About the dangers of practice and seeking God's help.

And it's not worth it to be attached to God. Why is that? God is no match for industry. It can be said that God's pass does not play much role in world affairs. What to report and what to report. This is not something that God can change. The industry is always greater than God's power. Even Buddha can not resist the carnivore, but also to show that suffering from horsemeat, back pain and other fruit reports, so cause and effect can not be disorderly. 
Once attached, the appendix causes, it is generally difficult to unbly. All kinds of torture, control the mental consciousness and body of the appendix person, the appendix person is not oiled out of light, the appendix generally will not leave. You say, be a good person and make a cow horse for the ghosts of the three evils.

Finding a Casino App9

Finding a Casino App A good casino application can offer players a whole new way to experience the fun that the casinos have to offer. These applications are available for any mobile device and can be downloaded in minutes. The games that they offer will be a great way to keep you entertained no matter what device you have. If you are interested in downloading the free version, you will first need to find a site that offers this. Once…

Clean soil and dirty soil.

Mage, each ranked: Tonight, here, I would like to talk to you about this "clean earth and dirty soil". The clean soil here is mainly the clean earth of the world of pleasure; 
Then why do you want to talk about this? Because I often go everywhere to carry the law, often face this question: do you want to clean the soil ah? So whenever those wizards talk to me, I say, don't have to go to clean the soil. Well, here tonight, I want to say the same thing to you, not necessarily to clean the soil.

Elimination of twelve causes

谷歌翻译 ——Return to 《Basic Knowledge of Buddhism》 Six, the twelve karma also destroys the door From the perspective of how to eliminate it in the circulation of the twelve karma, it is called the door of destruction. How can we get rid of old death? The Buddha observed that as long as there is no “birth”, there is no “old death”; the elimination of “karma” in the three realms does not “birth”; if we do not cling to “acquisition”, then…

Why am I alive – Light Mage.

Why am I alive? I'd like to start with myself on this question. When I was reading, I used to eat, drink and have fun with some middle-age people who were older than me, because with these middle-age people, I didn't have to pay for them, and they paid me to go with me. So one of them was probably when I was reading three or four, he had this asthma, and then he died in the third and fourth years of my life. As soon as he died, my question began to come, he was such a life away, about 30 years old, his life process, I was thinking so interesting? He was always ill and couldn't do heavy work, so he had to do temporary work a lot, so he was poor. Because of him, I began to think, what is it about living? It doesn't mean anything to think he's alive like this.


Posting reason: at the beginning of this post, is to see someone in this group sent "I enlightened, we have questions can ask", even feel flamboyant, but there are followers of faith and learning. Immediately issued this post to emulate it, marked new and different, although fear of people do not believe and denigrate, but in order to establish a realistic and empirical atmosphere, rushed to the internet generally said not practice the atmosphere, impulse to send this post. Over the course of several years, although there are troublemakers, argumentators, doubters, but there are also true practicers to post questions and feedback progress. Some people also give me feedback on the progress and harvest of the practice in bean mail. Thanks to these brothers, it makes me feel that my posting is still a little bit of value.