About the dangers of practice and seeking God's help.

About the dangers of practice and seeking God's help.

—- five rounds of light.

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Because in the exchange with the same repair, found that many people practice is interested in god. Even in the case of undocumented wisdom, on the heart to seek proof of God, but also self-comfort, in order to be human. God's pass is to help people practice and so on. It seems that gods can do meditation teachers, you can do their own people, you can predict the stock rise and fall, you can judge the investment trend. It's all silly…

I'm very scared of such people. They feel very worried about their future. Why, God's passer-by, God's pass. It's based on Zen power. But no meditation and seek God's general, is to seek God's induction, which is equivalent to asking the ghost god upper body to give God. This is the most foolish heart of a pedestrian. The result is those animals, ghosts and other strange appends. Become a puppet driven by ghosts.

Buddhist Goode admonished there are clouds: would rather not understand a thousand dynasties, not a day demon. It's really too bad to be enchanted. Waste a good person in vain and become a life that is more upside down by ghosts. You know, appendals are usually evil beings. Either animal road or ghost road. Heaven sees us as if we were people watching aphids in the toilet. He doesn't even want to get close, so heavenly man he won't come to attach you to the stenchy body of this man. Therefore, you see a three good people, because fools, by the three evils of all beings attached, is not too tragic.

And it's not worth it to be attached to God. Why is that? God is no match for industry. It can be said that God's pass does not play much role in world affairs. What to report and what to report. This is not something that God can change. The industry is always greater than God's power. Even Buddha can not resist the carnivore, but also to show that suffering from horsemeat, back pain and other fruit reports, so cause and effect can not be disorderly.

Once attached, the appendix causes, it is generally difficult to unbly. All kinds of torture, control the mental consciousness and body of the appendix person, the appendix person is not oiled out of light, the appendix generally will not leave. You say, a good person, to the three evil gods to make cattle horses, when they ride, driven by them. Give them as a virtue or do bad things tools, after being used by the appendix, the appendix left, God is gone, the body is basically abandoned, a good parent born of the person so wasted. But also with the appendix of all beings to make a entangled cause… If this life is not enlightened, I'm afraid the afterlife will not be too good ah… That's terrible. If you want to practice, don't be careless…

Then there is no need to be divine when things happen in the world. Practice in the world, mainly by diligently repairing the commandment to achieve relief.

Moreover, even if meditation, there are some small gods, but, if this mind is not clear, there are troubles raised, then gods are not allowed, because there are troubles, gods become nerves. That's more upside down and upside down. It's a "neuropathy" that catches the wind and chases hallucinations. So, to deal with the things you're clinging to with God, that's certainly not true.

So, to put it this way, God is of little use. As a pedestrian, in order to protect themselves from deviation, should not be willing to seek God. Should be clear heart, in order to solve the wisdom and repair. It should not be repaired with a heart. Even if there is a divine, should be forgotten and not used. Score-free mind to walk on the channel of God, but should concentrate on practice out of the free.

For those who don't know how to get their heart out, you can read my "Structured Practice" how to get your heart out. Baidu has it all at once.

Pray that all the same revision of the heart, pure mind mindfulness practice to set hui, five-point legal body achievement proof of relief, back to heart willing to go into silence!

Published on September 21, 2019.


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