I listen to music and listen to what it turns out to be like, that no one else needs it? Why do I need to listen to music in this way? You know you’ve lost your balance in satisfying your famous food.

Well, in our five desires, the Buddha divided it into six, on the eyes, ears, nose and tongue, they all have its needs. Buddha has in the classics to describe us these six, they all have to eat, you have to feed it to eat, you know? Eyes to feed things to it, ears to feed things to it to listen to, then you have to give them a little bit, then give how much I just said, you go to see how much you give, others do not need, you want, then you are wrong, then we see from this point of view. But then again, because you have the ability to meet your greed, you do, do, do, do, too much, but some people he is not, some people are he even his basic requirements, he can not meet. How do you say that? Let’s say a couple is married, then of course they have to have a family and a house, so what if their living wage can’t cope? Just rent a small room, why do people have one, the whole two rooms one hall you also want two rooms one hall? It means (is) that you meet your needs, you have to look at your own ability, not with others, you compare with others, you have to have this ability, if you do not have to be very miserable with you.

In other words, Chinese say less contentment, that is, to see how much you use, not more than your ability. The same is true, we do things the same, a lot of people he does things beyond his ability, he does very hard, how to say? He does good things, too much beyond his ability, he does very trouble, that is not necessary, we have to do our own.

So with that said, does that mean we’ve been so satisfied with it for so long? In the case of D.D., it is not right, that is, when we meet your six needs, you often have to have a concept, very important concept, as mentioned earlier, that is, there is suffering. Often to see it like this, it is very important, you want to know that I meet these, I can not, I can not reverse my troubles, I temporarily meet it just, should look at it this way, I mean, do not think that this satisfied is very satisfied.

Because, what’s the point? The whole key is because, we confuse this world, that my mind to the world a lot of obsession, these obsessive formation you have to meet it, then I can not put down, I temporarily meet it first, not to say that satisfaction is right, this we have to find out, because the Buddha this world tells you this happy road, not here, but no way, temporarily you say I can not overcome, then I temporarily meet it, this is not wrong. But in the end you have to see clearly, see clearly what? See why I did that. That is, why do I have to meet these things every time? Did you go and see it? Why a cup of coffee every day? Many people drink coffee to drink a cup of coffee every day, that some people read the newspaper to see the habit, every day must open the newspaper to see, can work, otherwise there is no way to work.

Then these behaviors we have to often reflect on ourselves, if you often reflect, slowly, your satisfaction needs will slowly look more and more light, less and less, then you live a happier life, that is to say, you want to live a happier life, we first, can not overcome (words) first let it meet, and then we are in the process of satisfaction, you have to remember every time, hey, I am boban. A lot of people think, oh, I’m a man, there’s no way, I have to be a human being, right? A lot of people think so Oh, helpless, the same you have to figure out, I am to meet this is no way, I temporarily meet it, do not think that this is always right. If it is always right, Buddha will not be used to tell you this person, oh, the world bitter ah, quickly out of ah, teach you to free this life and death rotation, Buddha this world focus to tell us this.

However, because there are three types of all beings, one, he felt that he could not do, temporarily, Buddha said that you repair the good law of man, then in the process of the good law of man, we must meet our happiness, because the law of heaven and nature itself is the pursuit of music, but this pursuit is not the intention of the Buddha, this I want to find out. So at first I said, what is happiness? The essence of happiness is to suffer, so there is suffering, then we must not forget this matter. So every time you’re full, you have to remember, oh, really helpless. That’s the way it is, because of what? For example, the time has come, have you ever thought, for example, the time is I have to eat, the time is I have to go to bed, the time is I want to find someone to talk … So what’s going on with all this? Well, and I’m happy with all this behavior, and I try to do it every day, so every time we’re meeting these pleasures, we’re going to remind ourselves, oh, I’m mufa do again, which means (yes) that when you eat something delicious, your belly is satisfied, you know you’re satisfying your appetite, when you’re getting a good night’s sleep, you know I’m meeting my sleep needs, and I’m going to see it all the time. If you look at it that way, you won’t increase these desires, and the lighter you’ll look.

Would a man feel bitter if he looked at it that way? Of course he has his bitter side, how bitter? He will find out how unhappy his life is, that is to say, any happy satisfaction is not at home, do you agree? Because you have to try to accomplish those things, then this is not at home, we live to this day, also happy to this day. So in the head, a lot of people he did not observe this is a helpless behavior, even if one day I see someone, I fell in love with her, but also vulgar marriage, it is also a kind of unhappy behavior, you know? Even if I didn’t, did I like to be comfortable with my family after I’ve built my life? Not necessarily.

That is to say, you have to observe all day, often to observe my life, my physical and mental activities, in the end why? Look at it clearly, what will you find? It turns out that all this is not driven by anyone, all of which is driven by causality. So if you look at it clearly, you’ll be faster, why? Because, in the cause and effect of the industry, there is no one, there is nothing in it to blame, is that we insist on saying there is an “I”, physical and mental life inside, then I will be busy for my “I”, meaning that you will find that you are so unhappy with everything, because you agree that there is me in this body and mind, how do I want to do that, how do I, and then, every day for “I” and “I” everything in that busy. Then every time we have to remind ourselves, just said, full of food, you know, alas boban, it is best not to eat it! A lot of people think so, you know? Not I say so, a lot of people will think so, Oops so hard, to cook, to get, to buy, it is best not to eat, many people have said this, I think you have said this, nine out of ten, but see like to eat and eat, this is not at home ah. It was in his sanity (in) that he knew there was nothing he could do, but he was happy to live quickly when he wanted to.

Then we have to constantly reflect, that is, all your happiness, bitter inside, you have to remember that all this is the driving force of causality, I am helpless, I must do that, I do not do that I am more painful. Clearly see drooling, I’ll eat it, there’s nothing wrong with that, you know? You hard to bear the words, you can not bear more miserable, just (yes) said, everything you have to endure, and finally you will be heart imbalance, I said, I have seen a lot of out of the family heart imbalance, is to use repression, you know? This can not do, that can not do, kind of can not do, clearly want in the heart, can not do, then of course, because his purpose is to repair the road, he can not. But now we talk about our family, we don’t have to be so forced to press themselves, then if you have trouble later, I said you have to figure out, if it is very serious, do not fight it, wait until after it you see what is this serious trouble.

Generally speaking, serious troubles are mainly a few, we in the D.D. to talk about several important practice methods, is to face serious troubles: the first is heart, the second greed. Heart, you want to be kind, in peacetime more training opposite behavior, understand? You have a very heavy heart, you have to train the practice of kindness, then slowly the practice of compassion is getting stronger and stronger, it can fight against heart, heart is not easy to get up. So if you’re greedy, you’re going to have to fix it. Then if your mind is very messy, is the mind is uncertain, you have to sit and observe breathing, you have to learn some practice to overcome this trouble.

In other words, we meet the trouble at the same time, some trouble is very serious, you can not, then you must spend more energy, more spirit (with) some time to train your heart, the other direction, the opposite of practice, we D.C. call this the right rule. D.C. speaks of a lot of practice, there is a kind of law called the rule of law, that is, do with your original practice of other practice, training another kind of practice, so that you will be those two practices against each other, you are not easy to have that trouble.

Well, if you think you are a very ordinary person, then I can tell you, a very ordinary person, all three aspects of his training, said he should learn to practice some kindness. Because everyone has a heart, ordinary people have a heart, our property to come ah, then this greed, lust is the same, many people have, then you have to fix a little bit of this not net view. Then this mind is uncertain, then you have to sit still, take some time to sit down every day, so come and go training, then you train () that time, your heart can master, you think I am more free, then you will feel that you more and more happy life more and more at home, so, the process of our life, just said because of various causes, encountered the realm of our hearts with the realm. But the realm comes you turn with the realm, is to see what you take the heart to turn with it, so every time I touch the realm, I will take this kind of heart out to use, my heart will not start.

On the other hand, there is a way to rely on some wisdom, to learn D.D. wisdom to understand these troubles. In this sense, I once asked my sister’s daughter, who was only four years old at the time, and when she was angry, I asked her, “Hey, are you angry?” “She said, “Yeah! “I said, “Is anger hard for you or hard for me?” “Of course it’s hard for me! “But since you’ve worked hard, you’re going to be (angry)?” “She can’t figure it out, that is to say, whenever we start to worry, say it is really your own hard work ah, then because of this, so you have to learn to observe, this observation has several aspects can be used, the first, make you heart that realm, how do you see it?” You should look at it like this and say, hey, this man, in some way, give me that pass, you should look at it that way, you know? Then look at me or not, you should come and see it like this, you know? So I’ll come with him if I take it? Do you want to think so, do you want to accept it? No one wants it, just don’t see it clearly, you know? So, whenever those intimate situations cause (), you have to remember this thing, and say, oh, do I want to take it down?

So what else are you looking at? Sometimes some people do something, you see you are not satisfied, heart is caused by dissatisfaction, then when you look at this matter is not satisfied, there is one thing you forget, you are not satisfied with that person, is something, someone did wrong, you are not satisfied with that thing, you blame that thing and then someone did, then if so, you launched a heart to him, then how do you observe? You have to observe these things, are cause and effect! There are reasons, take a closer look at his reasons Oh, read, you say oh, this is the reason Oh, then you look down, said (yes), that person will do the wrong thing, he has the reason he did the wrong thing, you know? You look at the causes and consequences of these reasons, you don’t look at that person. Then you’ll want to correct the causes of these mistakes. But every time we don’t, anything happens, to find out who did it, we all have this problem, this problem is caused by our deep-rooted kind of trouble, called self-seeing. In the D.C. law, everything in the world is caused by cause and effect, no one does it, but we don’t see it, everything in the world is done by someone, including heaven and earth to be created, as Christianity says God wants to create this world, this (is) the wrong kind of heart behavior, this is very idealism.

Then you have to observe, whenever you are not satisfied, remember that I said this sentence, do not look at people first, first look at you are not satisfied with the cause and effect of that matter to see again, you found that, alas, that is just all kinds of causal phenomena, this thing happened. Again, besides, anything you’re not satisfied with happens on your side, you know it must be about you. The so-called related to you, that is to say, hey why not show that thing to others, specifically to show you? You know what I mean? It will appear in your realm, let you see let you feel related to you, that is, is not absolutely the other side of the matter, you know what I mean? Let’s say that if someone, because something really makes you very distressed, very upset, that is to say, in your cary cause and effect, there is one thing related to you, then that person through this way, it is manufactured in your realm appear, understand what I mean? That means you don’t like the object, not just himself, but your industry, that is, you have to repay it in your business, you know? To happen such a fruit report appears, let you feel, then you have to see clearly, this is also part of my industry, not just the other side is doing it. Where there is no in your industry, the other party how to do is not likely to appear, understand? We D.D. say that everything is the cause and effect of the industry, someone will make you worry about the heart, is your cause and effect of the industry, there is that realm needs to appear, then he is a helping edge. In other words, any time you worry about it, all the external situation depends on him is the help edge, that is, the help of your heart trouble, the main heart to be unable to stand up, is your own trouble, not him, clear what I am talking about? It means that if you don’t have that trouble, how can he help, you can’t afford it, because you have that trouble, his help drives your troubles out, that is, your trouble is the main culprit. But we don’t see it that way, we look at that help, that person is the main culprit – you make me angry! We all think so, so whenever your heart comes, you quickly ask yourself, who is the culprit? Who do you say is the culprit? Is their own, I would have said a word others listen to is all right, you listen to something, ha ha.

I tell you an example, I used to read, I have some friends to eat, drink and play, they do rough work, open and close their mouths on “do your old mother do your mother”, “your mother fuck”, they talk all day talk about it, I listen to nothing, because they talk about it, they are okay. But one day he scolded me, something, understand (say) what? It’s between them, your old mother, your old mother, talking about what they’re doing, you know? They’re used to it, it’s okay, but if they talk to me about your old mother, wow, I can’t stand it! What am I going to say? That’s when they talked about it, and then he talked about me, I couldn’t stand it, I didn’t allow it, but between them, I could accept it. You see, that’s the realm or hear it, but it’s about me, and the trouble is with you, right? It’s okay to say it to him, it’s okay for them to say it, but it’s okay to talk about me, isn’t it? So, to find out, greed and greed will be born, do not blame others, he is helping to dig it out just. You know what I mean? Such a view, but a lot of people are, he blames this is caused by you, so to understand is to say, this is your trouble, your heart trouble. The trouble is yours, he can’t give it to you, you know? No one gives you trouble, you send your troubles out, we have to figure it out. So, what do we have to forgive when we observe this way, and what do we mean by forgiving? If you see this trouble, you can forgive it. That is to say, all the trouble is your own out, forgive yourself is easier.

I hope you live a happy life, because of the time relationship, I said here, there are problems can be raised.

Vesak Day: VESAK DAY (also known as buddha’s birthday, also known as bath Buddha’s day), is the Buddha’s birth, awareness, death of the day. Buddha was born in May 624 B.B. full moon, equivalent to the summer calendar (i.e., the lunar calendar) April 15 (April 15) full moon day, was born in present-day Nepal Lumbini. Buddhists in Southeast Asia and South Asia hold grand celebrations during this important annual festival.
Industry: Industry is the meaning of creation, behavior, this creation, behavior of the “residual” impact on the future, called industry. The industry has good and evil, and the industry of good and evil has the power to make bitter fruit, which is also a proof of the industry. All the fruits of bitter pleasure are caused by the industry, so there is usually the words “the industry is incredible”.
Cause and effect: Refers to causes and consequences. This is the basic theory used in the Buddhist doctrine system to explain all the relationships in the world. What enables the law (certain things, phenomena) to be born is the cause, and what is born is the fruit. Cause is born, fruit is born, there must be cause and effect, there must be cause and effect.
Cause: Cause and cause. Everything in the world is born of the ad fit of fate. Because of the main reasons, the cause refers to secondary help, such as rice, seeds for the cause, soil, rain dew, air, sunlight, fertilizer, farming and so on, and so on, and thus all kinds of reasons for the and the growth of grain.
Five Commandments: no killing, no theft, no evil masturbation, no delusions, no drinking. Do not kill live animals, do not steal, do not steal other people’s property, do not be evil is not a couple of other sex, do not talk about not to deceive people, do not drink alcohol or drugs containing narcotic human nature.
Self-passing method: with their own feelings to think of other people’s feelings of the law, that is, to their own feelings.
Relief: The meaning of being free from bondage.
Busch: Refers to the property, physical strength and wisdom of others, etc., for the benefit of others into wisdom. Busch has three kinds, namely, one, financial property to help the sick and poor people;
Workman: Refers to work.
Famen: refers to the Law referred to by the Buddha, because it is the portal of all beings into the Holy City, so called “Famen”.
Heart: one of the three poisons (greed), that is, the insatiable heart恚, the three poisons of this is the most evil, in short, resentment, abhorrence.
Proof: that is, what the general people say enlightenment, or get the way.
God: also make God’s power, God’s power, power, etc. That is, according to meditation and get the unobstructed, super-human, incredible role. God has god’s foot, heaven’s eye, heaven’s ear, his heart, fate and so on five kinds, plus leakage, a total of six gods.
amplifier: Megaphones, speakers.
bo bian: Minnan, there’s no way to mean it.
mu fa do: It just doesn’t mean anything.
State: refers to the opposite of the heart of the outside world.
Pass: The meaning of pass, give, transfer.
Self-esoteric: Obsessive entities.
Industry: All our good, evil, thought, behavior, are called industry, such as good thought, good behavior is called “good work”, bad thought, bad behavior is called “evil industry”. )





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