A brief description of the method of meditation on ding Hui's road.

A brief description of the method of meditation on ding Hui's road.

Ding hui Road meditation is a series of effective meditation methods gradually sorted out by the seekers according to the ancient Buddhist classics that have been circulating in Sri Lanka. This law gate benefit disciples, according to the light-esclinic mage meditation class opening records, finishing into a book "Ding Hui Road", by the wizard to edit, supplement and improve, become the fundamental law of this law and inheritance.

Dinghui Road Law Gate from shallow into the deep, its practice guidance is the second:

Stop the second: first Zen, second Zen, three Zen, four Zen. First meditation, to obtain a stable fixed force, fixed heart, to four Zen as the most clean fixed force;

The second view: viewing the name, looking at cause and effect, looking at the five times, looking at the five-way, watching the death of the heart, looking at the 18 boundaries. Second practice. To look at cause and effect to break my see, to see the heart to break the trouble of confusion. Look at the emptiness of the 18-sector evidence.

Dinghui Road second clear, stop the double luck, its evidence can be verified, for Buddhist practical enthusiasts, explorers to provide a validated by the previous high-efficiency practice route.

2, Ding hui road legal gate inheritance.

Introduction to the Seeker:

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Venerable Amatha Gavesi is the founder of the Devanapati Samatha Vipassana Meditation Centre on the outskirts of Kandy, Sri Lanka's ancient capital, and a rare saint in Sri Lanka's Buddhist community, whose zen heritage dates back to the three centuries BC when two Arohans, a pair of children of the Peacock Dynasty's King Ayu, came to Sri Lanka. Mahinda Picchu and Sangamida Piccione. The honoree was born in 1918 and died on June 11, 2003 at the age of 85. He has been invited to the United States, Australia and Malaysia to guide meditation on several occasions, and in 1992, at the invitation of the Light Master, he went to Singapore to teach Zen, and has been teaching meditation for more than a decade.

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Photographs of the Seeker (right) and the Lighting Mage (left).

In this way, between 1996 and 2007, in China widely opened to carry forward, all over the opening of meditation classes, there are a large number of disciples at home in this law to benefit. After the light wizard attributed to Singapore to pay attention to the dredging, the domestic Dinghui Road Law Gate by the wizard authorized disciples in the domestic macro biography.



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